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    Laxus stood in front of everyone in the guild. He was quite disappointed in the guild because even though they were older and a new group, they still seemed to destroy everything. "You all need to tone it down on the power that you output." he had an annoyed look on his face. Cocking his head. "As my grandfather once stated "It doesn't matter if you say the true origin of Magic is 'Darkness'. It doesn't matter if you say it's 'Light' either. Magic is alive. Its place changes over time and it grows along with us. Magic is anything you can think of. It can be felt in infinite ways... as light, as darkness, as red, or as blue and it is living freely" he looked into the eyes of his guild. "You must control your power and try not to destroy everything, I get too many complaints as it is" He paused. "You may go back to what you were doing." He walked over and sat at the bar. The liveliness went back to it's original point. He sighed and looked over the children of his friends and himself. 'Seven years, huh?' he thought to himself, memories of everyone he once knew who had disappeared came back, even his wife. He never once shed a tear, so he could be strong for the rest of them. Even now he still hates that he couldn't do anything about it. Drinking from a cup he had been using before he sighed long and hard.

    It is a beautiful and bright day here currently in Fiore and the number one guild is acting as lively as ever. Even after being scolded by the master the members of fairy tail always seem to enjoy themselves. It's a much different day from that one that had happened seven years ago when much of the guild's strongest members had disappeared, there was a huge search for them but a bu alas were never found. All of those members had settled down and had kids, before they had disappeared. Now, Laxus takes care of all of them as his own, just as Makarov would have done. Now what could fate have in store for these children.

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  2. Baldur was outside of the guild during Laxus speech as he admired the guy he wouldn't miss out on practicing his swordsmanship on a wooden post in his opinion the more he practiced the less he'd have to rely on magic. It was his mother that taught him requip magic and he loved her for that because it was controlled and more so based on the weilders skill. Ezra was a fierce warrior which translated to her being formidable with requip magic.

    Leona sat on the rooftop of the guild eating an iron slab looking down at Baldur. "Maybe I should join him... but it's fun just watching" she said to herself
  3. inside the tavern Claude was eating a bucket of rice, three servings of whole chicken and lamb chops while complaining about how laxus yelled at him again for destroying half of an unknown tavern and several shops surrounding the area at Hargeon town. while discussing with romeo. "cheer up kid as if you'd do that on purpose, so tell me what made you get so pissed off that you'd rip half of a tavern?"romeo said, then another guild member heard their conversation and got interested and joined in saying "yeah kid tell us what happened?", Claude swallowed the food he was chewing then said the story in a casual manner"well two days ago when i heard that there were a group of people who were recruiting fairy tail members at a tavern at hargeon town so i was curious and thought that they might have information about my parents and went there. when i got there i knew immediately that they were fake at first i was going to teach them a lesson for using the guild's name to swindle money out of those people, then i changed my mind from giving them a lesson to beating'em up when they claimed to be my parent's and the other missing members using their aliases but to call me weak and said that i was the fake member!, that made me snap so i showed-em what a real fairy tail member can do. so i ended up shredding the place along with those fakes! " then he resumed eating.
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  4. Jackie sat at the back of the guild hall trying to think of something to do. While she was thinking, she changed her fingers to iron claws back and forth. She thought about finding a job, but decided against it, thinking that she might have to fight, which she didn't like to do. She watched other people laugh and go about their business, as she often did on most days.
  5. Korra Dreyar
    Korra stood in front of the job request board, sighing as her dad scolded everyone. Biting her upper lip she looked at the jobs in front of her, deciding on which of the jobs she would take. She needed money to pay for rent since she no longer lived with her father. It was then she found a job worth 400,000 jewels, her eyes widened, this would be enough for six months, grabbing it off of the board she looked at the details and took note that it was a bodyguard job, for sorcerer weekly's magazine. She wondered if she should bring someone, looking at the price for the job. She sighed, not knowing who to ask.
  6. [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]Leona Redfox[/BCOLOR]

    Leona kept staring at Baldur his skill with a blade was improving every day and she wanted to keep watching him but he noticed her on the roof.

