Fairy Tail: Lost Chapters

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  1. The forest air was cold tonight, with nothing but what heat was given off by the bandits campfire and carried by the light breeze to wash over her chilled cheeks and face. They'd found a small clearing off the main road, and sadly for her, chose to now raid all of her belongings at their leisure. It was bad enough she was broke from not being able to find work, but now they were eating what little food she had left, and pocketing anything she had of value, which wasn't much.

    "Come on guys.. Can't you cut a girl a break?" Came the pleading tone of a young woman bound in magic sealing ties and strung up a tree. She was young, maybe around the age of 22 with tan skin and stark white hair that hung about her shoulders with two black tips on either side of her jaw. The woman's brows were furrowed into a pathetic grimace as the bandits were rummaging through her things on the ground below. About 5 or 6 of them in total with one fairly thin and lanky male keeping one steady eye on their "catch".

    The male watched the woman dangling from the tree and couldn't help but chuckle at the irony. "So You're it, huh?" He asked, switching his toothpick from one corner of his mouth to the other and standing a little closer. "Might as well stop struggling, Mage-Slayer. There's no escaping my binding spell, and so long as we keep this.." He paused to turn slightly to the side, taking up a large scabbard from the ground that he had to struggle with both hands to lift and show her. "...Little ...toy of yours!" and he dropped it at his feet with a slight huff and a shrug. "You aint going nowhere. Kinda funny, eh?"

    "What's the matter? Not used to handling a REAL weapon? Are your girly arms not strong enough to lift a simple blade?" Ila sneered, but her air of cockiness faded quickly as the robes binding her tightened so much she could almost feel her arms about to break and ribs threatening to collapse in on her lungs. She found it painfully hard to breathe and so started gasping and straining to keep her chest able to expand just enough to steal quick breaths. "B-bastard!"

    The man gave a cold grin and dragged the blade over to the tree once more, kicking back. "Shut your mouth, Mage-slayer.. "
  2. Kanda could hear the ruckus coming from the woods as he passed by. He frowned, hearing what he thought were the top members from one of the Dark Guilds. With a sigh, he shouldered his pack and pushed up his glasses. Walking towards the sounds he saw a young woman strung up a tree. "Well, well...what do we have here?" He smirked, his jet black hair falling over his face. He had a small scar under his eye that spanned an inch across his cheekbone.

    He would hate to resort to magic to assist the young lady, but knew it would most likely be so. He kept his pack on, his hand securing the strap in place. Kanda looked up at the girl and winked. His eyes shifted back to the people before him and he said, "Now, what would make you guys string a girl up in a tree? Why don't you just let her down and we can all have a nice chat." He dropped his pack on the ground beside him, taking off his trenchcoat and laying it on top. He was prepared for a fight once he saw the weapon at the males feet. A large blue tattoo was evident on his bicep, his chest well defined under the t-shirt he was wearing.
  3. Both the eyes of the woman and the bandits all found the male with a mixture of shock and annoyance.

    The wink forced a flush to Ila's cheeks, her pride taking a blow given how pathetic she must have looked being strung up like someones prize. Still, far be it from her to speak against a helping hand, right? She found a little comfort as her bonds stopped constricting and she was able to relax.

    "The hell? you think we're gonna listen to some punk like you!?" shrieked a small pudgy sort of man who happened to be closest to the interloper. His guild brand displayed over the broad side of his exposed belly, a dragon around a demons eye. The rest of the group moved to their feet as well, then the man by the strung up girl stepped forward.

    "Bael, stop wasting time like some cheesy thug and kill that worm already." The thin man said and the pudgy creature nodded with a breif "You got it!" before throwing his round body into a death spin, tucking in his arms and legs and rocketing forward like a cannonball.
  4. The blue splotch on his bicep should have been a sign that he was a member of a powerful guild, the tattoo being in the shape of a shield with a crown in the midst of it. "Well...if you want to play, than let's play." Kanda smiled, his hands moving up reflexively to throw up a wall of flames. "This is mere child's play." He laughed. His form was lean but well-muscled and it was obvious he had fought before.
  5. "That brand.." Ila couldn't help but narrow her eyes at it. Where had she seen it before? She couldn't say why, but it gave her a bit more faith in the guy, the brand and the wall of fire that he conjured with a simple move of his hand. The girl and the leader both watched the round man fly skyward from the rush of fire and land with a heavy thud in a charred heap next to the remaining members.

    "What's with this guy!? Who cares! Get him!" The remaining three jumped to arms, one equipping a spear and leaping up and over the wall of flames to try and impale the man while a second came around the side with a strong horizontal slice aimed for Kanda's right side. The third hung back, and began to sweat from the heat of the fire. While the others charged him, he continued to sweat profusely until a magic sigil appeared at his feet and his sweat covered him in a musky suit of armor to shield him from the fire.

