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    • Fairy Tail has always a troubling guild, so when the Magic Council orders them disbanded 30 years after current Fairy Tail events none of the new generation of Fairy Tail members; nor the old ones honestly; like this development at all, so under their same name and mark they remake the guild...unofficially of course. So Fairy Tail becomes a dark guild but not the same as other dark guilds as they still try not to cause too much trouble, hard to do when you're the children of some of the most powerful Fairy Tail wizards but they still...try, mostly.

      This story follows the children of Erza and Jellal, Lucy and Natsu, Gajeel and Levy, and Juvia and Gray, as they try to bring their guild back into the light while fending off other dark guilds, the magic council, and some official guilds as well. There are 8 children in all, 4 sets of 2 siblings each, one boy one girl, but behind them trying to save their guilds reputation there are other guilds in the background trying to tarnish their reputation more, specifically a dark guild known as Cursed Phoenix but little is known about them.

      Fairy Tail is now hidden in some mountains around Fiore, no one knows where their new guild is at, though they do keep doing work behind the scenes while also keeping a close eye on Magnolia, so they are occasionally in town usually in magical disguises. Otherwise the guild still functions as normal, except they can't run the S-Class trials until they can officially travel to Tenrou Island.

      "These are the Rules that must be followed at all times, sincerely Guildmaster Erza." This is what the note says on the request board that every member of Fairy Tail will see the second they come in the guild hall.

      -Available Characters-

      -Lucy & Natsu's Children-

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      View attachment 84521

      -Gajeel & Levy's Children-

      View attachment 84518

      View attachment 84522

      -Juvia & Gray's Children-

      View attachment 84520

      View attachment 84524

      -Erza & Jellal's Children-

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      If you're interested just say "I want -blank's- son/daughter."

      The only request I make is allowing me to have a female character but I'll allow the other 7 players pick who they want so I won't limit anyone's possible choice.

    • ~Fairy Tail's New Rules~

      • If members leave the guild they must be in their team; for safety reasons.
      • Teams may have as many members as they would like, if there's a large number you may split off into smaller groups.
      •You cannot go to Magnolia without your disguise, under any circumstances!
      •Never! I repeat, Never accept an assassination request!
      •Be stealthy if it's possible (not that any of you will!)
      •Be careful where you use your magic, if you're left with no choice but to fight then lure an enemy away from any towns (like you'll do this either. -sigh-)
      •As soon as you return from a request report to Guildmaster Erza with no hesitation!
      •Do not harm any people sent by the magic council, no matter how you may want to.
      •Most importantly...never abandon your comrades, no matter the cost!

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  1. I was Lucy and Natsu's Son AND/OR Gajeel and Levy's Daughter
  2. Who would you prefer to have?
  3. Probably the daughter!
  4. Oh this looks fun. I did a Fairy Tail RP on another site and my character was very complex, his power had to do with calligraphy, but he was very powerful.
  5. I just don't know how he'd fit in this story though as they're the children right?

    In the story I was in on the other site, it was different. None of the canon from the show were in the story so it was odd, but fun....
  6. Gonna be honest I was just really bored when I did this one. I'm not even really going to pay attention to the canon characters, this follows their kids yes(you don't have to be that) but the children are of differing ages, it is 30 years later after all. Anyway they're independent in their own right. So canon characters don't need to be involved; the only one that might pop up (rarely) is Erza; as she is the Guildmaster.
  7. Hello there ! Is this role play still a go ? Because I'm interested in the role of Erza and Jellal's daughter .

    By the way , is there an IC thread ?
  8. No no IC thread yet...I haven't gotten enough interest yet but it's still a go so long as I get a few more people interested.
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  9. Oh okay then .
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  10. Any open characters?
  11. Yup all of them pretty much. Only Gajeel and Levy's daughter is taken and someone is interested in Jellal and Erza's daughter.
  12. If I am allowed to have two characters, I'd like Lucy and Natsu's Daughter and Gray and Juvia's Daughter. If I can only have one, I'll take time to mull it over.
  13. I see go ahead I'll just act as Erza herself to keep the idea going forward. ^.^
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