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  1. [​IMG]

    (Guild Master Winter)

    Eclipse, a guild shrouded in mystery. Nobody had even heard of them until a few months ago when they started taking, and completing jobs even Fairy Tail had trouble with. Now with FT dealing with they're own crisis and a deadly Plague running rampant through the country. Eclipse is the only hope for the world of magic.

    "Alright you rugrats!" The Eclipse' Guild Master's voice rang out through the guild hall where all the members were gathered in response to her summons. Her tone was clear and solid though the "rugrats" came out more as an endearment than insult. "I'm sure you've heard of the plague stalking our fellow Wizards and citizens. What you may not know is quite a few of us Guild Master's suspect its the work of an anti-magic organization known as The Crusade." She paused to let that sink in for a moment.

    "We must investigate this group, find if they're the perpetrators, and if so stop them at all costs. The plague is airborn so I've had these special masks made for the lot of you. Where them at all times unless your in a safe zone." She ordered as she held of one masks up for them to see. "I've already selected 2 groups to investigate the whereabouts of The Crusade. We've gotten information on 2 different areas where they could be hiding. These are the groups." She proceeds to name off each member of group 1 then 2. "No this selection is non-negotiable." She stated firmly with a raised hand. "You have an hour to pack and prepare. Tickets have already been bought for each group to take the train to the nearest town of they're destination." She informed before raising her fist in the air with fire in her eyes.

    "Remember...We are stronger than night, we are Eclipse!"

    1 hour later....

    Fiore Map (open)

    Group 1: Shirotsume Station
    Group 2: Logres Station

    Group 1

    Group 2
    (To be) Oshita
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  2. Temperance, known as Tempi to her fellow guild mates, watched from her seat as her other group members board the train, mostly the dragon slayer of the group. From what she remembered hearing about dragon slayers, they tend to get motion sick. It may have been a rumor though but one can never fully know since dragon slayers are supposed to be powerful humans trained by dragons. Whatever the case, Temperance didn't see any problem with being motion sick, it just proves that dragon slayers are still susceptible to the same thing normal humans are. Looking at the other members of the group, she could definitely tell that their team was powerful, but she was worried about the balance of it all. Hopefully their master knew what she was doing when she teamed everyone up for this mission.
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  3. To say Xylar was less than pumped for this mission would be an understatement.

    As he hauled his backpack and suitcase into the train's compartment, Xylar already felt exhausted. After a series of sleepless nights for the past week due to multiple quests and missions he was dragged into, the chef needed a break. However, he knew how important this mission was as people were dying in countless numbers due to this mysterious plague that affected magic users. He just wished that the trip would be over soon and he could sleep in his comfy bed at his relatively tiny apartment.

    He eyed the girl sitting in the train by the window who was watching them all board with unease. Her name was Temperance, if he recalled correctly, but he didn't know much about her other than the fact that she knew how to cook. She was only with them for a few months, but her skills were phenomenal to say the least for a magic sword user. The bluenette almost reminded him of Erza, the brooding female mage in Fairy Tail who was there for almost as long as he had been with Eclipse.

    Boarding the train after a few minutes, he realized that this would be a rocky journey. With dragon slayers on board, he had a feeling they would have to knock them out in order for them to not throw up every five minutes or complain about how long it was taking to get to their destination. Xylar took care to sit a bit far from them, just in case something did happen.
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  4. With each step Felix took, the clanging of metal rang out, as his heavy iron armor clanked and rang with each step. The armor would've made it impossible for most people to so much as move, let alone run all the way from the guild hall to Logres station in a matter of minutes. To Felix, the armor was like a second skin, and he never noticed the weight except when he took it off, after which he felt like he'd just shed almost 150 pounds of weight in an instant. He held his shield in one hand, and his sword was tucked into its scabbard at his hip. The blade was huge, requiring two hands for everyone else he'd met, but the hulking iron warrior could wield it in one with no trouble. As he clanged his way through the station, he came to stand with his fellow members of Group 2, two of which he grabbed, putting his arms around their shoulders in a sudden and likely rather unwelcome gesture of friendship, "Come my fellows! Let us show this so-called 'Crusade' the honor of a true warrior!" he exclaimed loudly, standing to his full height and clenching his fist dramatically in front of his chest. Many passerby stared in confusion, wonder, or irritation, but Felix cared not. He was a true warrior, and he felt no shame at the distaste of others.
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  5. Zarek Crusnik

    Zarek waited for the rest of his group to board as he gazed out the window. Trains didn't bother him, but the confined space wasn't particularly pleasant. Temperance was in the seat across the aisle from him. He glanced to Xylar as he took a seat in front of the elder Wizard. He wasn't sure what to make of this group, he didn't dislike anyone in it, but he was curious of what Winter was thinking teaming them together.

