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  1. Have a great idea to start a Fairy Tail RP, but it takes place after the original characters have died, and I need six people to play the characters that replace them, their children. THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE PEOPLE!
    Characters are the children of Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Mirajane, and Mystogan.
    Here are the images I have selected. If you can find better ones, by all means use them.
    Son of Mystogan-
    View attachment 82331
    Son of Natsu-
    View attachment 82332
    Daughter of Mirajane-
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    Daughter of Lucy- Alexia
    View attachment 82334
    Daughter of Erza-
    View attachment 82335

    Please make your own names, I have reserved the place for Lucy's daughter. Add extra info about what has been passed down to your characters form their parents. I will add mine shortly.
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  2. Could I reserve the spot for Mirajane's Daughter?
  3. May i reserve son of Natsu? C:
  4. Yes, and yes!

    Finally getting some people in here!

    Mind helping me make some banners?
    I already got one up and I could use the help!
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  5. My own CS:

    (( sorry I got it up late, haven't been on here lately... Shame on me.)

    Name: Alexia Heartfilia

    Age: 16

    Family Heirloom(s)-
    All of Lucy's keys were given to Alexia on her fifth birthday and she has had them ever since.
    Her most cherished key is Leo's though, she has always considered him to kinda be her holy guardian of sorts.
    Even so, she had also gotten her perky personality and her feminine charm according to her mother.
  6. O-O Thanks! Also, can you tag me when you answer, mention me or when i need to know something. Sorry sometimes, i don't get the notifs! >w<

    Also....... Lucy had a child with???... ( PLEASE SAY NATSU LOL. )
  7. Can I reserve the spot for Erza's daughter?
  8. Same here please! My phone is slow sometimes.
  9. I want jellal's son!!!
  10. Mystogan is still there in a sense, it's just earthland jellal filling in the role for his princely edolas counterpart.
  11. Y'all know that the name mystogan is an alias and the prince originally tells Wendy that he's Jellal. Right?
  12. yeah but he was lying and wendy figured it out
  13. I'll just take that old post down anyways I pick gray's son.
  14. I know that already. I'm at the grand magic games now.
  15. I'm excited for this! But I'd also kind of like to have a better idea of the premise. I'll put up my CS hopefully within the week.
  16. Once I get the okay to play erza's daughter, I will post a cs.
  17. well she did say first come first serve
  18. Okay. I will post once my computer is working again. Stupid updates...
  19. I know that feel right now I'm just looking for a good picture that would be gray's son
  20. Too bad there was no juvia's child. I'd love to play someone of her kin.
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