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  1. Characters (open)

    Zechariah Ashkew (open)

    Name: Zechariah Ashkew
    Age: 20
    Magic of the Yakuma 18 War Gods - Contact (open)
    (I tried to make this as non-OP, but also as logical and reasonable as possible) There are many factors, in war, that can make or break the outcome. One of these is the territory each force is able to take control of. Thus, Territory - the magic of Minerva Orlando that allows her to manipulate space. Another is reliable and safe communication between units, shortened to simply Contact - users of this magic can manipulate any sound within his or her hearing, which can be used to deafen others, confuse them, or cause things to spontaneously combust due to sound waves moving at incredibly high speeds. Much like Territory, it manifests itself in an amorphous, orb-like mass. The true magic of the Yakuma 18 War Gods is the summoning a god-like entity/statue that can manipulate said element on a massive scale, but an incantation and an incredible amount of magic is required to pull it off. Zechariah knows the incantation and has tried using it once, when he was very young, but it left him in a near-death state for weeks, and he's never tried it again. This magic is used at its best potential as a method to confuse the enemy, since you can simulate conversations, specific voices, and words, not just random sounds. However, Zechariah has used it as a sort of "echolocation" of sorts before.

    He can summon a Celestial Spirit, but does not consider himself a Celestial Spirit Mage, because he's only ever bothered even trying to open one key - the key of the minor minor minor constellation Coma Berenices, which has no attack or defense power, and takes almost nothing to summon. He uses her exclusively in order to read for him, since reading is one of those things he just can't do, no matter how good he gets at navigating the rest of the world. He calls her Mia.
    Mia (open)

    She is about the height of the length of one's hand and does not have wings, like in this picture. She navigates by using her extremely long black hair, which can do things like turn pages, and act as her legs for distances difficult for her. Most of the time, however, she just sits on Zechariah's shoulder and doesn't need to exert much energy at all.

    History: All that's known of him is that his parents died in a fire when he was very young, which is when he lost his sight in both eyes. His left arm was rendered virtually useless and covered in horrible deep burn scars he covers up with a bandage. His sight is permanently gone, for some reason even magic remedies can do nothing for him, but he really doesn't mind as it has helped him nearly perfect certain aspects of his magic that rely heavily on an ear keener than most can boast of. He has also come to learn to read people even from subtle differences in voice.
    Personality: You can't exactly call Zechariah a sadist, because he doesn't actually take pleasure in other people's pain. Contrary to the belief of anyone he's ever done a job for or against, any and all work he takes on is strictly business, not a hobby. The reason why this rumor is perpetuated largely has to do with the fact that he'll always watch the consequence of his actions on anyone who gets in his way, and do it with a very pleasant smile and sometimes even a cheery little wave. No, the truth is that the boy just decided a long time ago, that 1. one should always take responsibility for your actions and 2. it's important to smile no matter what you're feeling. That probably sums him up. He doesn't trust people, but he is not prone to anger and is fairly cheerful a person.
    Color/Placement of FT mark: A pretty, purplish-toned blue with a sharp black outline, covering his left eye, though you can't always see it in its entirety, because he does like to keep his eyes open, just as a matter of habit, despite the fact that they're empty and useless.

    Otelia Louren (open)

    Name: Otelia Louren
    Age: 16
    Magic: Diamond-Make and is learning a little illusion magic. Her stance for doing the Dia-Make is both hands out in front of her, palms out, but close to her body, with wrists crossed right hand on top of the left, and fingers splayed so that her pinkies touch. In desperate times, she can do it one-handed, but she does have some trouble with it sometimes.
    History: She has been able to make diamonds appear since she was a little girl. She is an orphan and according to her, someone she really respects, who made her use of magic what it is today, was once closely related to Fairy Tail. All she'll say when it comes to who it is, though, is that that person has already died. I hope to be able to RP out anything further concerning her history.
    Personality: She's shy in most circumstances, and Fairy Tail being as rambunctious and "EVERYBODY ALL IN" as it is, she's bound to be a little uncomfortable at first, but when she gets to perform magic, no matter what the circumstances are, she becomes confident and obsessed with the elegance of her craft.
    Color/Placement of FT mark: Pale purple and on the left side of her neck, which is almost always exposed because she likes to wear dresses with one-shouldered necklines.

