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    It has been five years since the last S Rank tournament between the guilds and half a year since the last S-Rank Trials and since then very few things of interest in particular in Magnolia. Life goes as it always does and very few people become truly successful but many people still try hard to obtain their dreams. Mages and mercenaries irk out their living as servants to the people while normal people live their daily lives trying to not let the mages destroy their living. However, Fiore has become somewhat more of a betting man's land. There has been a rise in crime, thanks in no small part, to a number of illegal guilds appearing, and the rise of even more industrial powers in many of the main cities throughout the country. The main leaders of the industry are James De Sand who has taken ahold over the sea by a huge fleet of ships meant for transporting his goods and catching fish. He has been named Commodore by many and has all but claimed most of the sea as his own personal money making pit. Then there is the influential Calahide Yenmor who controls the banks and has invested in a nationwide train expansion and has a monopoly on the rail roads which has led many to proclaim him as a visionary in the rail way business often hiring mages to help build new railroads. And then there is Kyle Marquise whom holds much of the wood making industry in his hands and also controls a small portion of magical goods sold to many people through the legal means. He is truly a man who has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit as he has embraced the common way of making money along with the hassle of making and acquiring magical goods to sell to the masses.

    All of them are successful and each of them has become incredibly rich and dangerous to the people they mean to harm. Some people have even started to believe the three are involved in a conspiracy to take over all of Earth Land but that is highly unlikely as all three of them loathe each other to some degree. The Magic Council itself is also ready to launch a full scale investigation on the sudden influx of magi dark guilds to root out evil mages. However so far it has not been implemented and its only been rumored about. The enigmatic Fairy Tail Guild reigns as one of the strongest guilds in the land due to its various types of mages. The second is Sabertooth with it still reeling from the loss of its famous member Damion Wilmore and Joey Chamberling whom have vanished recently causing much distrust between Sabertooth and other guilds. The third strongest is Lamia scale with its few but very strong mages. Legends have been lost and born and Earth Land is about to become a battleground. The Land of Flore is about to experience a time of dark change however as a unknown appears and along with the aid of various other helpers good, evil, and neutral is poised to take over the land. There is no knowledge of this threat no warning and no one is expecting it...but it will come and it will come soon...
    •I will only accept two more dragon slayers provided they are not Poison God Slayer or the Lightning Dragon Slayer for I will be using one during the rp. If you are one of the dragon slayers, you have the to use only your element. You already dominate that element why would you need a second? You can mix it with the help of other dragon slayers later if this proceeds to be as long as I hope it to be.
    •Sub Plots will need to be asked for and confirmed to be allowed by me before being implemented as to not derail the main plot.
    •No God Slayers, or lost magic users (minus dragon slayers) Period this also goes for advanced magic like gravity, crash, and fairy law.
    •This is more of a high end rp if you can't type more than five sentences per post you don't want you here.
    • I will not be accepting bad guys unless you make it a VERY good case. I plan almost everything out before I make an rp. I know what I want from start to finish and I don't need extra villains unless I ask for them.
    • Basic Rp Rules Apply
    • GM word is law respect it or leave. You must also inform the people of your depature less you will no longer be welcome in any roleplays GM'd by myself. I have no patience for people who vanish.
    Note that there is stat sheet which is made just to gauge your character in general and see how far exactly he or she is proficient in one area. The stats will not be updated or be vital late roleplay. They're taken from the fairy tail wikipedia with one being next to nothing in ability with five being abnormally strong. It is worth noting that Wallace and others have above some stats. That's because they won't grow much in power and are considered extremely capable in that area. You can achieve the same...by sacrificing the rest of your stats. Your allowed one five and one four with the rest being threes or below. Or two fours and the rest being average or below. Three being average and four being above average.

    My character sheet - This character is the equivalent to Jeigan Archtype of Fire Emblem

    Wallace Wilmore (open)

    The Lightning Dragon Slayer - 'The Lightning Blade' Wallace Wilmore
    Name: Wallace Wilmore
    Aliases: The Lightning Dragon of Fairy Tail - Thunder Blade - Deadly Lightning
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Birthday: December 18th (not sure about the year)
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Black Fairy Tail tatto on his right hand

    History: Growing up in a rich mansion by a family of dangerous and highly talented lightning mages Wallace was rather pampered early on in life. He had one older brother and three younger sisters along with his grandfather who lived with his parents. He started out learning magic from his parents, along with the normal school stuff plus some extra things from tutors his parents paid for, and had a relatively easy life. This went on for about six years of his life, mostly becoming relatively good at lightning magic to the point where he surpassed most kids at his age in it. This is not saying much however since he was below the level of the prodigal older brother of his.

