Fairy Tail: The Defective (IC)

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  1. (The kingdom of Fiore is at peace and all is as it should be. A comet has hit the land and though things seemed fine, it is only the beginning. Soon, people begin to go missing, then entire towns. The only thing that people ever see that is left are claw marks and a strange black ooze. Something must be done!

    Makarov has made up a team of the best wizard of the Fairy tale guild to take on the mission. They must investigate every town that has been deserted, find clues on who the enemy is and save the kingdom from total destruction. Will you make it in time before the invaders destroy everything?)

    The kingdom of Fiore has finally began to experience peace as some of the dark guilds have gone quiet in recent times. Of course, that is not to say that they have disappeared completely but have rather been showing up in fewer numbers. Just as everyone thought everything would be fine, something unexpected happened. What looked to be a red streak cutting across the sky would only be the beginning of Fiore's new troubles.



    Fairy Tail guild hall, home to Fiore's best wizards and rated number one wizards guild. This is where it all begins. The guild hall is in full swing and everyone is talking to one another or looking up at the job boards, trying to see if they can find a job. Sitting on the bar counter was the Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyar. This man was one of the Ten Wizard Saints and is able to wield Titan Magic. He sees everyone of the guild as his children and is never one to stand by and see his "children" get hurt. (Phantom Lord learned that the hard way.)

    Makarov sat on the bar counter, looking down at a mission sent from the King of Fiore himself, pretty much ordering Makarov to send some of his best wizards out to investigate the resent string of disappearances that has been occurring for the past couple of days. Looking up, Makarov scanned the faces of the guild members, trying to decide who would go before turning to see Gildarts Clive taking the seat next to where he was and ordering a drink from Mirajane Strauss.

    "Gildarts, Mirajane, I have to talk to the two of you" The old man states in a serious tone, forgoing his usual goofy nature do to the seriousness of the letter.​
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    Gildarts looked over towards Master Makarov and sighed. He had just gotten back from a mission and wanted to sit down for a little bit, but duty called. "Ya Master Makarov? What's up?" He asked in his laid back lazy tone. He scratched the back of his head and popped his classic Gildarts smile.
  3. "I have a mission for the both of you that is a top priority. I will also choose a few more members to accompany the both of you." He states, handing Gildarts the letter the king had sent. "By tomorrow, you will all be on a train to the first village that was attacked."
  4. Drake let out a loud yawn as he stretched. Taking his sweet time he lay there before shoving off the bed landing on his stomach as he came in constant with the floor. "...Ow..." He grumbled as he rubbed his gut. Looking over at the cloak he groaned as it wasn't past noon yet, meaning he should still be sleeping. Sighing he pushed off the ground and made his way over to his closet to get dressed for the day.

    It didn't take him long to put on his usual dark clothes and raincoat after washing off. When he had everything he needed he grabbed made some ramen before walking out of his apartment. As he walked and ate two familiar sounds of wings flapping reached his ears and he felt weight on his shoulder. "Morning you two." He said before taking another bite. each bird let out a small caw in response before they flew off ahead of him.

    Not seeing any reason to rush Drake causally walked along the road finding this day to be rather nice. By the time he reached the doors of the Fairy Tail guild hall he had finished his ramen and he tossed the plastic bowl away while pocketing the two chopsticks. With a small stretch he walked into the fairy tail building.

    Upon arriving he was greeted by a few of the members that he knew so well. And he greeted them back before walking over to the request board. "I should do a mission... Buuuuuuuut I don't wanna." He mumbled after scanning the board finding nothing he wanted to do at the time. So instead he walked over to the bar and sat down at it debating if he should order a drink or go back to sleep. HE saw Makarov and Gildarts and gave them a small greeting before he went back into his small debate of what to do.
  5. The Ice-Make Wizard known as Gray Fullbuster just entered the Guild, returning from a Quest. He approached one of the tables, and took notice of the fact that Gildarts and Mirajane were speaking with Master Makarov. He propped his feet up on the table, crossing his arms as he wondered what the two of them were conversing about, though he chose not to eavesdrop. He leaned his head back, shutting his eyes as he started to drift off.
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    Vinn stretched his arms out as he leaned back in his seat. He saw Master Markorov talking to Gildarts and Mirajane, it looked serious. Vinn smiled thinking he could possibly join a high rank mission if he was in the right place at the right time. He stood up and casually walked up to the bar a few spots away from the group.

