Fairy Tail (OC x canon character or OC x OC)

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  1. So yeah. I've been wanting to do a good Fairy Tail RP. I love Fairy Tail so it would be fun to do one; we can chat about it if that's cool. OCs are fine with me; I have a few OCs myself so don't worry about that. I don't have many rules the only thing I would like is proper spelling so I don't have to try and put words together. Ah, no Godmodding though; kinda basic I know. Also pairings I'm up for in Fairy Tail. I'm a Female looking for a male partner also.

    OC x OC
    OC x Erza
    OC x Gray
    OC x Natsu
    Oc X Lucy
    Oc x Gajeel
    Lucy X Natsu
    Erza x Jellal
    Gajeel x Levy

    (A mix up of stuff I know but I love all the Fairy Tail characters a lot. >.< so yeah, I'm willing to discuss pairings you'd want to do too!)

    Also don't feel restricted to Fairy Tail; I know it says just Fairy Tail but I like a lot of animes and other kinds of scenarios too so don't be afraid to ask about other things as well!

    P.S: PM me or post to this thread if you're interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.