Fairy Tail with spoilers

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So where my guild members at?! Who else watches the anime or reads the manga? I know the anime is about two arcs behind the Manga so...it's getting pretty close to the end.

Anyone see this week's episode? I totes cried a bit, :<.

I really, really love this anime and there prolly isn't a character in dislike.

My favorite characters are Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Ezra, Gajeel, Juvia, Mirajane, Charlie (carla), Wendy, Loke, Virgo, Aquarius and Laxas. Least whom I recall off the top of my head lol.

Probably the only anime that has ever given me the feels so...thoughts?
I follow the manga mostly, The 2014 anime has disappointed me badly, it dropped the ball hard during the grand magic games which was IMO the best arc. Still, I catch the manga updates regularly because Fairy Tail is my guilty pleasure.

Out of the characters, I like Gray best. Mostly because in his fights there's a chance he loses. Oh and ice-make is bloody fantastic when used creatively. Erza is second because even though she wins pretty much everything, her magic is the rule of cool personified. Also Happy is a mascot character that's worth watching so FT gets points for that.

I find it hard to point out anything great about Fairy Tail in particular though, as it is... Well, a shounen. It follows all it's tropes very closely. Enjoyed as I have it though, I'm glad it's coming to an end, because it's c/p formula is starting to bother me and I want it to finish before it drives me away from the series altogether.
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Is it wrong that I started at the Fairy Tournament and seemed to get the gist of backstory? XD I think Fairy Tail is pretty great :D
I enjoy it. It's pretty damn good for a fight-centric shonen anime (I don't read the manga), far superior to Bleach and Naruto and such despite leaning on the same tropes and such just as heavily. It's largely because I find the characters far more interesting than the ones in those other shows. Erza is my favorite of the lot because her history and character development are both rather interesting and her fighting style is pretty cool despite being a super simple concept.
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I read the manga, stop for a couple months, then binge it. I only watch the anime when there's a specific fight scene I wanna watch. I...really only follow the series for the fights though, but my favorite character would have to be Mr. Fan-service

Especially after that Tartaros arc! Dayum!
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