Fairy Tail: The Bitter Unknown

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  1. Calm Before the Storm, #0fd447

    There was a gloom over the Fairy Tail guild today, only a week since the horrifying sight of their friends half dead and magicless, all guild members were feeling the pressure. Instead of the usual rowdy, cheerful, and sometimes crazy guild hall, it was now silent as death with so much tension in the air it was palpable. That was until 2 of the guilds young Dragon Slayers started a less than quiet scuffle right smack in the middle of the dinning area, Rook and Max were at it, again.

    Another guild member, the eldest requip twin, Dark, was sitting at a table by the window sketching out a new armor set. Luckily for the boy he didnt inherit his Grandmothers drawing skills, his were actually recognizable, if not good, unlike the horror stories passed down about Erza's. Who knew a simple drawing could be lethal?

    At the bar Citrine, another guild member, was getting customers, along with guildies, drinks. A non-guild member was sitting at the bar flirting very obnoxiously with the young brunette, not taking the hint when Citrine blew him off. That was until the pushy man grabbed her wrist with another lame pick up line. There was a moment of apprehension around the bar, as most guildies already knew what was to come next. Her usual warm, inviting smile was replaced with a almost creepy one as she turned to the rude man. Her jade eyes shift to a demonic blue-white and in a flash she has the man pinned against the bar with his arm behind his back, her hand clamped on his wrist. "You were saying?" Her tone was perfectly calm, though a bit icy. The man was sweating now with fear, in a panic he apologizes. Grinning she lets him go, her eyes returning to jade. "Thats better, come again" By the time she made the last remark though the guy was already zip-lining straight for the door.

    A few guild members laughed around her, they knew not to mess with Citrine, and enjoyed watching idiots learn that lesson the hard way. That, mixed in with Rook and Max, seemed to lighten the mood in Fairy Tail a little bit. This is the rambunctious guild known world wide for causing the most property damage out of all the official guilds, nevermind being one of the strongest wizard guilds. This is family, this is home, this is Fairy Tail
  2. Joseph sat across from his oldest brother, absentmindedly kicking his feet back and forth while watching draw an awesome suit of new armor that was well out of his own reach. It looked really cool and he could almost imagine himself getting to do that too before reality reminded him that he had all of a very normal requip sword with no name that was maybe average standard weapon shop quality. Unconsciously letting out a wistful sigh, he turned his attention to Rook and Max who were just a couple years older than him. Maybe they were so strong because they were always training. It would be them who would run out there and make things right again while he sat there and watched. They were pretty amazing, being able to go about their lives without worry like it was a given that they'd beat down those demon tail people and that the others would get their magic back. Even the idea of that kind of thing happening to him if he lost was enough to keep him rooted in his chair and far away from the action.

    "What should I do next?" he asked himself, glancing over at the request board while quietly sipping on his apple juice. He was kind of fine as far as rent went unlike others given that he stayed with his brothers but Dark and Eric couldn't prop him up all the time. His eyes skimmed it quickly from across the room. Not a whole lot of new stuff. Some minor dark guild removal. Way out of his league. Yura walked up and snagged it a few seconds later anyway. There was some mention of a celestial spirit mage among them so it sort of made sense. Protecting a shipment from bandits. Catching some local thieves. One of them supposedly uses air magic. Some wells inexplicably drying up at a nearby village. A supposed stalker of a local politician needing to be caught...
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  3. Max shoved Rook before the two were locked with their heads pushing against each other. He looked into her eyes and scowled "You always go at me! Don't you know there is something serious going on!" He yelled out to her. The beginning of their confrontation broke several chairs and two tables as they threw each other around. Both of them used to the weekly confrontation that occurred when they didn't see eye to eye on personal issues. Though the reasoning behind this exact confrontation as unknown. The only thing that was seen for sure that it had been a week exactly since the last outbreak of fighting between the two and it seemed like the time had finally arrived for them to start bickering once more.