    Amethyst eyes switch back to the window, only to see the rest of his guildmates rush into the train. Rolling his eyes at the sight Zarek's lips twitched into a small smile. "Looks like everyone has made it, barely." He commented sarcastically as the train began its departure for Shirotsume. His voice was deep and husky as usual.
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  6. River and the other members of her team were talking about something or another, River wasn't paying attention. She was too excited at the idea of finally leaving on a mission! Swooping in like a hero to investigate suspects! Going off to a far away land, who knows what there will be?! Maybe even - WHOOSH.
    Her thoughts were interrupted by a bone-crushing feeling around her collarbone. It took her a moment to realise that her cheek was pressed up against cold, hard iron. Felix. She thought as she made her acquaintance with his armour. As the man then released her and the other unsuspecting member, River felt air return to her lungs. River had never really met Felix, or "Legionnaire" as he was known. Felix was intimidating the way he towered over her, around the guild River steered clear him, for fear of being squashed accidentally. Slightly afraid and slightly excited, she mimicked the gesture, placing her hand over her chest. But the afraid side won out, perhaps it was a salute only for warriors? She hastily moved her hand to her side and hoped no one had seen.
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  7. Temperance looked over to Zarek when he spoke. He was sarcastic as usual but that didn't bother her as much as it did to some people. "Hm..." She hummed in reply and turned back, opting to go back to watching the others board the train. Her one visible eye scanning over the others.
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  8. After quietly standing near the entrance of the train, watching the people board, Cal sat quietly next to Zarek, setting down a small black bag on the ground in front of hen and glanced between the mages in her group, wondering what kind fighting skills they possessed. Recognizing the magic they used was one thing, but it was how they used it that really mattered. There were a few there with magic that she couldn't recognize, needless to say seeing those ones fight should prove to be interesting. Either way, she hoped that they were going to be strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at them during this mission.
    "Oh come on already. What is taking so damn long?" she murmured to herself.
    She inwardly cursed the train from taking so long to start, although she didn't have direct motion sickness like she had heard other dragon slayers had, she did get a bit anxious while on moving vehicles, it wasn't anything she couldn't mask behind her usual calm expression, but it was still there.
    "Finally!" she said as the train finally began to start. She sighed quietly as she her head against the back of her chair and closed her eyes hoping this wouldn't be too long of a trip. Cal didn't stay like that for too long, eventually going back to watching the other mages on the train, now with more caution than curiosity.
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  9. [​IMG]
    He was already in the train, and didn't even bother to talk or react to what their Guild Master said. They were going on a mission. An important one at that. Fairy Tail was out of the question, though Nero never really cared for Fairy Tail in particular. The one person that interested him was someone who had similar magic like him. Ice. However his own magic was also ice, but quite different. It formed in a different way, its color was rather black and red than the general blue or sky blue.

    This also reminded him about another mage in their guild who also possessed the ice magic, however that was more general and perhaps the same Ice-make magic Gray from Fairy Tail had. Discarding these thoughts for the moment, Nero was sitting all the way back, with his gaze fixated on the window and what was out there in the world. His hazel eyes were somewhat squinted, as if he was in his own world. This was the very first time their own guild was allowed to go on an important mission. It was probably an S-rank mission, because having two teams for the same task would be stupid if it wasn't. Judging by the description of the job could obviously tell how dangerous it was.

    He was leaning back in his seat by the window, his elbow supported by the inside of the train, by the window, giving him enough room to allow his fist to support chin/cheek. The train was finally moving. A sigh only escaped his lips at that very moment, before he turned his gaze away from the outside. Re-adjusting himself in the seat, he looked at his palm. Small but ice-like sparkles started to form, before he whispered a familiar word. "Ice-make rose!" The ice generated, but immediately broke, dissolving like small particles. "Tch!!" He was annoyed, and waited for a brief moment before he continued. "Ice-make... Rose!!" Nero repeated. But the result was the same.

