Fairy Tail RP Request

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  1. Looking for a Fairy Tail RP hijacking the world but not particularly the story. In my head it's a typical shounen jump storyline though with plenty of things blowing up, heroes, villains, love interests.

    The main characters will be of our own creation with a few canons thrown in there if we so choose. As far as a plot goes I would rather we work it out together.
  2. If you're still looking for a partner, I would be delighted to set something up with you!
  3. You seem to have vanished but if you're still looking I would so do this! I want a fairy tail RP so badly and everyone keeps leaving on me
  4. holy shit, I don't know why but i never got any alerts from this thread lmao.

    I'm game to pick you both up on your replies :D
  5. Actually... why don't all three of us do this? make our own "team" ?
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  6. Omg yes let's! I would love that!
  7. I wouldn't mind hopping in on this. Any RP with Oni tends to be quality.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.