    Max snarled slightly "You pint sized brat! Don't you know you don't mess with someone that is almost a foot taller than you!" He called out to her loudly even though they weren't even an inch apart. He pushed harder against her but wasn't applying his full strength for obvious reasons. Even though he hated her at points he still looked at her as a strong friend and couldn't harm her even though it was been difficult for either of them to be hurt by them just beating each other up. None the less he continued to push against her despite the fact that she was a friend. He just wanted his point proven in front of everyone else and he didn't care how he did it. She pissed him off and it was time they had their face to face again.
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  4. Estelle rested her head on her hand while she was sitting at the table in silence. She would go ahead and take a job from the board, but it wouldn't feel right to use her magic at this moment in time. Family at Fairy Tail have lost their magic due to a dark guild. What would happen if she just went on using her magic like nothing happened? She shuttered at the thought of what might happen.

    Soon the silence was broken by the usual fighting of Rook and Max. It's a mystery of why they fight so often. Like always, Estelle felt the need to play the role peacemaker since she is technically an angel. Estelle stood up from her table and walked over to the scene of the fight calmly. Estelle then placed her hands up to signal she wasn't joining the fight and to calm them down. "Hey. How about we calm down? I'm sure it wasn't such a big deal, so we can talk it out and be friends. Sounds good?" She spoke. If it follows the pattern of the past days, they would ignore her and continue to bicker. That would cause her to lose her temper, and scold them like an older sister, even though she is only 1 year older than them.
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  5. Warato looked on as the other two dragon slayers started to bicker with one another... He could have stepped in, he always thought about it. But it seemed every time he tried to intervene he got a fist to his stomach so when Estelle got up he sighed with relief. In all honesty it was much easier to let let Estelle try to calm them down and then flirt it up with Rook a little afterwords.

    Though looking around he noticed plenty of females that seemed rather depressed, it was prime picking time for him. With his signature smile he made his way over to a table and leaned over one of the pretty girls sitting there.
    "Hay there little miss." He says running a hand down her arm, sure he was probably being a little... over the top, but he couldn't help it. Flirting was his way of cheering not only himself up, but also the pretty girls around him and today they all needed a little extra bounce in their step. "It's your lucky day. I saw you sitting over here and fig-" He stopped realizing who it was. "Oh, ehe, hi Yura." Sure she wasn't one of the girls that normal slapped him for hitting on her, instead she was one that would openly flirt back. For one reason or another he always felt rather awkward around her...
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  6. Ira was wondering around the guild hall when she noticed Dark sitting in the corner drawing something. Did he draw when he was upset? Then again she always saw him drawing so perhaps that wasn't quite right... but he must have been upset. Yes, so many guild members left with out powers he was probably sulking right now! That left her to cheer him up.

    A childish smile came across her face as she ran over to him and tackled hugged him over the chair. Her breasts lightly pressing against his back as she leaned over him,
    "What are you drawing?" She said in a rather peppy voice, "Nah Dark, are you pouting? Are you scared?" She continued, "It's ok, I'm here, I'll protect you." Of course she could never best Dark in a fight... but that didn't matter, she was just teasing after all. "Hay Dark, do you like me?"

    Despite Ira's innocent look she was actually quite devious. She loved picking on the boys, it's just something she found rather amusing. Of course she learned to stay away from some of them, and others were just plain boring, but their were plenty of easy targets in fairy tale.
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  7. A R B A, #7851A9

    Almost a month had passed since she left on an important S-rank mission in Joya, outside of Fiore, where her family, her guild resided; Fairy Tail. However, it was not unusual, it was rather normal. She almost always accepted any kind of missions, as long as the reward was good enough. It was also a reason for her to explore Earthland and to find out anything she could regarding the type of magic that was passed down to her. She did not know when, or how she possessed the magic to slay demons, except that it was already a part of her since she was a child. One other trait bestowed upon her from her magic was the mark that was a part of her body, which was imprinted on the back of her right shoulder. Arba was the second Devil Slayer in Fairy Tail's history, along with Grey Fullbuster, who was the first, and one of the old and well respected members of Fairy Tail.