    However one day when he was out playing a rogue mage nearly killed him for no reason but the hell of it. However the assassin was forced off by his big brother, and role model, Damion Wilmore one of the up and rising members of the Sabertooth guild. His parents rushed him to the doctors and told him there was little chance of him succeeding in living. However his grandfather submerged a secret he had been hiding, Dragon Lucimia for a lightning dragon slayer, and told them to put it in his grandson with surgery. Thanks to the skills of his doctors the operation went on without a hitch and his new powers saved his life. He was angry for most of his life from then on and pledged to get back at the man who did this to him. His brother taught him most of his lightning moves from then on there and he learned less about advanced mathematics and literacy from then on there in favor of training. His parents disapproved of him doing so but his grandfather told him to keep trying his best. Soon he became almost as strong as his brother at age fifteen. He joined a group of free-lance mages at one point, refusing to join the Sabertooth guild due to being afraid of commitments like his brother had, and became known as Thunder Blade in the mercenary guilds. Soon after he reached sixteen years old and had completed over sixteen missions of varying difficulty he quit the job of fighting, which his parents were grateful for, and went back home to finish his education.

    However during this time of rest he was contacted by Fairy Tail for a possible way for him to join their guild. He refused immediately and told him maybe some other time as a joke. His parents were happy about this and his grandfather, while very ill at this point, disapproved of his choices because he wanted his grandson to be more adventurer like. One more year passed when his brother, who had been forced to stay in the Sabertooth Guild due to a disagreement with his parents, told him he'd be going to take on a very dangerous S Rank mission to which Wallace whole heartily disapproved of but keep quiet and wished his brother good bye.

    Two months later and his parents got word their son was lost and the Sabertooth Guild had no idea what happened to him. Wallace immediately set out with a friend of Damion's and a few others of his former work mates and found no evidence of Damion's whereabouts but it was clear he had finished his mission. On the way back he had a fateful encounter with the rogue mage who had nearly killed him, there were wanted signs of a man who recently escaped from jail, and attacked him along with his friends. They overpowered the rogue mage and found out that he did not do anything to Damion, but he was looking for him, and told Wallace that he better be careful. Wallace nearly killed him afterward but was stopped by one of his old friends.

    They arrested the rogue mage and threw him in jail to which Wallace once again was approaching by Fairy Tail and Sabertooth as well for him to join them. Wallace decided to go with Fairy Tail because he did not want to follow in his brother's shadow and because he was suspicious of them. Fairy Tail would likely never do that to Damion because of the reputation of the mages there. He joined the guild with the consent of his parents, and his grandfather who died shortly after he left for the guild, and was soon recognized as a Dragon Slayer to which he explained to Jormundur that he had a bad accident and this was the result. Jormundur did not push anymore and for the next few years he worked on various missions proving he is extremely efficient in destroying rogue guilds and mages. He was pushed into the S Rank exams and finished, but was shaken from the event, and has since been taking on various jobs for the guild.

    Personality: Wallace is the sort of man to not care about how a person acts and finds most people generally annoying. He is normally one to put down a battle quickly and with as minimum amount of casualties as possible. However that does not stop him from using his full power in fights. He often tries not to underestimate his opponents but is sometimes too caught up in the fight to bother to think about the weaknesses of his enemies. Around others he is normally very calm if not arrogant or ignorant at times and prefers not to play games with other members of the fairy tail guild.

    His main goal in life is to join the magic council and to become the strongest mage in existence. He normally chuckles to himself when someone challenges him as he finds them a nuisance more than anything. He is very protective of his family and friends however. Whenever he leads a squad he calls the squad's name "Fairy Tail's Finest" after his brother's former squad that was lost on an S Rank Mission.

    Likes: He likes those who act respectful to others, those who put thoughts into things because they don't rush needlessly into traps, those who can fight on their own without the help of others, He highly approves of gaining more power whenever possible and is quick to learn as much as he can about new spells. He prefers dogs as pets seeing as they are loyal to a fault.

    Dislikes: He hates water as it can redirect his attacks and he is unable to swim, He hates those who are simply to happy and go lucky because they are ignorant on the truth of life and how hard it is. He hates those who play dirty and manipulate others for their own needs. He hates those too weak enough not to see through the person controlling them; because they are not smart enough to see through lies, he dislikes those who are in it only for themselves and no one else seeing them as self-obsessed fools.

    Motivations: His main goal in life is to join the magic council and to become the strongest mage in existence and to find what happened to his big brother Damion.

    Fears: Deep water because he can't swim.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 235 lbs
    Eyes: hazel
    Skin Tone: pale white
    Appearance: ---

    Wears a black leather trench coat with red fairy tail symbols on both sides of it and has a silver chain around his neck. He also wears a black hat at times and sun glasses. Some people, who are brave enough to, tease him about this because it makes him look like some type of secret agent.

