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  1. Fairy Tail has been known as one of the best, if not the best, guild in all of Fiore. The Fairy Tail guild has created legends in the past and very well will be creating legends well into the future. The children of it's most wide spread legends however, have yet to become familiar with their parent's entire pasts. Dark secrets lie within friendships, and mysteries await these young children who have yet to write their own stories.

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    5. Drama is encouraging IN THE IC
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    don't act godly and you leave with a few battle
    scars please!
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  2. "Argent! Argent!!!!!"

    The young teen ran happily over to Argent, and he had a small figure in his hands. "Look! I found this girly just walking around and she reminded me of Happy. Even though she is not a Exceed. But it looks like she has lost eyesight on one of her eyes..." It was a small black and white cat just dangling in his hands. It was a calm fella, just swishing her tail sometimes. Her eyes were copper brown and that made the cat a bit more cuter.

    "Do you want to help me?.." Axel said shyly and began to cradle the cat staring into the other young teens' eyes. He blushed lightly and gave him a toothy grin, just like Natsu's. "She is pretty cool. I'm going to take care of her. She has a lot to stress out about anyways. She can't see through one eye, and that really sucks. Don't ya think?" He cocked his head to the side, awaiting a answer. The lad was always so energetic and right now he just swayed a bit back and fourth.​
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  3. 'Argent Fullbuster' (<---- this is just a title I will put it on all my posts here)
    The young girl looked at the cat then at Axel, she had bags under her eyes because she was tired. "She's cute" Argent admitted shyly. She gave the cat and axel a blank stare. "She looks more like lily though if you ask me"

    "Sure" she said dryly. 'I've never had a pet before' she thought to herself. She watched Axel go on his rant. She was usually a tired girl always looking like she never got enough sleep. But that also was do to her hair sometimes a piece or two out of place. "what are you going to call her?" she questioned curiously at what the boy would say.
  4. Angel Agria

    "This is.. Fairy.. Tail?" The girl with the thick, white hair was standing in front of the building, pretty dumbfounded by the outside. She was wearing the blue ribbon in her hair, like her mother used to wear it, along with a white dress with feathers sticking out of the back, almost resembling wings. She was pretty hesitant to walk in, as she was holding onto a small pouch which held her coins for her Angel magic. She bared a strong resemblance to her mother.. What if she wasn't welcomed? Her thoughts were clouded with 'what ifs?' and such. She was fidgeting, as the little wings on her dress followed her motions.

    It wasn't long until the white dressed female found a duo, who seemed to be caring for a cat to be spotted. "U-Um! Excuse me um.. Do you know where to register for Fairy Tail is...?" The girl asked, nervously. She looked from the ground and back up at the duo, shyly as well. Her mother was an initial enemy of Fairy Tail, so she didn't know how she would be welcomed...
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  5. Vermillion Scarlet

    Vermillion watched as Argent held the cat in her arms and smiled at Axel's apparent crush on the girl... or maybe that was just him being energetic as always. She didn't know truly what Axel and Argent's relationship was but she knew she would give anything to have someone like her in such a way. Turning back, she dug into her pudding and hummed in delight as the sweet taste of it hit her tongue. She didn't even notice a girl approach Argent at the entrance of the guild.
  6. Argent Fullbuster

    The girl turned around to see who had spoken, her nose sniffled. "You'd have to talk to master about that" Argent said replying to the other girl. "but they're not here at the moment" she said bluntly.

    Argent held out her hand and spoke again "My name is Argent, and I'm an ice and water mage, What's your name" she replied with a tired smile. The necklace she wore had come out of the fold in her clothes. It seemed to glow as the light touched it.
  7. "M-my name is.. Angel. I'm a Celestial and.. Um.. Angel mage.." The girl shyly muttered, trying her best to speak properly like her mother taught her. Her mother was fairly informed about Fairy Tail mages, but she couldn't help but to ask..