    The mission she was on, was requested specifically by some acquaintances of the Guild Master, and it was also a mission that required an S-rank mage. The Guild Master proposed this mission to Arba, which she easily accepted. The reason was simple. This mission was far away from Fiore, her hometown, but at the same time, the Guild Master had considered her need to explore unknown places to get answers, especially about her past, rather than the origins of her magic. While she was absence, a guild named Demon Tail had made an appearance and specifically targeted Fairy Tail. She was in the dark, and unlike back in the guild, she had little knowledge regarding the happenings back in Fiore.

    Arba was, however, done with her mission, though with no luck, was she able to get any answers for the questions swirling around the back of her mind.


    [Back in Fiore]

    "It's so good to be back... The air in Fiore is always amazing.. I missed this..." She thoughtlessly whispered to herself. She was back in her hometown, by the borders of Fiore. The guild was extremely popular in Magnolia, and people around the area, on the streets who gazed upon her, knew exactly who she was. She politely smiled back, as she walked towards Fairy Tail. At the same time, she was able to hear whispers about members from the guild losing their magic. Yes, the rumors had spread around, and people were talking and mumbling about how someone made a spectacle out of Fairy Tail.

    This obviously made Arba's expression serious, though the fact that her guild had enemies, was not surprising at all. However, if someone did go against her family, they would regret it. 'Losing magic...?!' She confusingly thought to herself.

    Arba was wearing clothes to the color of black and white, which went along with her long black hair. From the elbows down her arms and hands, she was wearing black armor, and the same could be said about her legs from her knees down. As she approached the guild, she could hear how rowdy and lively it was inside, which immediately made her smile again. She definetely missed her guild. Opening the doors leading inside, she made a curious expression, when she noticed the all to familiar slayers going at it, with Estelle next to them.

    Arba was a reader, she loved books and had brought back souvenirs for some of the members in the guild from her little journey back in Joya. There was a reason she had the backpack in her hand, and she knew that the Guild Master had already been relayed the information about the completion of the mission she was on. Though the information about what she discovered back in Joya was something she had to share herself with the Guild Master.

    Stepping in, she could see that some of the members had some gloomy expression, while some were normal, and some feisty, like Rook and Max. She also wanted to know about the events that had unfolded after she left for Joya. However, when she looked at her family, it sure eased her mind regarding the whispers back in the streets.

    She approached Estelle, standing behind her. Looking over her shoulder, Arba decided to make her presence known to the rowdy bunch. "Rook... Max... Why don't you two listen to Estelle... Or else..." She smiled at the both of them, with her eyes closed, though her wrath was right around the corner, ready to strike.
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  8. Yura turned around and a bright smile spread across her face like a plate of hot cookies had just been shoved in front of her.

    "Aww... You can always tell me when you want a little extra attention, Wataro," she laughed. It was followed by a quick thought that crossed her mind, mostly for her own amusement than anything else. She kinda liked having others around and as far as she was concerned, she had just gotten a volunteer.

    "Its your lucky day too, you know," she went on, waving the A rank mission paper she had just snagged from the request board for the wrecking capture of a small but growing dark guild. Dropping her hand down, a finger snagged the collar of the shirt and tugged him along as she got up and headed for the door.

    "It'll be good experience for you. Besides, you look like you could use some spare cash."

    She passed by Arba on the way out and considered dragging her along too for fun times but inwardly reminded herself that if she did, the ensuing decimation of the poor dark guild would just get that much worse. When they started having fun, they REALLY had fun and that one time they'd been scolded because apparently "multiple compound fractures in all 4 limbs, 12 broken ribs, all but one tooth missing, a major concussion, and various lacerations and bruises over the body raises the question of whether this qualifies as captured alive". It had been accidental, admittedly. The guy had kept resisting for a while which led to him getting tossed around like a rag doll more and more. It took better than a measly little minor growing dark guild to warrant them doing something together. Of course, they'd get to that next week.
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  9. Abel, red

    Abel was one of the S-Class mages of Fairy Tail and just like most, he enjoyed going on S-Ranked missions. It may mean leaving behind the the guild for however long it takes, but he got great money and got to travel the world and see what it was like outside of Fiore. He believed he was one of the strongest Members of the Guild, but of course he was an S-Rank so it was somewhat true. He just had to worry about the three other S-Rankers, but it wasn't like he hated any of them and didn't want to fight any of them. Fairy Tail was his home, and so were the members of the Guild.

