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      The Plot
      In a semi-AU (alternate-universe) from the original anime. We would be playing as members from a recently formed guild, Eclipse. Fairy Tail and all the rest still exist, but they wont be apart of this rp. While FT is busy with another threat, Eclipse is faced with they're own enemy. Someone has unleashed a long since forgotten airborne plague on the land. Its victims first suffer from persistent migraines, then they start losing they're senses one by one, after that comes organ failure, then eventually death. Overall the plague takes 4 days to 1 week (depending on they're physical health) to kill someone from the moment they're infected. Whats truly scary is it only effect Wizards, non-magical humans seem unaffected by this deadly plague.

      Nobody has figured out a cure yet and the disease keeps spreading. A group suspects its the work of a mysterious organization known for being anti-magic/anti-wizard. With the fate of Fiore on the line and Fairy Tail dealing with they're own problems. Eclipse is called upon to find this organization known as The Crusade, and find the cure for this formidable plague. A plague now named "The Heartless Plague".

      With the lives of all Wizards/Magical-Creatures on the line, will Eclipse prevail or will Fiore fall?

      Our Beginning
      Everyone will be starting out as a member of the Legal Guild, Eclipse. The guild has only been around for about 2 years now and has a very mysterious/vague history. Your free to play as a member thats been apart of the guild from the start (aside from the Guild Master) or someone completely new!

      We will begin the rp with 2 groups of Wizards from Eclipse setting out to pursue 2 separate leads on the organization suspected of causing the Heartless Plague. They're goal is to track down The Crusade's hideout (I will be NPCing The Crusade) and find out if they're the perpetrators. If so we will have to discover the source, and possible cure, for the plague.

      I'll go into further detail in the IC =)

      1. No Godmodding/Metagaming.
      2. Play nice in OOC, treat others how you would like to be treated.
      3. 2 Character max per player.
      4. Follow all Iwaku rules.
      5. Romance and violence are encouraged but keep it PG-13 or take it to PM's (remember stay in your age bracket!)
      6. Wait for at least 2 post's from other players before posting again (this is so people dont get left behind)
      7. Please stay active, I understand life gets in the way/busy, it happens to me plenty. Just let us know if you wont be active for a certain amount of time. If you dont after 5 days you'll receive 1 warning, if you dont respond a week later your character(s) will be taken control of and/or killed off.
      8. To show me you've read these rules please put "Our soul's are our own!" at the top of your CS please.
      9. Devil Slayer's will not be allowed in this rp, they're just too OP.
      10. 1 Paragraph minimum per post, proper grammar/spelling is appreciated as well.
      11. As GM my word is LAW so please follow it =)
      12. Dont be afraid to ask questions, I dont bite!....Sometimes.

      Character Sheet (open)

      Appearance: (anime only)
      Age: (12-24)
      Sexuality: (whatever you wanna be)
      Insignia Place/Color: (where your Eclipse tat is on your body and what color it is)
      Skills: (Non-magic related skills. Ex: Cooking, swordplay, hand-to-hand, ect)
      Magic: (If Dragon/God Slayer please state here.)
      Personality: (optional)
      History: (optional)
      Theme Song(s): (optional)
    • Eclipse Insignia
      Dragon Slayers
      Cal - @Zeroisdead

      God Slayers
      Phoenix - Estrella

      Lost Magic
      Kuroh - @SashaBliss
      Nero - @Akashi
      Zarek - Estrella

      Felix - @Eon
      Hanaka - @Citrus
      River - @Link_Loftin
      Temperance - @Cybermoon
      Akira - @Calamity
      Oshita - @NorwayFOO
      Moriyama - @NorwayFOO
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  1. Reserve me a god slayer and a regular magic?

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  2. Just reserve me an 'other' please?
    I'll work on a CS and have something up tomorrow :)
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  3. Will do! No rush =)
  4. Hahahahahahaha...
  5. Sorry, i said god slayer but i meant dragon!!!
  6. Assuming the other dragon slayer isn't reserved, I would like to take it! If it is reserved, then I would like the god slayer as my second choice :D. I will get a character sheet up for this later this week.
  7. "Our souls are our own!"


    Inoue Yuuki
    144 lbs
    Insignia Place/Color:
    In the center of his upper back, between his shoulder blades. The color is an ice blue.
    • Running
    • Sewing
    • First-Aid
    • Baking
    • Reading Maps
    • Agility
    • Lying

    Yuuki has control over ice. He can create things, freeze things, and, of course, attack others. In other words, he is an Ice Mage.
    Cocky | Child-like | Protective | Short-Tempered | Sarcastic | Rebellious | Caring | Determined
    To be revealed later on in the roleplay.
    Theme Song(s):
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Nero Greyhart

    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Height: 5''10
    Weight: 179 LBS
    Reading | Cooking | Flexibility | Blademaster

    Insignia Placement/Color:
    Red Eclipse mark with black borderlines above his right chest.

    Reckless | Stubborn | Situational | Lazy (Can Be)

    Ice Frost Magic (Black - Red)


    Theme Song:
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  9. Usually ice is blue or light blue. I assume @Kitsune is going for the original ice-make magic. However, I want to point out that my characters magic is very rare and different. Its not a slayer magic. Its a lost magic. Yes, thats where I'd say it fits in. Ice Make Devil Magic. That's also why the ice is very different than the original Ice Make. Also why the color is a mix of black and red.. Its close to crystal magic I guess but is definetely like ice in general. Wanted to point this out so there would be a difference between both my own character and @Kitsune 's.

    Changed the name to Ice Frost Magic
  10. [​IMG]
    "Our Souls Are Our Own!"