    Azrael Shadowsong (open)

    Name: Azrael Shadowsong
    Age: 19
    Magic: Dark devil slayer
    History: he hails from a village hidden to much of the world, his magic once used to protect that village. Now he's the sol surviver of that village, he made a home in the guild hall of fairy tail and keeps his distance from the others, the only one who knows what he's gone through is the guild master.
    Personality: he's a distant but friendly soul. He likes to keep his distance but will speak if invited by the other members.
    Color/Placement of FT mark: on his back just below his neck, black

    Spyritus Kane (open)

    Name: Spyritus Kane
    Age: 21
    Magic: Requip Magic: the Death knight: this particular requip magic is focuses on Dark magic armor and weapons.
    History: Spyritus live in an orphanage as long as he could remember. All alone in the world, he hated the orphanage that raised him and ran. He ran and ran not wanting to be found. He ran and survived for years till he got to Magnolia, where he learned of the fairytail wizards, and Titania Erza Scarlet, the knight requip wizard. Out of an act of ego, he challange the wizard. But she turned him away, for he did not have the strength to face her. That was when his rage finally got the best of him activating his power. The twenty one year old was suddenly clad in black armor and in his hand he held a dark and foreboding sword, he charged at Erza ready to strike but she blocked his attack and forces him into the ground after beating him to a pulp. He started to get up and growled vowing to beat her, but she told him that he would need to learn how to use his powers and abilities. He only huffed and walked away, only to return and join the guild with the goal of beating Erza and learning about his magic.
    Personality: Spyritus always love a battle and is known for his bad boy attitude. He hates being beat and likes to be left alone. Especially when he's training. He doesn't acknowledge anyone but the master, Erza and Mirajaine.
    Color/Placement of FT mark: on his upper left arm, dark green

    Interaction up till now can be found by searching for firejay1 and Azrael from this link.

    A week had passed since he'd left the guild on the job, and Zechariah was coming back rather content with himself, if a little bit tired. This one had been particularly tricky, since their magic had a "copy" attribute. They could copy other people's appearances, voices and even magic. Even so, perhaps it was exactly for that reason that he was perfect for the job. His highly sensitive ears had still had a hard time, but they could hear a note in the voice that indicated it was the same person. His magic was also difficult to recognize and even more difficult to use properly if you didn't have the right kind of ears. It wasn't flashy, obvious magic, after all. It took careful observation to recognize, and finesse to use. This person had been arbitrarily attacking guards at a wealthy mansion every night, not only as a joke, but also as a way to flaunt his abilities. In the end, it had turned out to be the owner's teenage son. He'd been paid a good sum, though it was nothing impressive. He was grinning with his blank blue eyes open, as he strolled through the once-again fixed double doors.

    He went up to the bar and greeted Mira and the master cheerfully. "So you've come back, have you?" The master asked him gruffly.

    "Indeed. The job this time was easy, as usual." Zechariah kept his power relatively hidden, but he didn't feel he had to hide it in front of the master, and Mira rarely paid attention to him when he talked to the master.

    This time, though, Mira had something to say to him, "Zechariah! Finally the last member of the team came!" She sounded very... cheerful. Why? Wait, team? What did she just say? He thought his ears were good, but maybe he'd misheard her.

    He stared at her, forgetting to blink. "Hah?"

    Otelia, at that moment, had been talking to Wendy, but she looked up as she heard Mira call her over. Oh, he was here! Their unofficial last member of the team. Much more confident than she'd been the first day, she sidled over to Azrael and poked him twice. "Look, he's here. Should we talk to him?" She still was a little shy, since they hadn't talked much.

    Zechariah, still a little stunned, called Mia, so that he would have a pair of eyes for whatever happened next, as he rather believed he wouldn't be able to believe his ears alone.
  2. Azrael opened his eyes. "I'll go grab spyritus, you know how Mia feels about me after that little mishap I mentioned" azrael stood and walked to go find the Requip mage of their unofficial team. Azrael Shadowsong, being the mage that he was was the lost magic user of unknown origin to everyone but the master. But that's because the dark devil slayer didn't want anyone to know his past.

    The death knight however was sleeping off the booze from his recent binge. And the fight with Elfman.
    "Yo doom and gloom get your ass off the floor"
  3. "Oh right.." She didn't follow him as he went to get the requip mage. Over the week, Otelia had gotten a great deal more used to the noisy people around her. Many of them had even joyously commented on her power, which was a first for her, but the more she looked at the blind boy, with his blue eyes staring disbelievingly at Mira, she more nervous she felt. They'd dragged him into their unofficial group without even consulting him first. She remembered now the way he seemed to look straight through you, enigmatically, like it would be impossible to tell what he was thinking. What if he was mad? Well... perhaps it wouldn't be so bad even if he did. She had been asking around the guild and everybody said he wasn't very strong. He almost never seemed to use any magic at all, and always disappeared when big conflicts came up.