    "Um.. Are you.. Grey Fullbuster.. And Juvia Lockster's um.. Child?" She asked, almost fidgeting as she asked. She hoped that she wasn't wrong, but she wanted to know what type of person Grey was, along with Lucy, to have been able to defeat her mother after some struggle. "Argent.. That's a nice name.." She smiled, her white locks of hair falling over her face as she gently swept them aside. Her nails were gently painted a pure white colour, and her hands were fidgeting slightly. Her broght green eyes slowly fell down to the girl's necklace, and Angel smiled. "That is a really pretty necklace." She commented.
  8. Axel continued to rant on. "Oh gosh, pets are so adorable and amazing. Yeah, she is cute! ...She does look like Lily now that i think about it. Oh, we should name her lily." He danced around with the cat, smiling happily. But then he quickly saw the new mage. He listened to their conversation quietly before popping in. "I'm Axel! And i'm a fire dragon slayer. You probably knew by my good looks and incredible talent that spreads all over the news." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Also, yeah. You can wait around for them to register you. We're all friendly here." Another toothy grin was given to the young girl.

    "Argent here is amazing too. We fought so many times together and it was amazing... WAIT. FIGHT ME!!!" He said happily, shaking the cat. Lily meowed miserably. Axel noticed and put the cat down. Lily gave a stretch and begin to walk over to Vermillion. Axel then looked up again with bright eyes.

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  9. Angel, being herself, just tilted her head to the side as the male walked up to her and the other female. There seemed to be a lot of people with the name starting with 'A'. She then looked at Lily, the apparent cat. She didn't know the name of it, however. "So um.. Axel, right?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. She was pretty put off by his overly jumpy personality, and somewhat arrogant side, but she didn't mind. Though, when he talked about the news and such, she seemed to have a puzzled look on her face. "... Nope. Never heard of you." She stated out, bluntly, as though to crush his pride or something. Well, she was slightly sadistic, all from her mother. When she was told that she can wait, and that they were all friendly, she let out a sigh of relief, and smiled. "Ah.. Alright!"

    She was listening to Axel ramble on for a bit, until he talked about him and Argent fighting each other; though, she deduced that Argent won based off the typical elements and such. She was put off guard when she was challenged to a battle, however. She stared at him blankly for a moment, before finally processing his offer. ".. Eh?"

    When she finally realized what was going on, a small smile formed on her face. "Alright! This'll be fun~ I haven't fought anyone since.. Well.. Since.. Mom's passed away.. But this will be fun! Go easy on me though.." She mumbled, looking up at Axel as if a little bit unconfident.

  10. Alexia slid down a stairwell banister, landing with a thudon the floor as she ran over to her brother and his new cat. She got all in his face and she had her hands balled into fists.
    "Hey Axel! Whatcha got there? Awww, it's a cat. It's so cute. Can I hold it? pleease?"
    She was making a pupy face now, sitcking out her bottom lip as she pulled on his shirt. She had yet to notice the other girl there who looked like a little snowflake compared to everyone else she knew. But when she did notice her she was astounded.
    " Oh, hi! Oh my gosh you're so pretty! How do you get your hair to stay so neat like that? My hair won't stay neat so I have to wear it in a ponytail all the time."
    She smiled brightly, but unlike Axel, her smile wasn't as big and wide., though it was a bit whiter...
  11. Argent Fullbuster

    Seeing everyone caught in their own conversations argent walked over to the counter. She then climbed onto the seat right beside Vermillion. "What can I get you Argent!?" asked the bartender quite happily. "I'd like some chocolate milk please" argent replied. "coming right up" the bartender said.

    Argent turned her head after thanking the tender "Hi Vermillion" argent said dryly taking a sip out of her milk.
  12. Axel got all fired up after his pride was crushed. "I'M FIRED UP!!" But his sister almost killed his flame. He sighed, "Yeah. She's friendly. Let me fight this girl, sis! ROOT FOR MEEE!" His fists were covered in flames. "STAY BACK SIS!" He said confidently. "Angel magic is pretty awesome though!" He said excitedly, getting in his fighting stance.

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  13. The girl giggled silently, standing back and holding her hands behind her back. She pulled out a golden key in her hand, a zodiac key. "Then.. Whenever you're ready?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. She really didn't want to go first, since she would probably stumble and fall, dropping her coins or something. When the blonde female came by, Angel smiled gently, waving over to her with a smile, though she was kind of put off when she was suddenly complimented. "Oh um.. I don't do much..." She mumbled, a light blush on her face from the compliment.

