Fairy Tail Serenity!

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    A warm welcome and a place to stay is guaranteed!

    If you are interested in Fairy Tail or any other kind of anime based roleplay, here is the right place. Create your character, create your magic and dive into the world of guilds, mages, monsters and even dragons!

    On this site you will become to what you always have dreamed of in a world full of magic. A beautiful journey will await you as soon as you click this the image. All you need to do is register on the forum and write a quick "Hey guys, I'm new." in the chatbox or Introduction section! Then I, myself and many more members will warmly greet you.

    As long as you think you are able to be respectful to other members and are a creative writer, you will definetly contribute. And if you have never roleplayed before.. NOW IS THE TIME! The site will welcome noobies just as much as more advanced Roleplayers. I was a noobie too and got accepted after one day full of writing and chatting.

    So if you think you have enough will to start being a mage in the Fiore Kingdom, then the link down below or at the top will lead you where you will find exactly that.

    I am awaiting you..


    fairy tail serenity