Fairy Tail: Zeref's Retribution(WhiteBane)

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  1. Okay! Let's post our OC's.

  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Kazuto Kirama
    Age: 19
    Magic: Divine Light Magic, though the members of the guild have never actually seen it. Typically summons a suit of holy armor ,equipped with a lance, named Gigias to fight.
    Height: Kazuto stands at an even 6'
    Guild mark: His guild mark is located on his left forearm and is purple in color
    Background: I won't spoil it yet but it's completely dark, filled with chaos and bloodshed.
    Personality: Normally calm and collected, Kazuto isn't much of a chatterbox, usually keeping quiet while others are talking. He can be considered stubborn but if shown that it's the wrong way to go, he'll think over his idea and possibly revise or use another's. Considered very deadly in a fight, much like Natsu, he can learn during a fight and begin to pick up on his opponents moves and attacks; making him a worthy foe. The young man is also very sweet, compassionate, considerate, and extremely loyal to his friends or family to the point that if one is gravely injured there's a chance he'll go berserk and rampage. There are also other sides to the wizard but those will be shown later on.
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    ((I wasn't sure what you wanted in the sheet so I went with a basic template.))​
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  3. [​IMG]
    This is just her general appearance. Ignore the scythe and stuff.

    Name: Serah (Last name unknown)
    Age: Appears to be 18
    Height: 5'3
    Personality: Serah acts like a child most of the time, despite her age. She is very friendly and kind, but at certain times, it would seem that her personality changes drastically.
    Guild mark: When she receives her guild mark, it will be on her right forearm, dark green.
    Bio: Norrie has no memory of who she is or where she came from. When she has her "personality changes" it usually happens when she goes through trauma such as severe physical pain or emotional stress. (When this happens, you'll be able to tell.)
    Type of magic: Shadow molding magic (Just like Grey's ice molding magic, mixed with Rogue's shadow magic)
  4. Serah stumbled through the town of Magnolia, her clothes tattered and her bare feet cut and bruised. The townsfolk looked at her, whispering about the mysterious girl and how she looked like she needed help. But no one helped, she didn't want anyone to help after all. After minutes of struggle to make it to her destination, she finally arrived at the famed Fairy Tail guild. Why had she come here? She had no idea. It was like something was telling her to come here.
    With the last bit of her strength, she pushed the guild's doors open and stumbled inside. Everyone in the guild stopped their antics to look at the poor girl, but before they could do anything, she collapsed onto the wooden floor.
  5. It was a typical day at Fairy Tail, Natsu and Gray were arguing about who was stronger than who and throwing petty insults at one another; though Kazuto couldn't help but laugh at a few. Finally the two stopped and went into their buddy routine when Erza looked over and shot the two a glare from where her cake was, he was surprised she hadn't figured out their act yet. Turning his attention back to the bar, the young picked up his cup and smiled at Lucy as she passed by on her way to Natsu and the others. Just as he was about to start eating, he heard the doors open and like the others his own attention was drawn to them as a girl came in and then fell to the ground. "Kazuto, pick up the girl and take her to the infirmary. Mira go with him and tend to him." Master Makarov told them.

    "Yes master." The Divine Light Mage replied, already out of his seat and making his ways towards their vistor. After kneeling and gently picking her up into his arms, he turned and walked down to the infirmary and placed her on one of the beds upon arrival.
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