    Vinn flashed a big smile and called out to Mirajane. "Mirajane my beauty. Can I trouble you for a refi...oh sorry master I didn't realize you guys were having a discussion." Vinn posted up to the bar looking over at everyone in the bar. "You know, it just so happens that I just got back from a mission and am currently available." Vinn brushed his hair out of his face, looking serious which for him was rare.
  7. Mirajaine cheerfully greeted everyone and enjoyed e usual hustle and bustle of the fairy tail guild. Suddenly Master Makarov approached Guildarts and herself and told them of a secret mission that they were to take on. "Yes master,of course." She replied almost instantly. "Who are the others that you wished to join us? I suggest Erza,Natsu,Gray,the raijinshuu and Laxus and of course Rae." She stated as she thought about the guilds strongest.
  8. Makarov took Mirajane's suggestion into account. It is true that he had been debating whether he should include his grandson in this mission as well, seeing as he cad come a long way from when he began. Before he could speak Vinn, one of the many members of Fairy Tail, tried to squeeze himself into the conversation. Debating if he should go for it, an explosion was heard from the basement.'Esmeralda is at it again, it seems.' The old man thought, rubbing his temples. "Can someone please go check to see if Esmeralda is okay in the basement please?" He asked to no one in particular.
  9. Drake sighed and got off his stool "I'll go." He said with a small yawn as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. With his two parrots in his pockets and his hawk still resting on the bar. Drake made his way down to the basement. When he arrived there he opened up the door only to be greeted with a ton of smoke. "*cough**cough* Esmeralda! Still alive? You know you shouldn't do this stuff inside." He said as he entered the room covering his mouth so he wouldn't inhale all the smoke that was present.
  10. Vinn leaned back in his stool as he watched as the old man faced him. He kept his cool, just as he was about to speak an explosion erupted from below. Vinn was caught off guard and fell to the floor. The Master asked if anyone wanted to check on the cause of the disturbance thats when Vinn's guildmate Drake offered to go before he could move a muscle.

    Vinn got up dusted himself off and sat back down closer to the group. "I'll just cut to the chase master." Vinn spoke normally as if he didn't just fall on the floor like a dork. "I don't know what's going on but I want in." Vinn looked at Gildarts and Mirajane. "Tell him Gildarts I've been getting stronger, and faster all while using my head. Mirajane let the Master know how many missions I cleared last month." Vinn stood up and faced the master. "I'm not the crybaby rich boy brat you took in years ago Master." Vinn lowered his shirt collar exposing his purple fairytail guild sign. "I'm a full fledged Fairytail wizard, whose ready to take on any challenge thrown my way."
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    Laxus entered the Guild Hall. He had just gotten back from a mission dealing with a cult of Zeref that had been raising demons on lava to attack a nearby village. He approached the Guild Master, his grandfather Makarov. "I heard my name. Is this about the villages disappearing?" The Lighting mage asked looking at the much older man.
  12. Mirajaine was about to answer Vinn's plea when Laxus thundered in. He was always such a brat even when they were little. "Laxus don't be rude,Master is speaking to someone else" she said in that polite tone of hers,though it had a bit of an edge in it.
  13. [​IMG]

    There was another set of coughing in the room as well as a string of curses coming from the short girl in the basement. Moving through the smoke to the new occupant in her little work area, a hand grasped at Drake's coat. With three quick tugs on the garment, Drake was signaled to get them out of there. "G-get your backside into g-gear! *cough**cough* Unless you want to have your lungs *cough* fill with smoke!" Came the voice of none other than Esmeralda Lynx, a self proclaimed inventor and major hot head to boot.


