Fairy Tail: The Defective

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    • In the world of Fairy Tail, you've been living your life in the world-renouned guild for a given amount of time (your choice). You've been pretty happy, up until a meteorite strikes dangerously close to Magnolia. Hours after it crashes, pitch black, deformed creatures invade the city and assault people.

      Master Makarov sends you to see if the meteor was actually just a meteor, and what you discover when you get there is unlike anything you've seen before.

    • 1. The roleplay will be using canon characters. I'd like each person who joins to control at least one.

      2.I'm only 90 episodes into Fairy Tail... but I don't intend on getting further. That being said, I don't care about spoilers. If I'm missing something when it comes to Fairy Tail related things, please tell me.

      3. If you don't want anything spoiled, don't join.

      4. I'm always open to new magic suggestions. If you have any ideas, check with me to see if they aren't overpowered, and if they are overpowered, I'll let them slide-- if you can provide reasons as to why it's overpowered.

      5. All Iwaku rules apply.

      6. Keep sexual content in PMs.

      7. If you've read these, put "Fruit Punch" at the end of your character sheet.

    Character Sheet





    Guild Mark Color/Location:

    Appearance: (picture or description, either is fine)


    Extra Information:
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  1. Name: Kai Haru

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Guild Mark Color/Location: Kai's guild mark is located on his right palm in the color green

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Magic: Chimeran Beast Transformation: The ability to transform any body part into one of the three animals of the chimera beast. Each beast has its own attributes such as extra strength for lion, extra durability for goat and extra resilience for snake.

    Extra Information: Kai wears a eye patch over his right eye.
    "Fruit Punch"
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  2. I would accept it, but you're missing something. Read the rules.
  3. my bad for the mistake
  4. Do I really have to use a canon toon. I don't like playing someone else's character
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  5. You mean a canon character? Well, if you really don't want to be one, then I suppose you don't have to...

    I just don't see why every single roleplay I make has only one or two people who are actually interested...
  6. Okay, so we will be playing Canon Characters and OC's? Or just Canon Characters?
  7. Canon characters and OCs.
  8. Alright. Which Canon characters are taken currently so I know?
  9. None, at the moment. Only one person has posted their character sheet so far, and they haven't even chosen a canon yet.

    I took a small peek at your roleplay resume and saw that you're aggressive. I think it would be better if we had you leading the roleplay with me giving you the information for the plot as it goes.
  10. I'm down with that! This sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
  11. I look forward to it, too. But I don't think it would be a good idea to do it on an already-made thread that no one but a few people know about. We should start fresh.

    Which is why you should make a new thread.
  12. Alright. I can do that. So basically, make a new thread starting off the role-play?
  13. We'd still need more people... I'm not sure if you should make a thread in the Interest Check to get more people to join or to just start the roleplay in the Fandom section and get on with it...
  14. If we need more people, I suggest starting with interest check first. Most people will go to that when they are bored, or need to kill time when waiting for a reply. If I post there, I will need a base of the plot, so I may write an interest grabbing plot to get more people willing to actually want to join.
  15. Okay.

    The plot's still in the Overview if you want to use some of that.
  16. I'll see what I can do. I don't really know exactly what you are going to be looking for. So once I write it, I'll run it by you. I'll make my character first.
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  17. Name: Nakashima [Family] Rina [Given]

    Age: Eighteen

    Gender: Female

    Guild Mark Color/Location: Red. Just above her left breast

    Appearance: Nakashima Rina <3

    Magic: Fire User

    Extra Information:
    - Rina can be a little manipulative. She likes to flaunt around her own powers, and use them to her advantages. She isn't really a pleasant person to be around when you first get to know her. She tends to be really good with men, and can wrap them around her finger, unless they are stubborn pricks.
    - She likes to be around cute things. It is a secret weakness of hers.

    - She likes things to be organized and the plan to be well thought out.

    Well, I think Personality should be it's own separate section, while the Magic can be either made up or canon.
  19. As for what I'm looking for, people who can use proper grammar and can write at least three sentences per post is fine with me.


    You're probably offline.
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