    Zechariah, for his part, was listening in horror as Mira explained that a new group had formed, and they'd somehow talked their way into getting him to join as well. He'd regained most of his composure, but the disbelief wouldn't leave his eyes. Mia was giggling gleefully, which meant he wasn't just having some kind of horrible hallucination.
  4. Az growled a little. "Can someone help me wake this tin can!?" Spyritus groaned getting up. "Would you pipe down shadow boy, I got the worst hangover in all of Fiore going on here" the death knight of fairy tail groaned as Azrael helped him up. "Zack is back, Otelia and Mira are talking to him about teaming up. Personally I don't know how she'll this will work" Az said looking to them talk. "You worry too much devil. I know Mia can't hold that big of a grudge, it was a simple mistake" "Ya not so simple"
  5. Mira held up one finger as if her explanation settled the matter. "So now you're part of their group."

    For a long moment, Zechariah remained perfectly silent and Mia continued to giggle from her perch on top of his head. Then, very calmly, he reached up a hand grabbed the little spirit and began crushing her as he brought her to his face. "So, in other words, this is all your fault, after all? If it's come to that, if I just kill you then they'll leave me alone, right? I can just get another Berenice."

    "AAh!!" Mira waved frantically at him to stop. "I don't think that'll help anything at all, Zechariah-kun. They already think you're a Celestial Spirit Mage, and if you end up getting another one, the result will be the same.... Let Mia-chan go, okay?" Zechariah reluctantly let the spirit go, and she wrapped her hair around his head to bring her back on top of his head. She patted herself off and looked around comfortably.

    Finally, she found her target. "Zacky, Zacky. Is that little girl the new team member? Let's go say hi, ne?"

    Zechariah didn't have to even think about it. "Yes, let's go say hi." With a face like thunder, he stormed towards the girl. Otelia saw him coming. Starting, she gave a little squeak, looked around and went to grab Azrael.

    "He-He-help! He's coming this way." She stammered, as she grabbed his sleeve.
  6. Azrael looked over his shoulder to Otelia. He saw Zack storming towards them, he did not like the look on his face and pushed Otelia behind him facing up to zack. "Long time no see zack" he said.

    Spyritus pulled Otelia back by him sencing a agrivated energy between Azrael and Zechariah
  7. "Ahhhh!!!" Mia's eyes grew wide and she pointed. Her hair began spreading in a wide fan behind her, making her look bigger and more threatening, like some kind of Hindu god. Her little face twisted in anger. "You!!!!"

    "That voice... that reaction.... Nice to hear you again, too, Azrael." Zechariah said, looking anything but pleased, though he was grinning slightly. It was his Cheshire Cat look, the kind of look he wore when he was about to destroy someone, not that anyone in the guild knew about that. "Now what is this I hear about some kind of team being made, with me in it?" His aim wasn't the girl, he'd be perfectly happy to deal with all three of them at the same time.
  8. "Maybe you heard wrong" Az growled "we were gonna ask if you wanted to join up, so how about you come back when you look a lot less like you want to kill someone." He looked to the spirit. "We'll settle out problem later Mia"

    Spyritus moved back towards Mira and the Master keeping Otelia behind him. "Master... I know Zechariah is a celestial mage... But that pressure doesn't feel like he is"
  9. Master simply watched in silence, his eyes looking practically closed, his arms and legs still crossed as if nothing particularly interesting was happening. "Is that so...?" He had no intention of either lying to Spyritus or revealing Zechariah's secret, but it was true that the other boy was letting some of his power loose. An unexpected level in fact, which went down almost instantly the minute Azrael spoke. Mia's bloodlust, though, didn't go down at all. She was pouting something ferocious.

    "Oh, is that all it was. I knew I must have misunderstood something." His face was still relatively serious, but it seemed he had calmed considerably. "Why would I want to team up with the likes of you for a stupid reason like copying the strongest team?" He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, so his pale guild mark showed.