    The leader stepped to the side of the third though, holding up a hand for the last one to wait and see what becomes of the other two. He wasn't so foolish as to rush into a fight with a wizard they knew nothing about. Not like Ila where they were lucky enough to catch her with he guard down.
  6. Kanda smiled widely. He stepped away from the swings of both that rushed him, bringing his hands in front of his mouth. He exhaled, a jet of fire racing towards them. He bent down, reaching into his boot and pulling out an empty hilt, waving it at them. There was no blade attached and it looked plain.

    "I warned you..." He growled menacingly, now taken in by the fight.
  7. The two narrowly avoided clashing into one another and scattered quickly to keep from getting taken in by the jet of fire that shot pass them and into the face of the poor round fellow who was trying to rejoin the fight. The round man was out for the count. 1 down, 4 more to go.

    Ila was impressed. This guy was either really strong, or she'd been captured by a band of failed dark wizards. Her pride was hoping for the first. She swung a little bit with an irritated flail as she realized where she was. "Why am I still hanging around here!? I need to get down!" She grumbled arousing a slight chuckle from the leader and his sweaty right-hand man. Neither of them paid any attention to her. So long he had her sword behind him, she was harmless as any other human. Besides, he was intrigued by this interloper.

    The two bandits squaring off against Kanda burst into laughter at the empty hilt shaking their heads in disbelief.

    "You gotta be kidding me! What're you gonna do with that thing? throw it at us!?" One bandit laughed.

    "YEAH! your fires too slow to touch us! So you're gonna try throwing a useless hilt? You do-good's are pathetic!" the second joined in, and they both charged forward again, striking together to try and finish Kanda off in one overconfident strike.
  8. Kanda smirked, foreseeing such a reaction. He ran a hand over the hilt and swept it down to where the point would be on a longsword. Breathing lightly on it, a blade of flame sprung up, contained in the shape of a longsword. "Now why would I waste a perfectly good blade by throwing it at you?" He chuckled. "Well, at least while it was sheathed."

    He raised his sword in front of him, the flames dancing and spiraling around his hand. His steel gray eyes looked at them. "You sure you want to continue?" He asked.
  9. The two stopped int heir tracks at the sight of the sword of fire coming to life, and instantly regretted their decision. "...Oh shit."

    The leader and his sweat armored second in command shook their heads. Clearly the stronger of the team, and not as easily intimidated. "You've got talent, I'll give you that. It's been a while since we've face a strong opponent in these parts. Usually Bael and his friends are more than enough.. but it seems Jaiden here will need to deal with you."

    "Hey!" Ila objected, offended. "I'm strong! You just snuck up on me when I was sleeping!" She flailed.

    "Oh? is that what you call passing out in a drunken stupor? Sleeping?" The leader said with an amused superiority to his tone. Ila fell silent and her face took on a look of shame. "That's what I thought."

    "Loudmouthed twig.." Ila grumbled.

    "I AM NOT A TWIG!" The leader snapped back, pointing a finger at her to make her bindings constrict, wrenching out a scream of pain from the girl. The man recomposed himself and faced Kanda once more. "Now. As i was saying. Jaiden?"

    "I don't care how strong your flames are! You're no match for my Musky Golem!" The man in sweat armor stepped forward and a sigil appeared under his feet. His armor began to expand around his body swelling into a giant nearly 10 times his size with the bandit floating in the head of the water beast who raised his foot and brought it crashing down on Kanda.
  10. The water rained down upon Kanda, he felt his breath threaten to leave his body. He surrounded himself in his flames, creating an armor that would cause steam to arise. "Haven't you figured out who I am?!" He yelled in fury. These pesky dark mages meant nothing to him. "I am Kanda, Flame Wielder of the Royal Knight Guild!" He stomped his boots into the ground, crouching and causing his flames to become stronger and more furious. His eyes narrowed to slits and the rage engulfed him.
  11. Ila watched in horror as the water came down over Kanda. A complete stranger she knew nothing about but who was fighting to free her (or at least she'd hoped) without even questioning why or how she'd been captured. She yelled out to him when he looked like he was going to be drowned and crushed under the foot of the beast, but then something happened. A raging fire tempest swelled within the leg exploding outward and evaporating the entire leg, toppling it to fall over with a earth shaking thud.

    The flame armor was amazing, lighting the night sky with it's brilliance as Ila then remembered where she'd seen that brand. "I should've known.. The Royal Knight guild.. The guardians of Fiore in their own respect. They enforce justice and keep the people of Fiore safe from creeps like you, Twig. If you ask nicely maybe he'll still let you guys go."

    "What're you telling us that NOW for!?" The leader said, breaking a sweat at the mention of the name.

    "Shut up you little bitch!" The leader growled, rolling up his sleeves. He was terrified, and the air of superiority he had just a moment ago was all but squashed in an instant. "Jaiden! Stand down!" he called and dropped to his knees in fealty of the armored inferno before them. "Oh please please please, hold on will ya!? We're sorry!"

    The two blade wielding bandits joined him on either side bowing their heads and trembling with fear.