    Lightning Magic
    Lightning Dragon Slayer
    Lightning Dragon's Roar
    Dragon Force
    Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd
    Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist
    Raging Bolt
    Lightning Body Technique
    Lightning Eruption
    Lightning Storm

    Lightning Dragon's Shock Wave - The user holds up his hand and activates the seal. Electricity runs through the finger tips and shocks up to five opponents in front of the person. It can be blocked by metal (as long as it's not touching the person otherwise the person still becomes a conductor) and water.

    Twin Lightning Blades - The user activates his magic by clapping his hands together and makes two swords made of electricity in similar sort to Cole from Infamous. The swords are meant to repel metal and electrocute people on contact with near fatal results if contact is maintained and in some cases can be deadly especially when amplified. This is also it's downfall however as it cannot penetrate armor because the magnetic pushback does not allow the user to get near the target. However it can be used one at a time to minimize the magic used at once and or to make a single blade more powerful and thus much more deadly.

    Lightning Dragon's Shower - The user generates electricity in his palm into a ball and throws it up in the air causing it to go everywhere in the room or area. It's cost and effect varies with the amount of magic is used and the proximity to the user. Anywhere near the user is likely to be heavy however if far away you might just feel a slight shock or something towards the line of being shocked by someone in school.

    Offensive: 6/5
    Defensive: 4/5
    Intelligence: 4/5
    Speed: 5/5

    Other S Ranks in Fairy Tail (open)
    Name: Jormundur Macbeth
    Aliases: The Fairy Tail Guild Master - The Father
    Gender: Male
    Age: 68
    Birthday: November 18th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: White hair and purple Fairy Tail symbol on his palm

    History: Much of the guild master's past remains a secret. However it is known that he has been with Fairy Tail for over forty years. He was friends with the second guild master and third and has been both the fourth and seventh guild master after the previous two died mysteriously of illness. He was a member of the Magic Council and is known as "Wave Hand" by some and "The Father" by others because of his attitude. He is loved and respected by many and hated just as much by dark guilds. He is known as the third most powerful mage who has ever lived and has many techniques that he has never shown anyone or anything. He had a son, who was the fifth master of the guild before he died, and is very protective of his guild mates and normally refers to them as sons and daughters. However when he feels that they should fend for themselves he refuses to help them to make them stronger.

    Personality: Jormunder is a very eccentric old man who enjoys joking and picking on his younger guild mates. He drinks a lot and normally could be found passed out drunk but he is always aware of what is happening around him. He can be very calm and understanding when need be. However he can become seriously mad and angry. He has a particular look in his eye that makes most people feel good and sometimes people temporarily loose themselves in his eyes with their deep knowledge and hidden pains and he also has a powerful but comforting aura surrounds him. He is known to be very passionate in everything and everything he does.

    Likes: People who are bubbly, kind, gentle, innovative, compassionate, loving, and bright.

    Dislikes: He dislikes people who are rude, inconsiderate, not very passionate, and very crude.

    Motivations: To find an enemy strong enough to end him.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Eyes: blue
    Skin Tone: white
    Appearance: ---
    Teleportation Magic
    Wave Shield
    Wave Bullet
    Wave Boost
    Instant Transportation

    Wave Disruption- Sending out a strange aura around a large area he is able to nullify all magic with no problem whatsoever. However any physical acts are not hindered and he himself cannot cast magic inside it.

    Wave of Nullification - Sending a massive wall of anti-magic wall it acts like wave bullets except on a massive scale canceling out all magic and smashing into an enemy with massive force. It requires a lot of energy and concentration.

    Wave Body Armor - He is able to easily cancel out any magic that hits him and repel bodily attacks but it requires intense concentration and a wave of magic covers his entire body.

    Object Teleportation - He is able to transport objects over a large distance with just his mind. It takes all his concentration to do so.

    Offensive: 6/5
    Defensive: 9/5
    Intelligence: X/5
    Speed: 9/5
    Name: Aldor Toguro
    Aliases: The Brute
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Birthday: April 1st
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Deep Dark Red on his neck - Black Sunglasses
    any signs of emotion. His only accentuated facial expressions are present when he is either very happy, usually during an exciting fight, or very angry, against posers and dishonorable people. He mostly speaks plainly and firmly to others, but is never afraid to speak his mind out loud. However, underneath this composed exterior, lies a man with a powerful, self-applying moral code, as well as a personal, and dependable code of honor. Toguro prefers not to take the lives of anyone, unless the job demands it, and usually ends up apologizing for his actions afterwards. He is also very loyal to his employer, as long as he is under contract. But while in the presence of individuals who behave dishonorably, cheat, mock, or otherwise do not follow the rules, he displays a ruthless and highly brutal behavioral pattern.

