Fairy Tail: The Next Best Guild

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  1. Earthland! The vast peninsula home to different countries! The most notable of all, the Fiore Kingdom. Home of the famous Fairy Tail guild. Fairy Tail have become famous not only through their heroic acts...but mostly through their destruction of property. The Fairy Tail guild is the most powerful there is, full of the most powerful wizards and strenghts that are unknown to many.

    My dream...is to be the best. The best Wizard to ever exist and to be stronger than those of Fairy Tail. I want to have my own guild, I want to be recognized throughout the land...I want to be strong. I can't do it all alone though. Master Makorov of Fairy Tail said "Sometimes even the strongest wizards need help" and I believe every word of it.

    Join me friends! We can build our own guild, we can be recognized throughout the land. Together we can become the BEST. This is our time. Lets not let it go to waste!

    1. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.
    2. You can be whatever Wizard type you want as long as you don't go overboard on the powers. In other words no God mode
    3. The guild we're creating is going to be the only player created guild for now. Maybe in the future if the guild has many players I will allow others to form guilds.
    4. You can choose to be in the guild or an outsider.
    5. Language is permitted however this doesen't mean you can go overboard and swear every second.
    6. Every once in awhile, S-Rank events will be held in order to determine the next S-Ranked wizard of the guild.
    7. You are allowed to form your own teams (MAX 3).
    8. You are allowed to form romantic relationships and have romantic moments. If your characters would like to have sex make sure you write that he/she had sex, but fast forward through it. Do not describe it.
    9. Character deaths are permanant however you may create yourself a new character if your old one is dead.
    10. If you would like to start battles with others make sure you PM them about it. Plan an outcome or just agree to wing it.
    11. You are not allowed to talk for other players however you can talk for other NPCs, but do not take advantage of this. Talking for other NPCs is meant as in dialog between your team and an enemy or maybe just a shop owner.
    12. Celestial Wizards may pick 3 keys to start out with. Two silver and one gold. Celestial spirits are not limited to one person as long as they're not summoned twice in the same quest.. For example, if a Celestial Spirit Aries is called, by a Celestial Wizard on a job and another Celestial Wizard is with that person on the same team they CANNO'T summon Aries too. However Celestial wizards on two different jobs away from eachother can summon the same spirits as much as they want since they basically are on different jobs.
    11. If you don't feel like doing a job you are allowed to go to different towns.

    12. Times are as followed: 8:00 AM EST will be "Morning" 12:00 PM EST will be "Afternoon", 5:00 PM EST. will be "Evening", 8:00 PM EST will be "Night" and 12:00 AM will be "Midnight". EST means Eastern time if you weren't aware. Make sure you incorporate and are aware of what is it into your RP so that everybody won't be all mixed up and be in different times.
    13. Have fun all.

    Character Sheet:
    Wizard Type: (Ability or Celestial)
    Other info:
    Picture: Optional

    Important Information:
    The RP will start as soon as we have atleast 6 participants. Once ready I will go ahead and post the beginning to it. Also, one liners are not allowed. You need atleast 3 sentences and it doesen't really matter how good you are at grammar/spelling. As long as we understand what you're saying, you'll be fine. No spamming please. You're allowed to post your next part as soon as somebody else has posted. If you have not seen or hesrd of Fairy Tail you are still allowed to join, although basic knowledge is recommended.​
  2. Name: Norrie Martel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Things not shown it the picture:
    Norrie is a short 5'3.
    On her back behind her cloak, she had burn marks from a flame whip from when she was held captive.
    She also does not have bandages on her forearms.
    All tattoos on her are present except the one on her stomach.
    Personality: Norrie is a kind loving girl. She loves to make friends, but she tends to act "overly excited" which can sometimes annoy people. She is hyper-active and clumsy, but she can be serious if she has to be. She always tries to keep a smile on her face, even when she or others around her are hurting. She also tends to act very childish.
    Background: Before Norrie joined Fairy Tail, she traveled with a band of entertainers, kind of like gypsies. Her people did not believe in magic, and looked down upon anyone who used it. Because of that, Norrie was forced to practice her magic in secret. One day, when Norrie was a young girl, she happened on members of a dark guild, known as Death's Head, raiding her people's camp as she was on her way back from practicing her magic. By the time she reached them, half of her people, including her mother, had been slaughtered. In order to save her people, she used her magic to slay most of the members that had been attacking them. Seeing that his daughter used magic, Norrie's father(who is the leader of her people), shunned and disowned her. On her own, a few member of the Death's Head guild found the girl that killed their guildmates and took her in against her will. For years she was forced to be a slave to the Guild's master and go on assassination missions to kill innocent people. She was told that if she did not, then her people would be wiped off the face of the earth and she would have to live with the guilt of her actions, alone. On her 17th birthday, Norrie had a breakdown. A dark power began to take over her and she escaped the grasp of the guild with no memory of what happened.
    Wizard Type: Ability
    Element Type: Shadow
    Other info: Norrie's type of magic is called Shadow Molding Magic. It's a bit like Grey's Ice Molding Magic, but with shadows. So think of it as a Rogue/Grey mixture.
    Norrie's guild mark will go where the tattoo is on er stomach, so pretend it's not there. And yes, she has ears and a tail like Miliana.
    Just like all wizards that use shadow-like magic, it can have a dark affect on her, and sometimes she loses herself under high-pressure situations.
    Picture: [​IMG]