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  1. The grand magic games are about to begin. Dragon's Forge is going head to head in the games to prove that they are the top guild. Then.... something chaotic happens that calls forth acnologia and forces all the guilds to work together. Will the dragon king festival claim almost all of Fiori or will our heroes save all of earthland? Time will tell and time is running out.

    the usual Iwaku and rp rules apply.
    No killing other characters without that person's consent.
    When you get a nice execution on your cs from your three gms @Dragon-Goddess, @Rax Rosetta and myself, your character will be approved. It's an all or nothing deal. Miss one nice execution rating from even one GM and you will have to wait until it's addressed by that GM.
    And most importantly, have fun.

    Pic (anime only)
    Primary magic type:
    Secondary magic type:
    Guild mark:
    Guild mark location:
    Guild mark color:
    Rank in the guild:​
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  2. 20481.jpg
    Name: Gregory Markov
    Age: looks to be around 26, but is centuries older than that.
    Personality: wise "beyond his years", slightly secretive about his age, protective of his guild and allies, slightly rebellious, understanding, and willing to go out on a job every now and then.
    Likes: metal, his friends and allies
    Dislikes: rust, dark guilds, dark wizards, at times the magic council, Acnologia, Zeref, demons, and being the fall guy for someone else's mistakes.
    Hobbies: training, fighting dark guilds
    Other: carries around a sword made of an anti-magic alloy to guard against and combat enchanted weapons.
    He, like all slayers suffers from bouts of motion sickness when using any form of transportation.
    Primary magic type: steel/darksteel Titan slayer magic
    Secondary magic type: memory maker magic
    steel titan Shout
    Magic: steel Titan Slayer
    Description: Gregory takes a deep breath and releases it as a storm of razor sharp miniature blades.
    Effects: slashing damage that could cause bleeding damage

    Spell Name: Elemental Consumption
    Magic: steel Titan Slayer
    Description: Allows the user to eat magic of their element, or the very element itself gaining MP.
    Effects: Gains 50% of the MP cast from the spell of the same element. Gain #54C5710mp if they eat just the raw element. Also Cause 0 MP to use.

    Spell Name: steel titan secret art sword explosion
    Magic: steel Titan Slayer
    Description: slams one hand on the ground and a large number of swords violently erupt from the ground in a seven foot radius.
    Effects: piercing and slashing damage that can cause bleeding damage. Swords are usable by anyone. The swords are just normal swords. No lacrima are fused into the weapons. When used with Titan soul, the range changes from seven feet to seven miles.

    Spell name: steel Titan secret art spear salvo
    Magic: steel Titan slayer
    Description: summons several spears made of iron/steel and launched them at his opponent with a flick of his wrist.
    Effects: piercing damage that can cause bleed damage.

    Spell Name: steel titan sword
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: one of Gregory's hands morphs into a sword that dwarfs the sword made by the iron Dragon slayer in both size and mass.
    Effects: causes slashing and piercing damage and can cause bleeding damage.

    Spell Name: steel titan shield
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: deploys a shield from his forearm that deflects slashing, piercing and blunt force damage
    Effects: protective spell shields size varies. Can be a tower shield or a kite shields or anything in between.

    Spell Name: skin of the steel titan
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: covers his skin in a thin, but durable layer of steel that moves with him like the iron Dragon scale spell.
    Effects: protects from slashing and blunt force damage, but increases shock damage.

    Spell Name: steel titan Canon
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: one or both hands transform into cannons that fire a large metal projectile.
    Effects: shot damage.

    Spell Name: steel titan war hammer
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: one or both hands turn into a hammer
    Effects: blunt force damage.

    Spell Name: steel titan lance
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: turns one or both arms into a lance that resembles a Spartan's spear
    Effects: piercing damage that can cause bleeding damage.

    Spell Name: titan expansion
    Magic: steel titan slayer magic
    Description: Gregory is able to make any part of his body expand like Makarov's titan magic allowed the old guild master to or Gajeel Redfox's iron dragon iron club spell. the spell uses metal to make the expansion possible and may require him to eat more metal to keep extending the range once the spell starts if the target keeps backing up.
    Effects: extends range of all melee attacks with the exception of steel titan sword, steel titan lance, and steel titan shield. Also increases the force behind the strikes.