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  14. ~ Tali Redfox ~

    Tali wandered down the street's as her darkened black locks swung loosely down behind her back. Another day , she thought as she turned down the corner to make way toward's the guild. She whipped her head around as several children ran by her squealing in laughter as they shouted out various "Spells" which all but made her grinned. Before she could even head to the guild a loud thump resounded behind her as she whipped around on the heel of her boot to catch sight of one of the little girl's who had fallen. She crossed over quick before kneeling down to the child's height with a smile held warm against her lips." You alright there kid?" The little girl sniffled as she shook her head. At that Tali ruffled the girl's blonde hair as she stood her up with ease back upon her feet before her tinted blue eye's met her green one's." I bet you want to be a Mage one day don't you? Well... Can't go crying over a small ouchie.. Have to hold your chin up and keep going. Got it , Kid?" A smile slowly met that of Tali's as the little one nodded. Tali slipped back up with ease as the little girl caught sight of her Fairy Tail mark against her hip inked in black. The smile all but grew on the little girl as she ran ahead before calling out." One day I'll be just like you than!" Tali all but grinned before fixing her mother's bandanna in her hair as she set back off for the Guild. She walked down the path as several greeted her before she pushed open the wide door's to only be greeted by that of Axel screaming about being ready to fight as he took stance and the other's gathered about with a fragile looking new girl. At that she called out with a broadened grin." Hey Hothead! If you lose to that small fry I swear I am never going to let you live it down!" A devious gleam casted to her eye's as she shot the new girl a smile before proceeding to take a stand beside the bar where Argent , Vermillion and Alexia were gathered about as she shot them each a look." So how are you three and what's with the new girl?" Yes... She was one of the older one's and daughter to two legendary member's than again... They all were and that is what made their close knit bond so special.

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  15. Vermillion looked over at Argent and smiled a bit at one of her friends. The dark haired girl looked bored as usual when she ordered her chocolate milk. "Hey Argent. You doing okay?" She asked the younger girl, taking a spoonful of pudding into her mouth, humming in delight at the taste of it.
  16. Argent Fullbuster
    Argent looked over to Vermillion. "I'm Fine" she replied "I'm just bored" She then heard Tali speak. "She came in wanting to join the guild and then Axel challenged her to a duel." That then followed with her taking a drink of her chocolate milk. She then jumped down off of the stool. She then proceeded to walk towards the duel.
  17. Vermillion followed suit, having finished off her pudding to see how Axel will handle fighting an unknown wizard. She sometimes wished the son of Natsu and Lucy would know better than to challenge every wizard he sees, but that would be difficult since he takes after his father. Looking between the two wizards, she wondered how the poor girl would fair against a rambunctious dragon slayer.
  18. Alexia gladly held the kitten and snuggled it to her chest. It was very soft and warm to the touch, but when her brother got all
    excited and fired up, she lost her innocent and calm appearance. She did take after her father a bit in some ways too. She wasn't
    all sunshine and rainbows you know. She put the kitten down on the table and got in front of Axel.
    " Hey! You can't fight the new girl and not fight me! Quit being so mean!"
    She hated it when Axel wanted to fight everyone else but he never fought her. She wanted to fight him too, she wanted to be strong
    like her older brother and she thought it wasn't fair even if they were only about a few months apart.
    " If you fight her then fight me next. Or else I'll tell mom and dad on you!"
    She could be really immature sometimes, but oh well. That's Alexia and Axel for you.
  19. Reyuz Fernandez, age 10

    "HELPP!!" A woman was running through a plain of long grass, her skirts hiked up as she raced away from the large, bear-like creature that was loping after her. "SOMEBODY HELP ME, PLEASE." She fell, and turned around in horror to stare at her attacker.