    Mabel "Mab" Elphame





    Insignia Place/Color:
    Baby blue, on her left hip.

    ~Mundane Skills~
    •Natural Charm•
    •High Range Voice/Excellent Singer•
    •Good Memory•

    ~Combat Skills~
    •Calm In Battle•
    •Good Defense Reflexes•
    •Insanely Flexible•
    •Light Footed•
    •Quick Footed•

    ~Misc. Skills~
    •Able To Say The ABC's Backwards•
    •Silver Tongued•
    •Great Balance•
    •Quick Thinker•
    •Gum Bubble Blowing•
    •Natural Born Actor•

    (Magic Classification) Magic Type - Skill Level

    (Caster Magic) Fairy Magic - Adept
    (Caster Magic) Dark Écriture - Proficient
    (Caster Magic) Binging Magic - Abysmal

    She's very much a believer that someone has to carve their own path because no one else, not even "fate", is going to do it for you. She's held these beliefs since she was very young and as such it made her something of an independent and outgoing creature. She likes having a good time and is usually a fun person to be around. She'll crack jokes and goof off with anyone willing to take the time a spend time with her.

    Her inner thoughts tend to be kept to herself however, as she does not like to spare information for those who aren't humble enough to ask for it. Information, no, Knowledge, means a lot to her. She likes to have all the variables she can before diving in, but also realizes this isn't always possible.

    She's bright, motivated, and terribly stubborn. When she thinks she's right she's going to go her own way and make sure she acts accordingly to her beliefs. That isn't to say, however, she isn't a team player. While she does better on her own she tends not to have to many issues as working as a cog in the machine. This is, of course, on the condition that she is treated like an equal or person instead of a faceless worker.

    When she's treated as any less then a person she tends to get angry, and her anger is a bit of an explosive thing. She bottles it up and then later burns it off by reading a good relaxing book, but when it gets to much she blows up at whoever is unfortunate enough to have set her off along with anyone else in the immediate area. She tends to lash out with her words more then her fists, but thats not to say she's unwilling to lash out psychically. Her anger tends to be tear filled and red faced, and it truly is a force to be recon with.

    More To Be Added As Roleplay'd

    Theme Song(s):

    Current Life Goals (open)

    Develop her own magic style based only on voice, and using it as a suggestive or hypnotic sedative.
    The idea is siren like in quality.

    To invent her own form of magic, in order to go back to her orginal magic teacher and present it. In hopes to be thought the magic they invented and only ptomised to share when she had something to share in return.

    Alternate Pictures/Outfits (open)

    Show Spoiler

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  11. If it ends up I can't have Dragon Slayer because of my mix up i'm willing to take lost magic! (i just can't do god slayer because i'm just not to well versed with it to be honest)
  12. funny thing, god slayer is the same thing as dragon slayer, but the difference is.. A god slayer can suck in a dragon slayers magic as well.. if its the same element.. like fire.. but a dragon slayer cannot do the same to a god slayer.
  13. Sushy....Lol this one will be much more organized!

    Ah XD thats okay, I'll change it to dragon.

    Sorry but all Dragon slots are reserved. But you can have the God Slayer =) I'll reserve it for ya!

    Hmmm....Okay as long as its not Devil Slayer magic, thats not allowed this time around.

    I'll look over all the CS's later tonight or when they're finish =)
  14. Lets see how long this one will last, kay?
  15. Well I'm sticking to my activity rule this time so it should go more smoothly (hopefully)
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Phoenix "Phi" Aurora

    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 122
    Insignia Place/Color:
    The moon part is ocean turquoise while the flames are a soft yellow. Its located on the front of her right hip.
    Skills: Acrobatics|Hand-to-Hand|Minor Alchemy|Good Stamina|Persuasion|Surprising Strength
    Magic: Sun God Slayer
    History: Will rp
    Theme Song(s):
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  17. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Zarek Crusnik
    Insignia Place/Color:

    The left side of his collar bone. Its blood red with a mix of purple/orange flames.
    Excellent Cook
    Physically Strong
    Street Fighter
    Great Endurance
    Expert Swordsman

    (Full turned)

    Demon Magic
    Main Abilities (open)

    Demon Magic: Mark
    By placing a mark on a physical property (living or not) Zarek is able to transport himself to that mark if its within 1 Kilometer. Can only place 5 marks at a time currently. Once used the mark disappears.

    Demon Magic: Titan Hand
    In his full turned state Zarek's right hand turns into a magic enhanced claw. If caught in its grasp not only does it have immense crushing power, but it drains the victims strength and adds it to his own.

    Demon Senses:
    Much like a Dragon/God Slayer Zarek has enhanced senses such as smell, sight, hearing.

    Demon Magic: Predator
    In his full turned form Zarek has a VERY deadly aura surrounding him. It pulses with dark magic. So much so that if a living being comes within 6ft of him and isn't strong willed, they'll freeze in terror.

    Loner|Quick Tempered|Intimidating|Secretive|Protective|Intelligent|Surprisingly Kind
    Zarek is half human, half demon. He has the appearance of a regular human until he activates his Demon Magic. Once activated it morphs Zarek into his Demon form in 2 stages. Half-Turned (he can use half his power) and full-turned. But if he fully turns he risks losing control, making him unable to discern friend from foe. He acts more like a wild beast than human in this state.
    Theme Song(s):
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  18. Can people still sign up or do I have to be part of the group to be in the rp?
  19. Sure! And thank you for reading the rules lol
    Nope sign ups are still open =) though I think I'll close them after you
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