    Mia wasn't so easily appeased. She stood angrily on Zechariah's head and the ends of her hair curled into points. The time she had been attacked had been one of the only times Zechariah had used his power inside the guild for more than echolocation. He'd had to cause a piece of the dark demon slayer's clothing to catch on fire, to distract him. It had been written off as a lucky accident, but it had been close. Someone with that much power... he didn't want to think about how hard it would be to hide his abilities if stuck in a group. "No, I want to settle it now! You called me a demon!" She stomped her foot on his head slightly.

    Otelia looked at him, still quivering behind Spyritus's back. "What do you mean by that, Spirit-kun?" She'd shortened his name, just because it was a hassle to say the whole thing. Since she'd had such little exposure to other magicians, she still couldn't tell the differences in "feeling" between them.
  10. Azrael looked to Mia first this time. "It was a mistake on my part... A sheltered exsistance like mine leave one ignorant to some things. Up to our first encounter I had no idea what a celestial spirit was or that they had power such as yours." After he said that he looked to Zechariah. "Sure competing with natsu's team may be one reason zack, but it's also to help Otelia to get use to being around people like us. People like you. She's a new recruit, I know you went easy on me when I joined, you might wanna do the same for her"

    "Something just felt different when Azrael noticed he got angry. It may just be the fact that Azrael is trying to be intimidating... But comparing the pressure of his magic power to that of Lucy... There's a difference in that feeling.... It feels almost nothing like any celestial wizard I know" Spyritus said " just please stay behind me"
  11. It was true that Zechariah always tried to help the new ones, even in his silent way, but forming a team.... He looked over at the girl, or rather, turned his head towards her, analyzing her from the brief sound of her voice. Small. That was his first impression of her. Not like Wendy, who was small and skinny because she was young. No, a little taller than that, a little physically stronger than that, but still small. The way her hair rustled, short. Quivering slightly. Was he really that scary? He didn't care about competing with Natsu's team. He really didn't care that the guild thought he was the weakest of the bunch, and some even had doubts he was a mage at all. But, he didn't really feel like scaring this small person. "Mia." She was still pouting, not adult enough to forgive the other mage, but she gave a little "hmph" to let him know she was listening. He pointed over at Azrael. "Could you stand working with this person?"

    He could tell she was making her angriest face, even though he couldn't see her. "I don't want to." She said emphatically.

    The blind boy grinned at Az, good humor returned. "It's like tha-"

    "I keep saying you should have beaten him up the first time we met!" She added, stomping petulantly again. "Hurry up and use-"

    Instantly, Zechariah grabbed his little spirit and pulled back, using his magic to make absolute certain no one else could hear their next words. "Mia." He spoke softly, but the way he said her name was sharp, anger coloring it.

    The two of them had been together too long for her to be intimidated, though. "Everyone in this guild, don't you call them your allies? With that, even if they find out, it's not like they'll use it against you."

    "Did you think I was hiding it because I was afraid of them?" He asked, incredulously.

    "I don't know!" She shouted at him. "You never tell me why I'm not supposed to tell, but I don't because you tell me not to. If you're not scared, then believe in them! And then, when he finds out... you can properly beat him up, right?" She pointed straight at Azrael, though Zechariah didn't need to see to know where. He practically fell over in shock.

    "Seriously.... For that reason you want me to pair up with them? So he finds out and I can beat him up?"


    "Even if that means we'll have to work together?"

    She stopped to think about it, then decided. "It's worth it! If you don't, then you're just a little coward!"

    Insane.... Zechariah closed his eyes and thought carefully. He really did spoil his stupid spirit way too much, but she even called him a coward.... Twisting on his heel, he strode towards Azrael again, pulling the magic off of him. "Fine. I don't mind forming a team, but don't expect me to be much help." His face was grim.

    Otelia was still watching, now more confused than ever. One minute he was saying no, the next minute he was saying yes. And what was this about the feeling? "How can you tell?" She asked, and as she did so, she pushed him slightly to the side. She wasn't afraid of the boy, anymore. He seemed to have calmed down and she didn't feel nervous anymore. "What kind of magic, then, would he be using?"
  12. Azrael smiled a bit. "You don't have to use magic to be on a good team Zack. But this isn't for me... I'm a lot like you I rather work alone... But I need to get out of my shadowy shell... And I think Otelia has the right idea on where to start... This is for her"

    Spyritus shook his head. "See now that I wouldn't know we would just have to see depending on the situation."
  13. "Hooo... for that person to agree to form a team. How very unexpected." The master mused.