    "Damn it!" He could almost make it last like Ice-make in general does, but for some reason, his magic just couldn't. What was his magic?. Nero had tried numerous of times in secret to be able to generate ice as random as possible, by utilizing "Ice-make" first, but it was to no avail. That's also the main reason for why he gave his magic a different name. Ice Frost Magic.
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  10. Phoenix Aurora

    "Oof!" Phi stumbled a bit at the sudden weight of Felix' armor clad arm. But the blonde quickly regained her balance before throwing a scowl at the large man. Despite his size and immense strength, the man didn't intimidate her in the least. In fact she saw him more as a big teddy bear....In iron. Her scowl only lasted a second though before flipping to a bright smile that lit up her sapphire eyes.

    "Felix your gonna squish poor River, your armor weighs a ton." She warned in a playful tone. Her voice was smooth, almost sultry. Her and River had been about to board they're train (to Phi's utmost dread) when the Legionnare bombarded them. Looking over at her bluenette friend she gave River an encouraging smile. "C'mon we're gonna miss our train." The way her tone was it sounded like she was hoping they did, Phoenix did not like vehicles.
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  11. Kuroh Fujijibasu
    'The Soul King'

    Kuroh watched as the train had pulled into the station. The train doors slid open people made their way in and out. Kuroh simply walked through the crowd as he made his way on board. His eyes cold as stone he stared into emptiness. He found a seat near the back and sat down. Swiftly but quietly he brought hood up.

    He leaned an arm against the window watching the others in the group. He stared out the window. Looking down he looked upon his hand. Getting bored he decided to take a nap. Slowly his eyes fluttered shut as he rested his head against the window.
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  12. Felix pulled his arms off of his two compatriots, "My apologies River, I meant not to harm you. It would bring great dishonor upon me if I were to allow harm to befall my comrades due to my own carelessness," he said, "Please, forgive me!" he pleaded, pressing his enormous armored hands together and bowing. His warrior's honor was everything to him, it defined him, and he'd based his life around being the most honorable warrior he could be. "Come now, my friends, let us board this train and seek our foe!" With a mighty heave, he tossed his suitcase into the baggage car. It landed with a thud at the top of the suitcase pile, crashing into the back wall of the train-car with enough force to knock the average man unconscious. Luckily, Felix had missed the bellboy. "Onward, to victory!" He cried out dramatically before boarding the train, attempting to yank River and Phoenix aboard with him.
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  13. River didn't have a moment to tell Felix it was fine, for after apologising profusely, he called on them again to set forth to victory. His excitement was contagious though, River grinned broadly as she was tugged along. Perhaps Phi was right not to be scared of him, River mused, he is rather harmless. Well, if you ignored the fact he could probably crush a grown mans skull with his bare hand. River indeed chose to ignore that fact and sat down, she noticed a team mate already abroad. He appeared to be sleeping, River wondered if she should follow in suit. But she knew no matter how hard she tried, it would be futile. Phi might not be able to get much sleep either, River wondered how Phi would be, hopefully it wasn't too rough on a train for her. It then occurred to River, that she hadn't uttered a single word to the hulking 6'1 feet warrior with her. River mentally compared him to a breaking wave, Felix had grabbed her (quite literally) by the shoulders, throwing her head first into a knightly adventure she had only ever dreamed about. What would Phi say? Something cool, something comrade-ly? Say something grownup-sounding. River straightened up in her seat, a sad attempt to seem taller, and said:

    "...I like your armour Felix."
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  14. Y U U K I ○ I N O U E

    "Yay! We're going on an actual huge mission!" Yuuki exclaimed, practically bouncing with the amount of excitement that he had bubbling up inside of him. Sure, they had taken quite serious jobs before, but nothing as big as this! This was a 'saving the world' kind of thing. Something that he thought they'd never get to do. And he was apart of it! As soon as he heard his name called, he immediately began to pack before dashing out the doors of Eclipse, calling out a farewell over his shoulder. His guild mates had just shook their heads at him in a good-natured way, but wished him luck all the same. That was about an hour ago.