    Spell Name: steel titan claws
    Magic: steel titan slayer
    Description: metallic claws replace his fingers
    Effects: causes piercing and slashing damage that can cause bleeding damage

    Spell Name: Titan soul
    Magic: steel Titan Slayer
    Description:Unlocks a Titan's Slayers true potential as a magical form of a titan forms around them. Can only be used when HP falls below 20%. It is equivalent to a Dragon Slayers Dragon Force.

    Gregory's body becomes enveloped in metal and grows to the same size Makarov's giant magic allowed him to grow.
    Effects: Uses 0 Mana, Doubles Damage of all Titan Slayer spells. Also allows spells to be half the Mana cost. Lasts for 5 posts.
    increases his strength, durrability and size. capable of being as big as Tenrou Island

    Spell name: Dragon's law
    Magic: dragon's forge guild ultimate spell.
    Description: another variant of the law spell where it looks like the caster is holding a ball of ethereal crimson flames with a dragonic eye looking out from it before the same crimson light fills an area the size of magnolia and robs anyone the caster sees as an enemy in their heart of hearts of all their magic indefinitely. Those the caster sees as friends gain a boost in magic power.
    Effects:magic power seal for enemies and increase for allies

    Spell Name: Dragon's shell
    Magic: dragon's forge ultimate spell
    Description: It creates a barrier that boosts up the healing factor on any member of dragon's forge within the barrier.
    Effects: protection, healing and stasis for the duration of the spell.

    Spell name: Dragon's embers
    Magic: dragon's forge ultimate spell
    Description: once the user says "I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades. Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life. Have withstood pain to create many weapons. Yet, these hands will never hold anything. So as I pray, UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!" the spell transports the caster and target(s)within a 35 foot radius to a pocket dimension filled with swords that are usable to anyone within the space. The user attacks with several swords from all directions and knocks the opponent into the air before launching an aerial assault on the enemy with the swords still lodged in the enemy, striking each sword and adding more before the enemy hits the ground. The only ones capable of leaving are wizard saints, slayers and allies. Teleporters have a shot at escaping the dimension as long as they have a picture of where they want to escape to.
    Effects: sealed dimension, slash damage & pierce damage that can lead to bleed D.O.T.

    Spell name: The true dragon's forge
    Magic: dragon's forge guild ultimate spell.
    Description & effects: a boost in physical capabilities for the caster. Higher pain threshold and tolerance, physical durability, speed, strength, and perception. The caster has to say "I am steel. Steel knows no fear. steel knows no doubt. When faced with my enemies I hesitate not. I am that which destroys these. Iron blood transformation."


    Guild: dragon's forge
    Guild mark: 84cf23dd00a7114c666a679481aed0e2.jpg
    Guild mark location: left palm
    Guild mark color: half red, half black
    Rank in the guild: first master

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  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name: Banica Shea

    Age: biologically - 19, chronologically - 219

    Personality: Kind, helpful, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body but can have a temper.

    Likes: History, Music (classical), Dragon’s Forge

    Dislikes: Dark Guilds, overheating, not being of use

    Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Training

    Bio: Raised by the Ice Titan, Ophian, since she was 1, Banica was taught how to read, write and fight. She got along great with her father and always strived to be the best like him. When he disappeared, she set out to search for him. It wasn't until later when she met up with another Titan slayer like her. After that, she traveled and worked with them for a bit until they started their own official guild, where she became an S ranked wizard.

    Other: like her fellow titan slayers, Banica becomes easily nauseated on any sort of transportation.

    Primary magic type: Ice Titan Slayer

    Secondary magic type: Healing Magic

    Ice Titan Shout - equivalent to the dragon roar, when she shouts it sends out a blizzard of ice shards at her enemies.

    Ice Titan Fist - an ice titan attack that coats her fist in ice and gives it a bit of extra force and freezing status to her enemies.

    Ice Titan Armor - an ice titan move that has her encase herself in an armor of ice that is hard to break and boosts her defense.

    Ice Titan Secret Art: Perpetual Ice Labyrinth - a labyrinth made of complete non-meltable ice with an ice minotaur stalking the inside of it looking for enemies to fight. She can also change the layout at will.