    Abel had been gone for almost a year now. He was on a mission that entailed going to another Kingdom entirely and go on some mission that involved protecting someone of Nobility. The details were confidential and he couldn't tell anyone when he came back what he did or where he was exactly. The mission wasn't interesting exactly, it was just protecting someone for a lot of money, and since Abel was coming back alive and healthy. It meant that the mission had gone smoothly and nothing bad happened. Unless he ran away and now people are hunting him down.



    Abel was back in Fiore, lagging a few minutes behind Arba not even knowing that she was coming back from a job. The brown cloak he wore covered his body from head to toe, the hood drawn up and a brown, beat up ruck-sack over his shoulder full of goodies from his travels. "Can't believe it has been a year...wonder what has changed or if any new members have joined..." He was pretty well hidden under his cloak, and the whispers and rumors of his travels never really reached his ears. His feet carried him all the way to the guild, stopping to see two people leaving. More like one being dragged out, but he didn't stop and question anything.

    Abel passed the two, keeping his face half-hidden before he walked into the Guild, looking around as Arba was standing in front of him. He stopped for a moment as he took in the view in front of him. Nothing was broken, no fights were starting and no one was trying to kill one another. Was he in the right guild? "Uh....Whats going on exactly?" He was a little late to the party, especially on the knowledge. He reached a hand up, pulling a hood down as the face he made seemed like he was confused.
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  10. Armen was sitting off to the side by himself at a table morphing a small illusion into different shapes. He was rather bored half wishing a large scale fight would break out again but it seemed like only Rook and Max were into fighting with each other... His finger started to swirl in circles as he spun a small illusionary cube absent mindlessly while keeping his eyes on the only two seemingly spirited members of the guild, at the moment, go at it. Of course since Estelle was around she decided to step in and try to cool the two hot heads off. For a moment he wondered what would happen if he created an illusion of both Rook and Max and added them to the quarrel... though he figured the others wouldn't appreciate him doing such things.

    For a split second he thought the fight would continue, even with Estelle scolding them, but Arba showed up and ruined all the fun. He had no doubt the two of them would stop dead in their tracks at the sight of Arba... in all honesty he couldn't blame them for it. If Arba tells you to knock it off you knock it off. At the same time he figured he wouldn't be surprised if they continued even though he couldn't think of any reasons why they would want that...

    A small smirk came to his face as Warato started to make a move on Yura. It wasn't the first time he made the mistake of flirting on an unidentified girl and it seemed every time he flirted with Yura he got dragged into missions and what not when everyone knew he would much rather be hitting on every pretty face that walks into the guild hall. Of course Yura didn't disappoint either, after Warato cut himself off and fumbled his words a little Yura started right up and the next thing Warato knew he was being dragged out the door. Sometimes Armen felt bad for Warato when these case's came up but at the same time he couldn't help but laugh. Warato would have to learn his lesson sooner or later after all...

    He stopped spinning his cube when a familiar face walked into the guildhall. Abel, an S class wizard that had been gone for quite some time, finally found his way back. Though it seemed he was ill informed, while half the guild was worrying and anxious, the other half was getting ready for a war with an unknown opponent. In all honesty he wasn't sure where in that category he fell into... "They... um, Demon Tail. Eh, members were hurt..." Armen was a fluid thinker, in fact some people considered him a genius, but when talking to people that weren't exactly close to him or that he hadn't seen in a while... well he wasn't exactly eloquent. "Members missing but back and the missing powers um..." He took a deep breath and retried, "Demon tail attacked some of our members and for a while they were missing, as I'm sure you know since they have been missing for like a year or so, but then they came back unable to use magic and on the verge of death or at least they were very beat up and now the guild master say's we are to prepare for war and-" He was talking so fast that he forgot to breath. So when his lungs became empty and he could no longer continue he had to stop for a second to take another lung full of air. "or no not the members that went missing a while ago but the Master sent out a group to go find them but they came back hurt and unable to use magic. The missing members are still missing but they said in two weeks Fairytale were going to be wiped out and by they I mean Demon Tail, the ones that hurt our other members and probubly captured the eight members..." he was out of breath once more...
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  11. N E R O, #99ccff