    Zechariah gave a little contemptuous snort at Azrael's comment. His head twisted to look towards Otelia again, and he moved closer, stopping not far from Spyritus and Otelia. Although he knew the other man was also there, he ignored him. It was really helpful being blind, sometimes. "Your name is Otelia, right? I don't know what you're misunderstanding about me, but thanks to you, the four of us are a team now. Just don't regret it later." He turned his eyes from Spyritus's general direction to Azrael's. These two, huh? This girl really didn't know what she had started. Best help her figure it out sooner than later. His wicked grin returned. It was his default, after all. "Since we've become a team, should we go on a job?"

    Otelia brightened and looked around at the three others, slightly excited. "Yeah, let's! What do you guys want to do?"
  14. Both of them looked to eachother. Then to the job request board, dashing over and seeing what there was. "Let's see Vulcans in the mountains, outlaws in the desert.... Hmmmm"

    "Why don't we start with something that will actually get us to work together. Vulcans are too weak and bandits with your sence of smell? They'd be too easy to track." The death knight said smirking.

    "We don't want to do anything too big for otelia's sake. I know sack can hold his own but we need something simple that will help us bond a little more"
  15. Otelia gave a little sheepish laugh. "Actually, even though I look like this, I've done a lot of jobs on my own, before. If there's an interesting job, don't let me stop you. Ah, but I do agree it would be better to do something that would help us bond more."

    Mia's hair lengthened exponentially and she reached out to the board and snagged a piece of paper. "How about this one, then?" It was a request to help decorate and clean a large mansion for an upcoming party. She read it out loud for Zechariah's benefit. He said nothing, gauging his new team members' reactions to it, but it didn't seem like the job that would require mages....
  16. Azrael looked to Mia as she read the job. Maybe this would be his chance to make it up to the spirit. "I'll try it out. I'm not exactly good at interior design but maybe Mia can point me in the right direction"

    Spyritus grumbled. "I say it's a waste of time." He said. He rather be fighting and training than doing some decorator job.
  17. Mia gave Az a distasteful look. She was not a very forgiving spirit. Spyritus' unenthusiastic response redirected her ire, though. "Are you disobeying me?!" She asked in a shrill, but apparently half-joking voice that made Zechariah wince. Did she have to use that tone of voice while she was still on top of his head? Her hair curled itself into a small fist and landed squarely on top of Spyritus's head. It wouldn't have made a baby cry.

    Otelia burst into laughter. "That's a very ferocious spirit you have there, Zechariah. I should hate to ever get on her bad side." She gave the little spirit a heart-warming smile of goodwill. "But if you don't want to, Spirit-kun, then what looks good to you." She looked around at them, including Mia. "I don't think it would be good to do a job that not everyone wants to do."
  18. Spyritus growled at the spirit. "Focus your anger on the devil slayer not me you pint sized fairy" he snarled, before getting slugged by Azrael. "My grandfather always said you should treat spirits with respect. Insult her again and you insult me" Azrael growled before walking towards the door and leaning against its frame waiting.

    Spyritus growled looking away from the devil slayer.
    "Fine I'll do the stupid decorator job.... But next time I choose the job"
  19. "Ah..." They were always so eager for a fight. Mia didn't seem to care, though, she was simply very pleased with herself for having gotten her way. Decorating, huh...? Otelia gave the head on which Mia was sitting a scrutinizing look. Would it be okay for a blind person to do this kind of job? Maybe it was precisely why Mia had chosen it. Normally, they wouldn't be able to do these kinds of things, after all. "That's a good idea. We can each take turns choosing jobs!" Otelia said with enthusiasm. Why did she suddenly get the feeling she'd forced together four guys who would have normally never worked together? Oh well. She smiled as things were settled. "Let's go, then."

    Zechariah liked the job. He wouldn't be able to do very much, but it would help him keep up his "I'm just a poor blind guy" charade for longer. And it would be an easy source of money. Most importantly, it would truly be a chance to see how such different people worked together, if they could at all. Aesthetics was not something you could just each take separate little projects for, after all. As expected of Mia. Even when she chose without thinking, her choices tended to be precisely what he needed.
  20. Azrael smiled. "If everyone is ready lets get going... Mia, where exactly is the mansion located" he asked this was his one possible chance to make up for what he's done. He wasn't going to make her hate him even more.

    Spyritus sighed seems like he wasn't gonna need his armor. He activated his magic, sending his armor away revealing red leather jacket and blue jeans he kept his armored boots on.
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