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    This is Fairy Tail.
    Every member has had their own problem, and every member has worked together and solved that problem.

    But after a meteor strikes near Magnolia, there's a new problem. Pitch black, deformed creatures wreak havoc on the poor people of the city, and before these things spread, you need to take them out-- from the core.

    But even friendship and determination is shattered when you find out what caused the outbreak of the monsters-- and what follows after it reforms.
    Jump into Earthland and stop this madness before everything Fairy Tail stands for is reduced to rubble.
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  2. I probably should've made this after the actual thread was up. Now I feel bad because I just linked everyone who reads this to the Interest Check. ;-;
  3. May I have more information on this? I am actually interested.
  4. Click the word "Earthland" up there. It's a link to the actual thread.
Thread Status:
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