    Ice Titan Secret Art: Ice Mirror Dome - creating a dome of reflective mirrors around her opponents, Banica can enter 1 mirror and have multiple reflections of her facing the enemy at different directions. Not only can she attack from all directions but it boosts up her speed.

    Ice Titan Secret Art: Ice Mirror Labyrinth - by combining her ice mirror dome and her perpetual ice labyrinth together, Banica can follow her opponents through the labyrinth via the mirrors and either attack them physically or make them go mad by having them attack her reflections repeatedly to no effect.

    Dragon's Shell - learned from master Victor Markov, this is one of the Dragon’s Forge ultimate spells. It creates a barrier that boosts up the healing factor on Banica's friends and teammates.

    True Dragon’s Forge - learned from master Victor Markov, this spell boosts up her stats in pain tolerance, physical durability, speed, strength and perception after saying the chant her master taught her.
    Heal - a basic healing spell

    Magic Replenish - (will look for a different name later) this allows her to grant an allies magic back in short bursts at a time.

    Ice Titan Expansion - a spell that expands either her entire body or one part of her body to make herself appear like an actual titan. She doesn't use it often and only saves for when she needs it.

    Titan Soul - Banica's body becomes enveloped in ice and grows to the same size as Makarov's magic allows him. Doubles her Titan Slayer spells for about five posts. Increases her durability, strength and size. Can become as big as Tenrou Island.

    Guild:Dragon’s Forge
    Guild mark: [​IMG]

    Guild mark location: Upper left forearm

    Guild mark color: Gold

    Rank in the guild: S rank/Ace
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  4. [​IMG]
    Jericho Cross

    Apparent - 27
    Actual - 227

    Jericho is a quiet drifter who never seems comfortable remaining in one place for overly long, generally preferring to continue to "Chase my Sunset" across the world rather than sit around and wait for things to come to him. Never seeing home extend farther than wherever he is resting his head at a given time, he also does no particuraly concern himself with others beyond working with them, holding the world an arm's length away for his own clarity of purpose. He shrugs off gratitude and thanks as quickly as he would hate or spite, seemingly aloof as he wanders off again, ignoring authority and chain of command in favor of his own fickle winds driving him wherever he sees fit. This makes it difficult getting him to actually hang around long enough for long term projects, since he sees everything in a constant state of flux, so he fails to see reason in long term projects that will likely fade away with the memory of the ones who founded them to begin with.

    Exploring the World
    Discovering Lost and Forgotten Things

    Rules Restricting Him

    Playing the Violin


    Jericho carries a plain, single edged sword that has no sort of magical enhancement or unusual history, it's only unusual property being how focused its forging was on being a lethal working blade and not some blade from legends and fairy tales.

    Much to his chagrin, Jericho has the same issue of motion sickness with many methods of traveling, leading to a near pathological obsession with walking his way to where he needs to go.

    During his time training to utilize Law, he suffered numerous mishaps that stunted his abilities with the Amaterasu magic, as well as making his body less receptive to healing magic of any caliber.

    Primary magic type:
    Shadow Titan Slayer Magic

    Secondary magic type:


    Name: Shadow Titan Breath
    Description: Jericho's version of the "Titan Shout" spell, rather than create large amounts of noise, Jericho gathers a great deal of shadow mana within his lungs before exhaling, forming a great cloud of literal shadows, which devour most kinds of light upon contact, creating a field that only Jericho can see through, even blinding allies, that saps the physical and magical fortitude of any non caster within the area. The magical and physical sapping effect of the field are temporary and, in broad daylight, will be recovered from in fairly quick order. The more light one is exposed to, the faster the drain fades, but remaining in even natural dark slows the recovery process considerably.