    He was sitting by the bar counter, with his elbow pressed onto it, and his palm supporting his chin. A bored expression was plastered on his face. He was in his own thoughts, thinking of possible ways to take care of their enemies, Demon Tail. His glass, served by Citrine earlier, was filled with club soda. Nero was not the type to drink, nor was it his thing. A sigh escaped his mouth, as a brawl started to occur in the guild. "Hmm?" He turned to his side, attention glued to both Rook and Max.

    "And they're at it again..." He utters at the empty air. Re-adjusting himself, he turns around, now with both his elbows pressed against the ledge of the counter, with his back leaned against it. It reminded him about the tales of the old days, when two of the most strongest mages in Fairy Tail used to brawl like that. However, this generation, there was a difference. This time there were two slayers into it almost everyday, and not him, who was a Mage that could use Ice Magic like Gray Fullbuster.

    "So.. I just don't get it.. Citrine.." He spoke up, with a slightly annoyed expression.

    "We should be heading over to the enemies guild and destroy them. Like now... I mean.. Look at what they did to the members of our guild! They can't even use magic anymore.." Tilting his head backwards, he gazed at Citrine from the corner of his hazel eyes, before turning back.

    "Instead of going after them... We're just sitting here.. Doing nothing..." Nero was filled with frustration. He was hellbent on doing some sort of retaliation.

    "No one dares to make us their enemy... And lives to tell a tale about it.. After all... This is Fairy Tail."

    Moments later, the door opened when a familiar face was shown. Past Rook and Max, he was able to see Arba, who was back from a mission that lasted for many weeks. "Oh.. Citrine.. Look who's back..."

    "It's Arba..." His expression was normal now. He was actually glad to see her.

    "When Arba finds out what happened.. Well.. We all know how it'll end for Demon Tail..." Nero stated, before he turned around, and sat normally.

    His attention moved away from Arba and the rest. Grabbing his glass, he took a few sips. It did not take long before another noteable S-class mage returned. Abel was back, and he almost forgot how he looked. It had been a year since he left on his voyage. A smile plastered on his face. He was happy to see all the S-class mages back in the guild. They're timing was impeccable. "They're both back..."

    "And.. This doesn't bode well for Rook and Max.." He referred to Arba, noticing her conversing with them next to Estelle. However, his hazel eyes were locked onto Citrine yet again..

    "I know they went on those S-class missions.. But.. where did they even go?.." He asked her, wondering about the reason behind the absence for both Arba and Abel.
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  12. Warato's face paled slightly as Yura started. He really messed up this time, had he chosen any other table he would have been fine, but he ended up with Yura again. "Why is it my lucky day?" He said cautiously as he took a step back only to have a mission paper shoved in his face. "Hay, that's A rank, I'm only B, the master won't approve." He said trying to excuse himself. He turned and started to walk thinking he was home free until he felt a tug on his collar and the next thing he knew he was being dragged out of the door. "I'm perfectly fine taking on B rank missions with my B rank friends actually, and look at everyone, their all down and out, we should at least stick aroun- watch the collar, this is a new shirt!"

    He finally managed to get onto his own two feet as they got to the door, "Shouldn't we at least bring someone else with us? Fairy Tail is under attack you know! Going out just the two of us is probubly a bad idea!" He kept trying to talk her out of it, this one was a touchy issue but it was the only thing he could come up with. "Fine, fine, I'll go, just let go of the collar..." He regretted saying that, Abel had returned after god knows now long... if he kept struggling Abel might have stepped in to help. Though he was sure Abel didn't even remember him... Not that they were ever friends...