    Now, he was making his way towards his assigned train. He wondered who else was already on there. Humming softly, he made his way down the station, maneuvering around other people. Finally, he had reached the train, handing his ticket over before climbing on after putting his luggage up. Immediately, he spotted a few of his other teammates. Grinning broadly, he headed over towards them, plopping in a seat next to Phoenix. "Are you guys ready for this mission? We're totally going to complete this," he said in a slightly smug tone, eyes gleaming with glee and excitement. He was pumped for them to get to their destination and start doing whatever they had to do. I really need to calm down. But I just can't!

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  15. After yanking his comrades onto the train, Felix found himself a seat on one of the boothlike seats on the train, which the enormous armor-clad warrior took up most of. He had to unclasp his sword and sheath from his waist to sit down, so it now rested propped against the side of the seat alongside his shield. It was tough to believe that only a few months ago, the goofy giant had been a part of one of the most successful and feared groups of mercenaries on the globe. The Talon Company had been founded long ago, when a small island nation had fought for independence from it's larger rulers. The island's soldiers were skilled, and ultimately won their homeland's freedom after decades of conflict, but after spending so long as soldiers, struggled to return to more mundane work. As such, the founder of the Talon Company, Rachel Talon, transformed six battalions of soldiers into the first members of Talon Company. In the 30 years since then, the mercenary group had passed it's leadership to Rachel's daughter, Elizabeth Talon, who'd extended the group to Fiore about three years ago. In that short time, the Talon Company had gained a terrifying reputation as a group of unstoppable mercenaries who'd taken on all sorts of jobs that other people couldn't handle, from exterminating pests and hunting down dangerous gangs, to assassinations and large-scale battles, the Talon Company easily rivaled some of the top guilds in power. People who fought and killed for a living, the Talon Company were definitely seen as a scary group.

    The massive warrior smiled in response to River's compliment, "Thank you, kind lady. I made it myself," he said truthfully with a bit of a blush on his cheeks. He had to admit, River was a rather cute girl, and he wasn't sure exactly how to act in these scenarios.
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  16. River smiled at the warrior, before leaning in to admire the armour more closely, it was handsome, River thought. Almost as much as it's wearer. At that thought, her cheeks darkened. She leaned away, hoping that Felix didn't notice. Thankfully, a voice chimed in, saving her from her somewhat risqué thoughts. Yuuki asked is they were ready for the mission.
    "Yeah it'll be awesome!" River said a little too loudly. "I can't believe that we finally get to go somewhere!" she continued. River felt her excitement bubble up once more, although this time accompanied, with a small shred of fear. What if it turns out she was useless in battle? What if she was just a hindrance to the team? She tried to focus on her excitement, but she still couldn't stop the nagging feeling at the back of her head.
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  17. Kuroh Fujijibasu
    Kuroh awoke to the sound of inoue practically screaming. His eyes slowly fluttered open. "why does he have to do this now" Kuroh muttered bluntly. He looked out the window to see what was out there. He then heard river start too. He rubbed his eyes and stared at his teammates. Watching them he felt somewhat irritated.
    He tried to close them all out by meditating and using his ability spirit walk.

    Once he was out of his body he walked around the train. Looking at all the different faces and such. He had then decided this was a waste of time and decided to return to his body. Once back it seemed to appear that the others had calmed down.
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  18. Felix noticed how close she was getting, a bit closer than she probably needed to. He smiled brightly, and gave her a wink that was intended to be subtle, but probably wasn't. Subtlety wasn't exactly the massive iron-clad knight's specialty, unless it was with the blade. When the third member of the group asked them if they were ready, Felix told him the truth: "Yuki, was it? Do not be offended, I mean this in the best of ways, but we know nothing about the enemy we face. Not their powers, not their skill, we don't even know what they look like. All we know, is that they are an honorless person who attacks the innocent, and that people call our foe 'Crusade.' None of us can be ready for such a mystery. This doesn't mean I'm not excited, however," a great grin broke out across his face, "It will make for a great battle, it has been too long since I found someone to rival my blade!" he exclaimed, shaking a massive, gauntlet-clad fist for emphasis.