    "Oi Leona whatcha doing up there all alone, hmm are you watching me train?"

    Flustered the shy girl waved her hands, thinking of what to say.. but it came out wrong as she replied "Hmm you call that training, for a second I was thinking about joining you but your not on my level Baldur"

    She didn't mean to come off like that but she blamed her mother for her shy nature and father for insulting tough girl act... it was like mental programing to avoid seeming shy and vulnerable like her mother she would tend to act like her dad.

    "Oh really well, then your the perfect person for me to test a new requip technique I think i'm ready for if you don't mind i'm sure you can handle it" Baldur replied with that peaceful face.
    Leona eyes widened as he looked like Jellal in the face so much, but she jumped down and the green magic circle glowed..."IRON DRAGON'S SWORD" she says as her right arm became a blade and she charged at Baldur.

    "Whoa wait I d...." Baldur was caught a little off guard as he tried to speak up but when Leona was in combat mode little else mattered but he ducked narrowly dodging a swing that severed his training dummy. Afterwards he came up with upward swing to parry her continuing attack. As their blades clashed Baldur showed superiority with his bladesmanship and footwork as every swing was predicted and parried. "Oh enough with the fancy swordsmanship" Leona says jumping in the air and coming down with a vertical strike with great power. Baldur had raised his blade to block but upon collision his blade shattered .

    Leona stood victorious with her blade-arm in the air... "Just as I expected not on my level" she gloated... but Baldur snickered causing Leona to give a curious look as to why.

    "I was trying to tell you that I didn't activate the spell, you shattered my training blade... which is a victory but I do have hundreds thanks to my mom always shattering her training blades but I wanted to see if I was ready to use a new blade" he said

    Leona looked a little disappointed but sighed... "You should have said something ... well bring it out so I can break it to" she said getting in fighting stance.... as Baldur's magic circle appeared and he lost the playful look on his face which was now serious. His aura was very Erza like at this moment but he summoned his weapon.

    Moments later Leona goes crashing through the guild window hitting a few members and flying right past Jackie her sister landing a few inches from Korra and the request board.
    Slow to get up she was breathing heavy, she had her Iron dragon scales covering her body which had provided her with some defense. "That guy can really be scary when he wants" she says getting up and disengaging her magic but she put on a brave face when she saw Korra... "Oh Korra, I was just seeing how strong my scales are... hmm you trying to do a job" she said quickly hoping she wouldn't notice that she was forced through the window but she saw a request paper in her hand.

    Noticing no one with her "Oi you doing that job alone, whatever it is lets partner up I could use some extra cash to help take care of Jackie.... if you say yes now it could be a sixty-fourty split" she offers.

    While outside Baldur is holding a Dark Black Blade and his arm is bruised pretty badly ... "Gahh damn, nope not ready to use this yet need more training" he muttered as he releases the spell and summons another training blade.

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  7. BURRPP!!..."kyahaha!!! that was an awesome meal!!, thanks romeo-niisan i'll pay you back after i competed a job!"Claude said after finishing the food he ordered thanking romeo for treating him then he stood up and approached the job request board to look for requests but as soon as he spotted the request that he wanted it was grabbed by Korra. Suddenly he saw leona came crashing through the window luckily he was behind kora. Then after hearing leona asking to team-up with korra, he couldn't stay silent any longer and said "if korra-neesan and leona-neesan is teaming-up then i also want to join."
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  8. Korra Dreyar
    Korra sat in thought while she looked a the job. It was then when Leone made her way over to her. "I was planning to since I'd just be a bodyguard for a photoshoot but based on the price it seems I might need some help." She said to Leona not wanting to be a money hog. It then the shorter male claude may his way behind the two woman. "What so you can be a perv?" she responded coldly to him. She walked over to the bar and looked at the current tender "Hey, Romeo, I'm taking this job, and Leona's coming with me" Korra stated holding up the paper. "Sure thing Korra" he responded back. "C'mon Leona we gotta be there in an hour." She motioned for the two to leave. Walking out of the doors of Fairy Tail.