    "Yura, you can let go of the collar, I won't run away, ok?" He half begged. Being led around by the collar of his shirt was... rather degrading. "But you know, I'm serious about waiting on the mission. The guild is under attack, have an S rank missing probubly isn't a good idea, right? And since your an S rank that would make you a prime target for Demon Tail, perhaps we shouldn't travel alone... I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to you." He said trying to work his charm on her.
  13. "You could even go on an S rank mission as long as you're with me. Its perfectly fine. And we can't just bring guild operations to a half just because we're under attack. If we did, they'd just have free reign to do whatever they wanted. Don't worry. When we find them, we'll get them," Yura laughed, dragging Warato long with immense amusement. Watching him squirm was kind of fun. It wasn't like she wasn't concerned for the guild too but they really couldn't just sit still. Turtling up was not how Fairy Tail did things before and they wouldn't start now. When the proper time came, they'd unleash their rage on Demon Tail but it was useless to let worry consume them now. Besides, she had her reasons for taking on this particular mission, starting with hopefully acquiring another key. The details had been hazy, not saying much about the celestial spirit mage but if there was one, there was a fair chance she could pick up another golden key which was basically the same as adding to her own strength. They'd be back before next week when it would be most important for them to be back at the guild. Everyone would.

    This of course didn't keep Yura from listening to Warato's concerns/excuses but they didn't really bother her. She was always quick on her feet and quick to think things through. He really liked to lay it on thick but one would have thought by now that he would have learned where it worked and where it didn't. Sure, it was flattering but wit would always outdo flattery. She could take care of herself well enough but if he was worried, it couldn't hurt to give him a little security. From the reports, she figured that she'd have been fine by herself as the dark guild was just growing now, not a bunch of notorious and experienced members who would take much more care to dispatch.

    "You can bring someone else along if you'd like. Not that we really need it. But being a mage means a little occupational hazard. If you're worried, fight hard and do something about it. Don't run," Yura said, letting go of his collar so he could find someone else to take along if he felt so inclined. In her mind, it didn't matter where they were. Being inside the guild would afford them no more security than going out and doing their missions. Nor would bringing one more person change whether they could be attacked or not. They would just have to work it out like always.
  14. Eric, #00CCFF

    Eric let out a yawn, his head resting on the table that he and his brothers sat at. The three were always close together it seemed like and mainly because Eric and Dark were twins that seemed to just be on the same level and enjoyed one another company. Their little brother normally tagged along and he was never a burden on either of them and they would never say he was. He pulled his head from the table, vision blurry as he blinked for a few seconds as it cleared up. He looked towards his brothers and let out another yawn, showing just how tired he was.

    His head swiveled to see Arba enter and instantly deal with Rook and Max, and then Abel followed in soon after. Hell, for all anyone in the Guild knew. Abel was dead, but he was back and alive. He shrugged for some reason at the two that entered and turned his attention back to his brothers. He was so damn tired. "Instead of drawing all the time, you could be training..." He taunted his Brother before stretching his arms out into the air, trying to wake himself up. He wasn't particularly interested in a job right now, and neither should anyone else. Fairy Tail would be at war soon and people were thinking about jobs? It showed where they would be when the fight came.

    Though he doesn't shove it in his face, and Dark even knows this. Eric possibly, went easy and allowed Dark to win the final test and become an S-Rank. The final test, which was cruel, was for Eric and Dark to fight one another as they were the last contestants left. Eric doesn't shove that in his face or anything, and he never brings it up. He doesn't know how Dark feels about it. "Why don't we go train or do something? I'm tired of just sitting around...."
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  15. Shadow Dragon, blue
    Rook's eyes were fiery despite her element as she butted heads with Max, again. "I rather be pint sized than a tool brain!" She retorts just as loudly, if others were watching they would see sparks fly as they glare eye to eye. "I can beat you in a eating contest without breaking a sweat, metal head!" Yes this whole big fight was about who could eat more, that was Fairy Tail for ya.