    The great armored knight could feel his heart itch in his chest, as if it were trying to climb out of him. He knew what was making him feel this way, and it wasn't the mission. The adorable blue-haired girl sitting beside him. He'd developed a bit of a crush on River during his time as a part of the guild, but never really talked to her. He'd either been busy with missions or a bit too nervous, until he'd inadvertently grabbed her when he'd came to the station. There was another girl with blue hair in the guild who's name escaped Felix, and the mighty iron-warrior had assumed it had been her. Afterwards, he just had to act as if nothing had happened and that business was as normal. While he generally did fairly well with girls, he was always worried that he'd mess up, or that his instincts would lead him astray and into a horribly awkward situation. Still, he at the very least would pretend to be confident, as he found it helped him to be. Fake it until you make it, one might say.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Mab relaxed back into her seat eyeing the rest of her group from over her novel, part of her was glad she was stuck with the group of fuddy duddies. The other half of her...well...not so much. You see, on one hand she was extremely pleased not to be caught up in the noisy over active bunch in group two, as they tended to get in the way of her reading. On the other, however, this group was boring! They were all so serious and mature, which she supposed she herself should be... but really this kind of mood was suffocating. She took a moment to once again catalogue each and every one of them.

    Across the way from her sat the dragon slayer of their group, Cal. She tended to be quite subdued, not often interacting, making it hard to pin her down. Either way Mabel was more the confident that Cal was a good ally, and a good person. She wouldn't be here if she wasn't. It didn't really stop her from wishing to see the girl a little more pumped up an active though. She was honestly a bit impressed with her, as of the moment, she couldn't see the motion sickness in her face at all.

    Two seats up from her rested Temperance. Yet another quiet member of their guild, though she tended to go off quiet enthusiastically if you pushed the right button. Yet another person Mabel really wish she could see a bit more open, if she was to be completely honest with herself. Though, she guessed she didn't really mind her silence as long as she got to see her wield a sword. It was enchanting really... Mabel could appreciate the gracefulness in her form(in more ways then one, which may be do to reading to many romance novels).

    Then there was Xylar, who had taken up residence as far away from Cal as possible. Yet another quiet cutie (definitely gotta stop reading the romance) among their little 'family'. He wouldn't go out of his way to be actively rude, so after a second of entertaining the distance as a thinly disguised fight, she settled on the idea that he was scared of the repercussions of a dragon slayers sickness. ...A god slayer afraid of a little dragon slayer vomit. Funny. One day she'd like to say something, anything, that would pull some real emotion of that boys face. He was to stoic, it wasn't a good look for such a handsome face.

    Finally there was Zarak. Another handsome face wasted with a subdued attitude. (really what was it with eclipse and rounding up attractive people with social problems, It was like being in a room full of plastic dolls at times!) He sat with Xyler, across the Aisle from Temperance. All together in their quiet little...bunch. She wondered if she pulled a little prank of some kind, no matter how out of character that might be for her, would it liven up their sullen group?

    She ticked it off in her head:

    Herself - Caster Magic
    Temperance - ReEquip Magic
    Xylar - God Slayer Magic
    Zarak - Lost Magic
    Cal - Dragon Slayer Magic.

    It was impressive list, hell. It was down right terrifying. They really weren't a force to be mess with, so much power in once small unit. To her knowledge, even fairy tail lacked such an impressive line up. And they had damn near gods among men! ...not that anyone was going to notice her guilds power anytime soon...
    "Damn it!"
    ...Oh! How could she have forgotten one of the most interesting comrades among them. Nero. Nero Greyhart. She had taken up the seat diagonal from him. He seemed to be trying furious-like to make his magic work like that which belonged to Gray, the fairy tail member who also wielded ice. She lowered her book to her lap and reached out to place a hand lightly on his right knee. A reassuring gesture.

    "Hey, Nero. Don't stress yourself out over it. You'll figure it out sooner or later, your a smart guy." She flashed him a wide smile, "I believe in you and when am I ever wrong?"
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  20. Temperance looked over everyone still with her singular eye and took notice of Mabel look her way for a bit before looking at the other members of their little group. She couldn't deny that Mabel was cute and very easy on the eyes, but Temperance could not find it in her to try and ask the girl out, mainly because she didn't know a lot about her other than she was a Caster mage. Her eyes drifted over to the two good looking males that sat a bit ways from her. Zarek was like a Greek statue come to life and she heard he was a ferocious mage and couldn't wait to see him in action. Xylar on the other hand looked like a male model and, like Zarek, she had heard he was pretty dangerous. Smiling a bit, she turned back to look outside the window and watch as the scenery roll on by.
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