Fairy Tail One x One!

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  1. What I am looking for is someone to play a female character for a roleplay based in the world of Fairy Tail, a Shounen Jump Manga.

    The overall plot skeleton goes like this - Fairy Tail had just been destroyed by the Alliance of Dark Guilds, and the Magic Council had been told to look the other way, or they risked war. Being the only two surviving mages, novices in Fairy Tail we team up and walk down the path of revenge to avenge the loss of Fairy Tail. On the road are may twist and turns and obstacles, and our characters begin to grow in magic power and develop feelings for each other.

    I want our characters to find out, eventually that Fairy Tail was destroyed because the Dark Guilds wanted to find the Three Great Fairy Magics, even though they didn't manage to find it, in the end.

    Heterosexual pairings only, please. I personally will be playing the guy. I would like our characters to start out as below average novices that develop their power exponentially (the anime way!) over time. Smut will be a plot candy if you want.

    I would like my partner to be able to post about 1-4 paragraphs minimum and maximum because I'm usually on my phone and it is difficult to write anything more.
  2. OMG! I've been wanting to RP Fairy Tail! 83 I already have a character made for It. And she is in Fairy Tail Guild as well! This would work great! I usually post a paragraph or more per post no matter what Rp i'm doing anyways. Hit me up for it if you still are up for it!
  3. Definitely still up for it. Where have you been all this while?! Character sheet, please!
  4. Sent it to ya! Hope it works for ya!