    Likes: Power, people who can get what they want, people not afraid of pushing others, strength of will, a good challenge

    Dislikes: He hates most people who are over-excitable and normally is very distant to people because of their attitudes, he hates people who can't defend themselves.

    Motivations: To raise the guild to a new height by making the younger generation as strong as possible

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 280 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin Tone: Whitish Brown

    Muscle Manipulation

    Percentage Power (筋肉操作, Kinniku Sōsa, literally translated as Muscle Manipulation): Toguro's signature is the ability regulate how much of his maximum power he releases, ranging from 0% to 100%. However, in the S Rank Tournament tournament in his final fight, as he fights his final challenger he goes to a fullpower reigun, he builds up to 100%. With each increase comes a burst of magic and his muscles thicken and enlarge themselves. At full power, his appearance changes drastically, affecting even his skin color, but requiring him to feed on a constant source of magic to maintain such immense power, which leads him to expend a lot of magic. His physical strength is enough to completely dominate over his opponents. This change in power (mainly the skin) also makes him highly resistant against most magics.

    Finger Flip Bullets (指銃, Shi Dan): Toguro uses this technique in order to unleash long-ranged death. All he has to do is simply flick a finger and, thanks with his muscle manipulation ability, a tiny burst of vacuum erupts from the action and leaves bullet-shaped holes in whatever it hits.

    Offensive: X/5
    Defensive: X/5
    Intelligence: 4/5
    Speed: 2/5

    Name: Sam Aerohide
    Aliases: The Swift Dancer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Birthday: March 25th
    Sexuality: Bi Sexual
    Special Characteristics: He is extremely young and has a pink fairy tail symbol on his elbow. He has a Blue Pegasus Symbol on his Belly.

    History: After winning a bet against Blue Pegasus Leader Joe Trainer Master Kuroa of Fairy Tail (Sixth leader) brought the young man in after he swore his vows never to sell out Blue Pegasus. He immediately became a favorite as his attitude made many friends. He is renown for being one of the most enigmatic mages out there. He was a top ranking member of Blue Pegasus before joining Fairy Tail. He helped many of the members in Fairy Tail become what they are today. He wears a white suit and black tie. He is extremely handsome but has been known to be very modest. He has completed many missions for Fairy Tail and has become one of Fairy Tail's S Rank members after teaming up with Tuguro to win the tournament two years ago.

    Personality: Sam is the most energetic, while being enigmatic at the same time. He appears to be happy-go-lucky and good-natured, and acts very carefree. He often teases Tuguro and Wallace, calling them ridiculous nicknames such as "Tuguro-rin" and "Wallace-tan". However, Sam has been shown to be as perceptive and a skilled fighter as Tuguro. He also appears to carry a deep emotional burden, and values his own life very little. In battle, Sam doesn't bother to fight very hard for his life, and will only do so if someone he cares for is in danger. Though he hides his unhappiness well, Jormundur is able to sense the disguise. When he confronts him about it, Sam usually gives very dark and enigmatic answers. His past is a profound motivating factor for his actions and is something Sam cannot seem to overcome; instead he masks it all with a smile.

    Sam is emotionally distant, refusing to allow anyone to become too close to him. Despite this, Tuguro has noted that the mage has become attached to Fairy Tail's members. Sam worries about his companions and would go as far as breaking his own personal vows to ensure their safety. Wallace confronts Sam about this, and states that Sam should figure out what he's doing with his present and future, because his past has nothing to do with either Wallace, Tuguro or their younger companions. Sam tells Wallace that he should not worry or care about him, which Wallace responds with "I don't care about your past. So prepare your current self."

    Likes: Truthful people, caring people, riddles, puzzles, and other things of the sort. He loves jokes and is often very polite to people who are polite to him.

    Dislikes: He has a wide array of things that tick him off but he hides it well.

    Motivations: To make the world gentler and to protect his friends.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 172 lbs
    Eyes: Aqua
    Skin Tone: Pure White

    Dancer - 30%
    High Speed 50%
    Shadow Magic 20%
    Knuckle Shadow
    Shadow Orochi
    Guard Shadow
    Shadow Form

    Shadow Hiding - This technique allows him to be invisible to nearly everyone but if the spot he is in is concentrated on hard enough he will be seen
    Shadow Weapon - morphing shadows he can form them into any weapon he needs them to be.

    Offensive: 2/5
    Defensive: 3/5
    Intelligence: 5/5
    Speed: 7/5
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