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  1. Fairy Tail
    The Next Generation
    _____________Original Idea: Shadows______________
    Fairy Tail a proud guild, one giant family, who loved each other no matter their background.
    Takes place after Fairy Tail

    Of anyways ya'll should've gotten what it's about if not here

    Canon character's kids = your kids

    Anyways all the parents disappear when the children were little.

    Outfit: (if not shown in pic)
    Extra Items:
    Other Info:

    Anyways that's it if you got any questions ask away.​

    1. No op characters
    2. be friendly
    3. have fun
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  2. Name:
    Argent Fullbuster
    16 1/2
    tumblr_inline_n7xr2lps0L1rfk8zt (2).jpg

    Shirt, flannel hoodie, Skirt, Black knee socks, and Shoes
    Shy, Creative, uneasy, animal person,
    She uses both of her parents magic, without her father's habit
    Extra Items:
    Her father's Necklace
    She was always a shy girl who had a hard time making friends, she only had a couple, when she joined her parents guild that number barely went up. Once her parents disappeared she was completely heart broke and shut almost everyone out. Though recently she's been trying her best to open up to others.
    Other Info:
    at the moment zero siblings (meaning you can add)​
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  3. [​IMG]
    "I-I'm Ben Dragneel."




    Scarf, t-shirt, wristbands, and sandals.

    Natsu and Lucy Dragneel

    Normally shy, but can sometimes manage to muster up some courage and talk to new people. He has no trouble speaking to friends he's already made.

    Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

    Extra Items
    A bubble wand. Not just any kind of bubble wand--a magical bubble wand. When he uses certain spells (cough cough Fire Dragon Roar cough cough) into the wand, the power, range, and span of the spell is increased.

    Ben has basically lived a normal life. A few quests with his parents here and there, being too timid to talk to any of his guild members here and there, and wandering the streets at night and re-lighting lamps here and there. Until Natsu and Lucy disappear under mysterious circumstances, of course. After that, he hasn't gone home or gone on a quest once-- with anyone. Now he just lingers in the Guild Hall, accidentally setting things on fire when he tries to blow bubbles.

    Other Info
    (Open for siblings.)

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  4. 1. ok so the age is gonna be a problem i'd like the age to be from 13 to 19
    2. magic is inherited from the parents, they only have their own if their parents didn't know about the magical reserves and never used them.
    3. less dialogue more text
    4. there really isn't schooling in the world of fairy tail if you noticed
    Once you fix it let me know
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  5. This is really the only thing I'm gonna have a problem with. Wendy wasn't in that age span, yet she managed to be important.
  6. Wendy was 12 in her debut,so now she should be about 13-14
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  7. she was exactly 13
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  8. really i remember her being 13 oh well still pretty close to the same age
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  9. But... what... fuck! She looked like she was nine! This is what I get for dropping Fairy Tail 90 episodes in (or not paying attention)!

    Fine! If she can look 9 and be 12, then Ben can look 7 and be 13! >:T
  10. well in her back story she was like 5 or 6
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  11. Then if you compare her body size from then to her debut she's like 3x bigger

    edit: if not more
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  12. I changed his age. Does Ben have to use both Celestial Spirit and Fire Dragon Slayer magic? Or can I choose just one?
  13. well it depends i guess but from what i saw with the people who were their children in the last one, each only had one, so in my opinion one, also don't worry they dropped out.
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  14. Alrighty.

    I have one more question. Can the bubble wand be a magical item that doesn't do anything but strengthen one of his spells (Fire Dragon Roar)?
  15. Sasha,your one price rp died right? I had a lot of hope for that one.
  16. if you can answer this to where i'd say yes sure, How would bubbles increase fire magic?
  17. yeah sadly
  18. Rather than using soap and water, the liquid in the circle part of the bubble wand would generate gasoline. And we all know what happens when gasoline is lit. >:D
  19. now answer this how would it stop, it from exploding in his face
  20. Gasoline doesn't necessarily explode when it gets lit. It's just that a lot of fire is generated. And because Fire Dragon Roar is propelled outward and has never just exploded in Natsu's face... well, I'm sure you get the rest.
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