    As Estelle tried to break up the fight, Rook ignored her, bent on winning this argument once and for all. That was until Arba broke in, her deadly aura could be felt from where Rook was standing. Gulping she quickly breaks away from her and Max's headlock, giving the Demon Slayer a innocent smile.
    "A-Arba! Your back!" Her tone was a mix of nervous, light, and surprised. A complete opposite from a moment ago

    Demon Takeover, green
    Kitty laughed lightly as Rook and Max went at it again, despite the damage to the dinning hall she couldn't help but enjoy watching the lighthearted Dragon Slayer duo. Wiping down the bar she looks over to Nero with a warm smile.
    Demon Takeover, green "I know how you feel Nero. But I'm sure thr Master has a plan, we just have to be pati-" her words cut off midsentence once she caught sight of not only Arba, but Abel too.

    Without another word Citrine jumps out from behind the bar and beelines straight for her.
    "Aarrrbbaaaa!!" She calls out to the Demon Slayer moments before tackle hugging her, but she didnt stop there. Instead she sprints toward Abel, still hugging Arba. "Aaaabbeelll!!" And just like that she tackled the God Slayer. Now all 3 wizards were on the ground in double tackle hug with Arba in the middle, Abel on the bottom, and Citrine, the cause, on top

    Knight Requip, red
    Dark must of had a serious expression as he sketched out a new armor, focused on the details he wasnt paying much attention to the others around him. That was until a very feminine body tackle hugged him from behind his chair. Blinking he looks up to see none other than Ira. Feeling her rather large chest pressed against his back a blush comes to his cheeks as he tries to think about anything but that.
    Knight Requip, red "Huh? Eh-umm, n-no im not pouting. Umm...Im drawing new armor...." His voice is deep and smooth, his tone a bit flustered. His thoughts a bit more organized now he rolls his dark blue eyes at Ira before giving her a charming smile. "Oh now you know I like you Ira-chan. Your like my cute little sister." He says the last part in a teasing tone, knowing full well thats not the kind of like she meant.

    Glancing to Eric he chuckles lightly at his lazy twin.
    "Says the one acting like he could fall asleep any moment. Why dont you and Joe go train? It looks like both of you are itching to do something. And it'll benefit both of you." He playfully teases Eric, his tone light though serious as his gaze goes from his twin to his younger brother. Giving Joseph a light nudge with his elbow
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  16. Max continued the argument with Rook "I would like to see you try! You are getting fat from all those shadows you are eating! Eat metal! It makes you big!" He said before laughing. That was when he felt the presence he nearly always dreaded. His eyes went wide and he felt chills shoot straight through every potion of his body giving him a complete sense of his life being over. He stood up straight at the exact moment Rook did the same. "Oh.. Hello Arba.. Nice to see you! We were just doing a Head tug of war.. you know.. like friends always do.. right rook!" He said to her.

    He then suddenly wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her close. "We love each other like brother and sister! Right! Nothing mad here nothing... out of the ordinary!" He yelled out as he began to take deep and deeper breaths. He then began to frizzle rook's hair with his hand giving the impression that they were buddies. "Just like my sister! Nothing... to see." he said and stared up at Arba dreading the next few moments. He knew she wasn't stupid but he was trying to get past her for once.

    At that moment he saw Arba get tackled and let a big grin come across his face before gripping Rook tighter and throwing her up into the air since she was distracted with Arba. He began to laugh loudly "I WIN!" He said before turing to look at Arba who was still busy and quickly went to take a seat now that he thought the fight was over and he was out of any kind of punishment. As soon as he sat down at his chair he immediately began to eat once again.
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  17. Ira giggled a little seeing how flustered she got him but, to her disappointment, it didn't last very long. "Ah, you think I'm cute." She said cheerfully as he started to talk to his brother. She puffed her cheeks in annoyance, there was no way she was letting Dark get off so easily, a simple comment from Eric didn't mean their conversation was over.

