Fairy Tail (partners wanted)

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Anything and everything. I love them all in style but I am always a fantasy lover.
I love anime...I love Fairy Tail; and One Piece lately(that's for another day); I want an OC/OC story! I have so many OCs for Fairy Tail, I just want the characters to live I the world, not the story itself I just want the world of Fiore you know? Also I do have an OC to go with every character I like. A lost brother of Levy's, a lost twin sister of Lucy's, someone who grew up beside Gajeel, a person from Natsu and Zeref's past; long lost sister again... XD Someone who grew up beside Gray and Lyon, you get the idea, heck I even have someone to match Laxus. I've got a variety and ones who are complete offshoots by themselves. So hey, let's talk about an idea yeah?
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