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  9. Leona Redfox

    Leona smirked as Korra agreed and she was actually relieved that she refused Claude because it meant she wouldn't have to split her portion of the money any further, she did feel a little bad for Claude but it was Korra's job so she had final say. She watch Korra signal for them to leave and she was right behind her, knowing Korra wasn't the talkative type she didn't try to engage in conversation upon leaving. Baldur approached the two and his arm was red and bruised still, he was heading inside the guild "So you guys going on a job, good luck to the both of you" he said to the both of them not expecting a response.
    "Oh an my apologies Leona" he said.

    "Get the hell out of here before I claw your eye's out" she said shifting her fingers to claws as Baldur wasn't afraid he just looked at Korra and then walked past the two.
    Leona turned her attention back to Korra as they continued, "Gahhh that guy gets on my nerves" she says angrily but she was just bitter about what happened earlier.
    "So I guess the person who needs a body guard will be more then happy with two of fairy tails dragon slayers I just hope its not some perv because today's not the day men have pissed me off enough today" she says to Korra while looking down at her large chest and sighing.

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  10. Venom saw that Claude was trying to get a job but was refused to help with by the two female dragons slayers, so he approach's the job board neat Claude. "You know if you want to team with someone on a job I'm always up to help a fellow comrade out I mean this guild is like a family and family should help each other out right."
  11. Claude Gryder

    hearing what korra had said to him Claude was in a shocked and dazed like a stiff statue, all he just wanted was to get a job that caught his gaze not to mention the huge payout to pay back romeo and the tavern and other shop owners that was destroyed by him but instead he was rejected in harsh way being called a perv. today wasn't really going well for him, first he was yelled at by the guild master then got rejected by his daughter. now Claude was feeling even more down in the dumps but suddenly was brought back to reality when venom appeared looking for a job and a partner. so he shook out the negative feeling and regained his carefree attitude and said "alright lets take a job together since haven't teamed up for a long time. "then Claude searched the job request board again then found a job worth the same as the body guard mission, Claude then grabbed the job poster and went towards venom holding it up asking"venom-bro this looks interesting its a monster suppression job at Mt. Hakobe, so do you want in? "

  12. Venom Angel
    "A battle job well that's right up our ally don't you think I got Poison to kill a Dragon imagine what I can do to monsters and with your healing powers as the sky dragon slayer I doubt that there is anything able to beat us. Hey that's a lot of money even when we spilt it wonder what I can buy I'll worry about that after the mission."
  13. Claude Gryder

    after hearing that venom was up to the task Claude had his spirit lit again after the two depressing events earlier. "OK! it's settled then, we'll be taking this job."he stated as a response with a smile while they were discussing about the job poster to venom. then Claude hurriedly walked over to the bar telling romeo"romeo-niisan I'm taking this job along with venom-bro and we'll be needing rations you now how much to pack"Claude spoke while he showed the poster to him."sure thing and don't go over board since both of you are slayers."romeo responded reminding Claude and venom."oh right venom-bro since we don't know how many monsters we're hunting and how long will we be out there its best that we prepare some stuff that we'll be needing, even though both of us are dragon slayers we're still humans though. so lets meet-up at the northern gate." Claude told venom as a suggestion while rushing out of the guild doors.

    arriving at his home Claude took a large bag stuffed it with clothes good for a week, he went over to where his parent's pictures are hanged and said "MOM, Dad i'm heading out again please watch over me!, someday i'll find both of you so pleas stay alive until the day we are reunited."closing his the lights to their house and locking its doors Claude picked-up the rations from romeo, stuffing them into his bag. them made his way to magnolia's northern gates to wait for venom.

