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  1. I have always wanted to do an canon RP of Fairy Tail. I am obsessed with Natsu, so I would want to play him. If anyone is interested, that'd be great.

    I don't care what theme.

    We can brainstorm ideas for a plot that either follows the story, or is something not in the Anime/Manga. ​
  2. I love fairy tail, it's one of my favorites.
  3. Awesome, you want to do one?​
  4. Sure. :) Did you have anything in mind when you were putting up the request?
  5. I didn't have a plot really, so maybe we could brainstorm, or just wing it. But I really want to be Natsu so...​
  6. I'm fine with you being Natsu. you want only canon or possibly original? I'm fine with doing either. I can probably play a good Lucy.
  7. Doesn't matter. You can play whoever.​
  8. The reason why I am asking is because I have an original character that I always love shipping Natsu with.

    Though I adore all of the characters in the anime. :D
  9. Then do your OC :D ​
  10. Okay great. :)

    Brainstorming time:
    Hmm, let see. I kind of find it easier to make up our own story. Sometimes putting stuff into a story that's already made is complicated.
  11. Yeah, but what kind of story. Like, how should the characters meet? Hm... ​
  12. Hmm, how about we have my character join the guild for the first time when we start, that's how they would meet.

    Then....well I guess somethings we can make up as we go.
  13. Sounds perfect. Should we do PM or forum?​
  14. Seeing how you found someone I'd thought maybe I'd help give a plot idea to help you two. What about a dark guild that rises up through the ranks and becomes so powerful they begin to take over guilds all around Fiore to gain total domination?
  15. Oh WhiteBane, that seems like a good idea thanks.

    Hmm, I don't mind either methods. Which one do you like?
  16. Ooh, good idea WhiteBane, oh, and I don't mind if you join either. I never said it had to be a 1x1 :D

    I think we should do that idea. ​
  17. *nods* I think so too. :)
  18. Awesome :D I am excited!
  19. Cool, I'm glad you guys like the idea! I've had the idea since the Phantom Lord arc, if its fine with you two I'd love to join.
  20. That's fine :D Welcome!
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