    Name: Shadow Titan Shiv
    Description: Jericho gathers a hardened shard of serrated shadows around his fist, punching the blade into a target within reach. These Shiv's, while usually not deadly in their own right, can cause unnatural amounts of bleeding due to serration and rapidly paralyze the area wounded, effects usually extending to the entire limb that is wounded. These can be thrown but lose their bleeding properties when launched. Can be combined with Shadow Tendril Manipulation

    Name: Shadow Titan Hail
    Description: Jericho generates a large number of shivs, sprouting from his arms near instantly, before launching them in either a shotgun like blast in front of him, or bringing them down in a brisk wave of shivs. Since these are not being personally wielded by Jericho, none of them retain the unnatural bleeding properties of a single held Shiv but can leave countless opponents crippled temporarily from paralyzed limbs. Cannot be combined with Shadow Tendril Manipulation.

    Name: Shadow Titan Cloak
    Description: Pulling the shadows around him, Jericho can vanish from view as long as their is shadows to hide in nearby, and can allow him to transit from shadow to shadow, as long as the destination is within viewing range of the shadow he is leaving. Pulls the caster from view, vanishing from conventional and even most magical methods of visual tracking, can also allow typically short range jumps from shadow to shadow. The greater the distance traveled, the more taxing the spell is. Cannot attack or make overt actions without breaking the spell, but small movements will not normally break the spell. Can be used in conjunction with Amaterasu Formulas, but breaks once the hand signs are complete.

    Name: Secret Shadow Titan Technique - Shadow Tendril Manipulation
    Description: Jericho sprouts numerous tendrils from his back, which he can manipulate as easily as one would their own arms or legs, with the ability to climb and move about using them as readily as he would fight with them. He can also leave them on a sort of auto pilot, with basic instructions such as "Protect", "Attack", or "Distract". Each Tendril can use the Shadow Titan Shiv to form bladed tendrils that cause heavy amounts of bleeding and can not only pin a person down, but paralyze the wounded areas. However, the shadow tendrils themselves carry little substance to them and can be easily dispersed by direct attacks. Nothing stops Jericho from reforming damaged tendrils, but they can be readily disrupted.

    Name: Secret Shadow Titan Technique - Nightmare Manifesto
    Description: Jericho clasps his hands together, vanishing beneath a variant of his Shadow Titan Cloak, leaving shadowy forms of demons and other nightmarish fiends leap forward to do battle with his opponents. While these illusions cannot, by themselves, normally do heavy amounts of lasting damage, they sow incredible amounts of discord and terror among most opponents and can lead to people injuring each other while attempting to fight back against the shadow creatures that Jericho conjured up. Jericho can custom tailor the illusions for certain people, especially if he knows what they fear, and create personal living hells for whomever is unfortunate enough to confront the man.

    Name: Amaterasu Formula 17
    Description: Jericho plays out the hand signs for one Amaterasu Magic Circle, around the target of his spell. The Circle cracks as it begins to spin and slam into the ground, destroying the ground within the circle and, typically, sending the target flying as well as dealing with the usual effects of an explosion happening right beneath their feet. This is typically the tamest of the Amaterasu formulas and one Jericho is fond of for the openings and relative speed it can be cast at, for an Amaterasu Formula.

    Name: Amaterasu Formula 50
    Description: Taking a far more considerable investment of magic and time, Jericho forms a sphere of Amaterasu Magic Circles around his target, or himself, depending on which variant effect he uses. The first effect generates an outward explosion, capable of wiping out several blocks of a city, with Jericho himself at the epicenter, safe and sound from the devastation wrought. Alternatively, and far more commonly, the explosive energy of the spell is focused inwards on a hostile target. Jericho rarely uses Formula 50 due to the damage it can do to an area, but has done so before. Notably, he never returns to areas that have seen the use of Formula 50 unless he has no say in the matter, and there are only a few places that can be considered this.

    Name: Law
    Description: Jericho discovered the methods and training regime that it took to utilize the original Law spell during his travels, and spent ten years of his life in total isolation learning to utilize the spell properly. This would create issues for him later on, as it had stunted his Amaterasu magic from ever advancing beyond Formula 50, as well as making him less receptive to healing magic in general during a mishap with the training, to be expected from rediscovered texts instead of learning from another user. However, Jericho can cast the full, complete version of Law, which blinds an entire area in bright light and deals obscene amounts of damage to a given target.

    Dragon's Forge

    Guild mark:

    Guild mark location:
    Centered on his Back

    Guild mark color:

    Rank in the guild:
    S Rank / Ace

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