  14. Venom Angel
    "Don't worry Romeo we got this but Claude don't drink any thing or anything form my bag I keep poison items to help replenish my drinks, guess I'll see you there." Venom heads to the guilds barracks to loud up a duffle bag with many different poison items and looks at a picture with Cobra and Angel on it along with the other members of Crime Sorciere."Look at this I'm part of a guild and well known hopefully one day I can hear your voices with my own ears of my sound magic but for now I need to help Claude out."

    Venom arrives back at the guild after about a half hour of preparing and grabs the rations Romeo had prepared from him and leaves to meet Claude. "Hey man you ready to head out just remember what I said don't eat anything from my bag ok?"
  15. Jackie barely flinched when her sister flew through the window. "Really..." she said quietly, dusting glass off of herself. She glanced out the window to see what had either pushed her through the window, thrown her, or otherwise. She just sees Baldur walking inside. Her only reaction is to sigh and roll her eyes. "Bye," she says to Leona and Korra as they walk out the door. In the bag that she usually kept with her, Jackie pulled out a book and a piece of iron. She then opened the book and started to read while eating the iron.
  16. Argent Fullbuster
    Argent sat at the counter of the bar as she ate some Ice-cream. Hearing the guild master made her think to the time she had frozen half a city, which she was embarrassed for but the only thing that showed it was her tinged cheeks, since she doesn't show emotion often. Looking at others in the guild she as Korra and Leona had teamed up along with Claude and Venom. Making up her mind she decided to take a job after she finishes her ice-cream. Taking the last couple of bites, she walked up to Jackie with no emotion. "Would you like to go on a job?" she asks the other female.

  17. "Sure," Jackie replies to Argent's offer. She closes her book and puts it away. "Let's go look at the job board," Jackie says as she gets up from the table, ignoring the glass. She then proceeds to lead the way to the job board. "I don't really care what job we get or how we split the reward, so you may pick the job we get," she tells Argent.
  18. Claude Gryder
    while waliking on his way to the northern gate Claude's nose had cought his attention, it was very aromatic.
    yes it was the smell of someting being fried coated with mixed with spices and herbs it was so alluring to his nose. this made his mouth water so he took a little detour tracking down that particular smell to a little stall
    "hey pops are those ready yet?" he asked the stall owner.
    "oh yes dear customer these are a new batch how many would you like?"the stall owner responded.
    "six pieces of chicken legs!"Claude said as he made his order. after buying the bag of chicken legs he picked a spot at the northern gates, took a bite at a chicken leg waiting for venom's arrival.
    Claude got up with an exited expression and replied
    " Oh hell yeah and of course i wont eat from your bag venom-bro!" remembering the what happened his past experience as he said to venom " I've learned my lesson, last time it took me half a moth to recover my slayer magic from poisoning."Claude then grabbed the bag thet was beside him carriing it over his back and stared to move forward exiting the nortern gates taking his first steps on the road to Mt.Hakobe in a dramatic slow-motion with the wind blowing behind him.
  19. Venom Angel
    "Yea the last time you were lucky you ate a weak poison if you did it this time I highly doubt that you would live through it and we don't need Wendy and Laxus trying to get me for accidently killing one of my bros." Watch's the way Claude is walking. "Are you trying to look a little cooler then you are? Come on we don't need flashy moves and to look cool we get our reputation form getting the job done even though we have some trouble makers who cant control there powers, but hey next time the S rank trials appear want to be my partner if you arnt selected yourself?"
  20. Kane Fullbuster walked into the room he had his shirt half way on. As he passed the other wizards he nodded and smiled at them. He walked up to the job board. "Hello Jackie you're looking cute today." He smiles at her then faces Argent. "What are you doing?" His face changed from happy go lucky to concerned. "We're you about to take a mission without me?"

    He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of Jackie's earshot. "What are you gonna do if something happened and I'm not there? You know I promised mom i'd always watch out for you."

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