    Makarov looked between his grandson and Mira for a bit before turning his attention back to Laxus. "Yes, this is about the disappearances, Laxus. I am sending you, Gildarts, Mirajane and a few more out to investigate them." Makarov said before turning to the two other S-Class wizards and Vinn. "Can you both vouch for what he says, you two?" The master asked in a serious voice. "This mission will not be like the rest and I want to make sure everyone I choose will be up to it."

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  14. Drake made his way back to the entrance of the basement as he coughed heavily. "Gods what were you making? *cough* That was more smoke then normal." He muttered as he wiped his eyes a bit. "Did you get injured?" He asked in a calm voice as he wiped his face a bit. "Annnnnd my coat will now smell like smoke till I get the will to wash it... Yay." He mumbled as he scratched the back of his head.

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    He crossed his arms and looked down at Mirajane. "And if I didn't ask I wouldn't know, now would I Mira." He said more as a statement than a question. She hadn't truly changed. She was just as bossy as always. He turned and listened to Master Makarov and listened to his words. He nodded before he smelt smoke and turned to see none other than Fairy Tail's self proclaimed inventor with smoke coming out of the basement. The little inventors temper was also well known but Laxus had yet to see it for himself. He chuckled slightly and small smile stuck on his face.
    Gildarts laughed loudly as the small girl came from the smoking basement. He hadn't seen her before and was guessing she was new or newish. He didn't know. He wasn't exactly known for his observation skills. Master Makarov spoke and Gildarts turned to see him. "Ya, I can. He's grown into quite the capable wizard now adays. He will make Fairy Tail proud." He stated getting serious.
  16. The explosion caused Gray to fall out of his seat in response. He opened his eyes and started frantically looking around. "What the heck was that!? Esmeralda up to something again!?" He said still in slight shock from the explosion. Normally it wouldn't have bothered him at all, but it just caught him off guard cause he was trying to take a nap. "Sheesh..."

  17. Esmeralda coughed a bit more, finally getting a lung full of fresh air. She heard her savior talking to her and then mutter something about his coat. Standing to her full height, the young inventor looked up at Drake with a smile. "Thank you, Drake. To answer your questions, I am fine. And for what I was working on... I was actually trying to fix the heater." She answers truthfully, lightly tugging at her loose braid in embarrassment. "I almost had it too... until the stupid thing blew up in my face." Turned, hearing laughter coming from the King of Fairy Tail himself before he turned back to talk to the master. She scowled and walked over, itching to try her hand at fighting the older man, even though she new he would wipe the floor with her in an instant. "And what were you laughing at, you old geezer?! You want to pick a fight with me?!" And there it was, her temper was starting to slowly show itself and get her into a world of trouble.
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    The Crime Sorciere wizard had caught noticed of the falling comet and moved to investigate immediately. At the moment, Meldy and Ultear were busy with other affairs, so Jellal was alone right now. He wasn't worried, however. He had sufficient magic to protect himself should the worst happen. Jellal entered Magnolia and began walking around, looking for anything that seemed... out of place. Where he currently was, things seemed to be normal. So, he decided to move to the comet itself, to examine it up close.
  19. Gildarts

    Gildarts turned when he heard the young lady call him an old geezer. He laughed lightly and patted her on the head. "Don't be to soon to anger young one. It could get you hurt, talking to the wrong person." He gave as a fair and kind warning. Last thing he wanted was to have her anger issues get the better of her. "Although. I did have it coming." He stated with another chuckle and turned back towards the Master.


    Laxus turned and looked at Esmeralda as she called Gildarts an old geezer. He chuckled again and leaned forward a bit after Gildarts had turned around. "I'm thinking that you should come with us on this mission. You have a fire in you that I haven't seen in a long time." He stated with an actual full smile.
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  20. Drake fell over when he was told that she was only trying to fix the heater. "HOW DID THAT BLOW?????" He shouted as he stood up only to facepalm. "You impress me in so many ways... You almost killed yourself trying to fix a heater......" Shaking his head he chuckled a bit before making his way to the bar. "This is why I like you, you are fun." He said honestly as he sat back down sniffing the sleeve of his favorite coat which made him sigh. "Damn... I don't feel like washing this."
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