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Fairy Tail Partner Search

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by -Kuroko-, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. I'm am really, really craving a Fairy Tail RP. So I'm just going to get straight down to business, alright?

    ~ I'm looking for either MxM or MxF
    ~ If we are doing OCxCanon I do expect you to double, it just kind of makes fair you know?
    ~ I want my partner to be able to write at least a full paragraph. (6-8 sentences.)
    ~ I tend to mirror my partner when it comes to that.
    ~ We can follow the story or make it AU either works for me.
    ~ If you have plot ideas I would love to hear them.

    These are the characters I would like my partner to be able to play.

    ~Gray Fullbuster

    Tell me which characters you would like me to be able to play.

    I virtually have no limits when it comes to gore or sexy times.
    Except for;
    ~ Scat/pee
    ~ mutilation

    Message me or post here. Can't wait.
  2. And just so everyone knows I just finished the Grand Wizard Games Arc and planning on continuing.
  3. all caught up now, at least with the anime. XD
  4. I'm totally interested in a double if your to for two rps or putting them in the same.
  5. I think putting them together would be easier to keep track of for sure. :D PM me and we can work out the details.