    "It's alright, lady." A voice came from behind her and she looked to see a child with short blue hair standing with its back to her, directly facing the monster. Holding its left hand out in front of it, it said, quietly, "Heavenly Body Magic: White Path." The creature stopped abruptly as a thin wall of white light sprung up in front of it, its nose hitting the strange barrier. Shaking its head, it sniffed at the barrier, and the kid didn't stop it, simply staying still for a long moment. It paced back and forth, as if trying to decide what to do, but just as it gave an irritated huff and planted its big ugly head against the wall, three staffs slammed into the ground around the creature. "Two-Layered Magic Circle: Thin Spark." Two magic seals appeared layered above his head, one blue, one purple, and a thin arrow of purple light hit the creature in the back, then burst into flames, setting the creature's fur alight. It howled in pain and scampered off, though not appearing truly hurt.

    The kid turned around and smiled at the woman, holding out its right hand. Immediately, three things struck her. The first was that she could not determine, for the life of her, what gender the kid was. The second was that it had a strange mark in grey on its right palm. It looked to be a grinning witch with bony teeth - a guild mark. The last was an even stranger tattoo in dark red around its left eye, an oddly familiar tattoo. Her breath hitched as she remembered where she'd seen it before. Long ago, she'd seen it while working in the Magic Council, gracing the face of the notorious Jellal Fernandez, a criminal of the highest order, who had almost single-handedly brought down the Magic Council and caused the firing of Etherion. It was said he'd even escaped from jail, but no news of him had been heard in decades. Without stopping to think about it, she jumped up, screamed, and ran for her life.

    Reyuz frowned and stared after her, putting its hand on its hips. "What's wrong with her?" Then, it seemed to brighten, an idea clearly entering its mind. Putting its hand against the ground, it said again, "Meteor!" A strange golden glow covered its body and it was suddenly racing back, all the way home, a nearly deserted camp in the forest. The minute it stopped, the golden glow faded away, and the blue-haired kid placed its palms against its knees, breathing hard.

    It sat down hard on its butt, and let out a long breath, when a female voice said mockingly, "So the triumphant young master returns, hmm?"

    "Sister Meredy." It looked up smiling, a look quickly replaced by shock, as it saw her dragging the carcass of the giant bear. "Eh!? How did you-?"

    "It's dinner." She said bluntly. "Go tell Jellal that it's time to eat."

    "Stop following me everywhere," Reyuz muttered ungratefully, as it went off to look for its father. Reyuz had heard that Crime Sorciere had once had almost ten members, but each of them had left, ready to live their lives clean of their sins. Now it was just the three of them.

    It found Jellal staring at a spherical lacrima, an endlessly sad look on his face. Reyuz had seen its father with this expression before, some deep scar that the child instinctively knew would never really be healed, perhaps even the reason for Crime Sorciere's formation. Creeping up behind him, it saw several children, maybe around its age, there was a girl with vibrant red hair with another with scruffy black-hair, watching a blonde boy face off against a girl with white hair. "Father?" It asked, and the older mage jumped, clearing the image from the lacrime before turning around to give it a tired smile. "Who were those people?" It asked quickly, before he could change the subject.

    That said look instantly came back, and for a second Reyuz thought he wouldn't tell, but then he said, "That was Fairy Tail." He waved his hand at the ball and the image returned. "It's another guild. A kind one. They're like a family, a very precious family that walks in the light."

    Jellal's child watched him sadly and asked, "Not like us?"

    With a rueful laugh, he corrected, "Not like me." Before ruffling the kid's hair, then stopped and said seriously. "Reyuz I want you to promise me. One day, you will leave Crime Sorciere. Even if you don't join them, find Fairy Tail, and in whatever way you can, love the girl with the red hair. She is the child of a very dear friend of mine."

    Not quite sure what to think of that, it simply nodded, "Okay, father. I promise."

    "Good! Let's go eat, then. It smells like Meredy's making something tasty." Jellal stood abruptly, putting the lacrima away and tickling Reyuz before the two of them returned to the camp and their little family.
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  20. "Okay, I'm ready!" He got in his roaring stance, but his sister intrerupted. "Sis!? C'mon! I don't have that much energy for two fights.... I'll just make it one fight!" He said while backing up, then running forward. "Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!" He roared. Axel rushes forward against the two opponents. While doing so, Axel produces a large stream of fire from each of his arms, which, when it comes in contact with the two mages, burns them and at the same time sends them flying away behind them due to the blunt force of the produced fire.

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