    Ila's face faltered. "...That's...kinda pathetic guys.."
  12. Kanda marched over, the flames surrounding him not even diminishing in size. "You have irked me and caused my rage to fall upon you...Let the girl go." He said threateningly, his sword still within his grip. He glared down at the men, his flames being close enough to them to cause an unmeasurable heat while not burning them.
  13. The leader looked downtrodden and raised a hand in the air. Snapping his fingers.

    With a small sigil appearing at the knot, Ila was surrounded by light as the robes slackened around her. In a flash they scattered and she fell to the grass on her side. A slight growl escaped her with a mixture of swears, but she was mostly unharmed. Pushing herself up she only had one thing on her mind, and that was the blade laying against the base of the tree the leader had been leaning against earlier. The scabbard almost as long as her body, she lifted it with her one hand and rested it across her shoulders. There was no need to draw her sword, the guy seemed to have everything under control.

    The leader looked up in a cowed manner, smiling sheepishly. "S-so... that's it then? Right? you're gonna let us go on our marry way? ..Right?"
  14. Kanda smirked and shook his head. He glanced up at the girl, noting that she appeared unharmed. "I want you to report to the council and tell them of what you did." He glared down at the three men in front of him. "If I don't hear that you did...welll..." He ran a hand along his blade, the fire shooting up before dying back down. "Let's just say I will make your life a living hell."
  15. The men stood at attention and gave a quick salute before gathering up their fallen and bee-lining the hell out of dodge as fast as they could.

    Ila walked over with her sword on her shoulder, and rested a hand on her hip as the bandits got quickly out of sight. A hand rose to her forehead and she couldn't help but feel ashamed. "...I can't believe I got captured by those guys..." she grimaced.

    Then with a turn she looked upon the brilliant flames of Kanda. Those violet eyes narrowing as if looking into his very soul. Searching for ill intent.. looking for some reason or goal he was aiming for by saving her. Then she lent out a hand, hoping this wasn't in poor decision. Technically she and the Royal Knights were on the same side, afterall.. no need to burn bridges, especially given her circumstances.

    "Thanks big guy. I owe you.. but I'll have you know I had everything under control.." She said, but a constant shifting of her blade gave evidence of bruising from her bindings. "I was just waiting on the right moment to strike is all.."
  16. Kanda allowed his flames to die down and he put away the hilt to his blade as it died as well. "Yeah, I could totally see that." He said sarcastically. He looked at her out stretched hand and shook his head.

    "You don't wanna shake hands with a Flame Wielder." He said, turning back around to put his trench-coat back on. He dug around in his pack and pulled out some dried fruit, sitting down upon the grass. "Want some?" He asked, this being his way to declare peace. He put some of the dried apple in his mouth, smiling as it crunched between his teeth.
  17. "H-hey what's that supposed to mean? I DID have it.. I just... " Ila muttered, but her thoughts de-railed at the thought of what would have happened had he not showed up. Now wasn't the time to be stupid or ungrateful.

    When he took a seat, she did as well. "My names Ila by the way.. "

    Laying her blade at her side, she joined in the peace offering, reaching out to carefully take a few pieces of dried fruit. Some Mango, Apple, and raisin's mostly, then folding up the long cloth hanging on her side so that she could use it as a sort of bowl between her legs, she carefully ate, but kept a careful eye on the man the entire time. What as his angle? She'd heard stories of the Royal Knights, but could they really be so friendly?

    "...Where's your team?" She asked suddenly. "Were you meeting up with someone out here?"
  18. "No. I'm what they call a solo mage." He laughed. Taking another bite of fruit he leaned back keeping an eye on her the whole time. "I was just coming back from a mission actually..." he looked away with a yawn. Another bite of fruit in his mouth and he spoke again. "Not that none in my guild wouldnt love to have a mage like me on their team." He shrugged.
  19. Dried fruit, natural sugars perfectly preserved for one to enjoy at their leisure. It was wonderful to the taste, and though healthy, it was something to be enjoyed about as much as junk food.

    She listened to his explanation and started to relax a bit into herself. He spoke so calmly about himself. Such confidence was something to be admired, but she still felt like she couldn't quite trust the man for some reason. That being said, she was still in his debt and needed a way to pay him back.

    "I can't say I blame you. I prefer to travel on my own as well. Makes it easier.. on Everyone." She trailed off, eyes looking thoughtfully into the cluster of dried fruit yet to be consumed. In her mind she remembered the face of "she". Though it had seemed like many lifetimes ago, she still felt an overwhelming sense of loss at the thought. She hated that it would come on at random like this. To display such weakness, her face must've looked pathetic.

    "I've got an idea!" She said, suddenly bouncing back. "How about a drink? My treat for saving my tail! whaddya say?"
  20. Kanda popped some more food in his mouth before putting the package in his pack. He watched her carefully, noting with familiarity the sad look on her face. "You lost someone too..." He muttered, standing and slinging his pack over his shoulder. "Aye, a drink sounds good about now."
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