    Once again a most wonderful idea popped into her head. "O-nii-chan" She hummed as she started walking around him and making her way onto his lap, "You don't mind if I sit here right?" She said looking up at him with puppy eyes purposefully pressing her chest against his. "Nii-chan, are you feeling ok? Your face is awfully red, maybe I should take you to bed." She gives him a look of concern as her hand makes its way to his forehead to 'test his temperature'. She purposefully 'messed' up on her wording to make it sound like she was hinting something, but kept her innocent look trying to make it seem like she didn't understand the real meaning behind her words.
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  18. Sieg sat at a table with his eyes closed, not sleeping since trying to sleep in Fairy Tail was all but impossible. So he simply sat there listening to everyone around him, Max and Rook were having an argument about eating he believed. Which would be cut short by Arba's return followed by Abel's return. Although they had a special greeting of their own by a certain bar owner. The place was certainly lively, and it was probably a good thing they had Arba and Abel back for what was to come. As he opened his eyes looking around the room, he stretched his arm debating whether or not to ask Abel to train him. They were both god slayers, just different types. Well he could always ask later, he did just get back after all. If anything, it was more to see if Sieg could come up with some ideas for new attacks.

    Sieg smiled as he looked around, hearing everything was one thing, but seeing everything unfold was another. Standing up he walked over to the bar where Citrine left to go tackle hug Abel and Arba, leaving Nero by himself, thinking about it Nero might be willing to train with him. He did after all want to go and destroy Demon Tail. So Sieg waved at him as he sat down in a seat. "Hey Nero. I saw that you weren't busy with anything, so I was thinking that instead of doing nothing, that we should train, that way when we clash with Demon Tail, we obliterate them within seconds. So what do you say?" Sieg said grinning ear to ear
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  19. She wasn't backing down, no matter when he tried to say to weasel out of the mission she seemed to gun down. Of course by now he knew no mater what she was going to drag him with her... He would just have to be prepared for what ever might come... and perhaps he wouldn't be killed if demon tail wouldn't kill him? Perhaps they would just take away his magic... that wouldn't be so bad.

    She started to lecture him about how being a wizard means he would have to face dangers and that he just had to fight hard and over come everything that came his way. "Aha, right. Yes... fight." He was a little off, well a little more off than he normally is around Yura. Truth be told he wasn't worried about Yura, he was worried he would hold her back.

    "I'll go find someone, stay here." He reverted back to normal, a smile on his face as he raised his hands signalling her to wait and he rushed back into the guild hall. Scanning the area he went through names, Nero... no... Armen... that wasn't a good idea, Abel!... err no two S ranks away from the guild. Not a good idea. Estelle? well, no. The other two dragon slayers were still fighting, oh Eric! He was strong and though he had taken the test for S rank he failed so technically he wasn't an S rank but almost at the same level and it wasn't like they were strangers either! Perfect!

    Rushing over to Eric Warato gave a bit of a worried smile as he tapped on the boys shoulder, "Hay Eric, this is kinda sudden I know but I heard you say you wanted to do something so why not come on a mission with me? Please Don't leave me with Yura, come on a mission with us." He said rubbing the back of his head looking over at Yura waving slightly before turning back to Eric, "I would totally owe you one and as you know I'm the sky dragon slayer so I can use healing magic. It's always good to keep them close right? Eh heh." He tried playing all his cards to get Eric to come with him. If not Eric... he would have to find someone quickly.
  20. The two stubborn dragon slayers continued to bicker despite Estelle's efforts to calm them down. Just when she was about to get mad, a familiar voice spoke from behind her. "Rook... Max... Why don't you two listen to Estelle... Or else..." "Thank you-" Estelle started, but only stopped to see Arba. It was surprise because Estelle thought it would take longer for Arba to complete an S-ranked mission, but then again she is Arba.

    "Hello, Arba! Great to see you back." Estelle said right before she got tackled by Citrine. Estelle saw Abel get tackled as well. Abel was gone for about a year now so it was no surprise that he was tackled as well. "Oh dear." Estelle spoke at the sight of Abel and Arba on the floor along with Citrine. Must be 'Back to Fairy Tail' day because everybody seemed to be returning.

    "I got the bar!" Estelle yelled to Citrine making sure she could hear her. Since Citrine was on the floor, Estelle think it was time to man the bar and let her take a break. Estelle made her way to the bar and started to wipe it down. "Funny, how we were all so gloomy a second ago." Estelle thought.
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