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  1. Ken Tanaka
    Celestial & Sandstorm mage
    Fairy Tail Mage
    Location: Guild Hall

    Ken let the other take the job request, for he had no need of the sheet. As he waited for everyone to come to their decision he stood there with his arms crossed as he silently looked out at this group. Honestly, he was a bit annoyed by the fact more than one person was supposedly going to join him, however, he didn't tell any of them they couldn't come with. Namely due to the fact he was slightly, curious as to what the people before him were capable of, or how they were like in a setting that wasn't there first meeting. Would they prove to be useful? Or just get in the way? Will the job only confirm his current beliefs on doing jobs with others? Who knows, but for now, he was willing to try to do a job with a group, something he never even considered doing before. "Dont count on it." He stated simply, his eyes now going to his nails when Pompey said she would win him over and he may change his 'bitter' attitude. While he was more than capable of going on and on, about how small of a chance Pompey had to win him/become friends with him, he chose not to. There was no point in starting a petty argument, at least....not right now~ Besides, she had already left and moved to the bar to go get drunk.

    When DJ spoke about doing his best not to screw up, Ken only gave a small nod to show he heard him. However when the other went to the bar to get a drink, and offered to buy a round for all of them, he merely rolled his eyes. "Not interested." He grumbled in reference to having a drink. Ken had yet to get a drink of any kind of alcohol since he got here, and showed no intention of having some. "We st-" As he was about to inform the others that not everything was done, his attention was brought to Viera.

    He remained where he was as he listened to the girl speak, no words left him while he tilted his head to the side. "...…..I'll think about it." He stated simply as he lightly shrugged. The offer, wasn't a bad one, after all he did want to do some preparations for the job as well, namely with transportation and figuring out how much money he would have to spend on the trip there and back. While he admittedly wasn't interested in an apartment, he knew he should really take a look around the town and get to know his new...…..well...…..his new home.

    Before he could come to a decision on the matter, he turned his gaze to the guildmaster that was now approaching them. Upon hearing the man say that he hadn't been part of a wizard's guild before a great deal of relief filled him. This meant he didn't have to out right lie on his first day, rather he can just fail to mention his past, which worked just fine for him. After all, he had no clue how this guild would take to having an ex dark mage in their it was best to keep it to himself. Though it would be quite the grind to get back to his pervious ranking, but....he was ready for it. This was the price he had to pay for a new life, then he would pay it without complaint.

    As the guild master patted Ken's back, the younger male moved away from him a bit, not so much as to be rude, but enough to reduce the contact. "I already have my eyes on a place, but ya, thanks for the offer." He mumbled his eyes moving to the side at the mention of the train station and his sand magic. "Ah that, they were just annoying pests in my way, dont think much of it." He simply said waving off the compliment. "What you saw at the station is nothing compared to what I can do, something you'll see when I can show it."

    After saying this he moved away from the guildmaster and toward the bar, once he was behind the two drinking he stopped. "I say we take four days to get ready, and we will meet up here at noon. Anyone not here at this time gets ditched." Without waiting for a response from them he moved over to Viera. "If you are leaving now I'll take you up on your offer, since I have to check a place out and make sure my things have been moved there. As well as check out and see how many ways we can get to our job, or at the very least see how much a round trip for four people costs at the station. That being said, if you aren't leaving now or at the very least soon, then forget it." He stated ever so simply, his hands in his pocket as he waited for a response from her.
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    Viera Delmonte
    Fairy Tail Guild Hall

    Viera was relieved by the discount on the Fairy Tail dorms, It was certainly affordable and she wouldn't need to worry too much about rent for the first little while. Having a place to stay while she sorted through her move would be useful, and what money she saved could go into little things to make this place her home. Of course, she would need to contact her family and let them know she was alive, and maybe get a few items from home, but that would come later.​
    While knowing about this new place may be useful, she still needed to check the place out and decide whether or not she should stay there permanently. Her brother would be happy about it being separated by gender, but that didn't really matter to her in the long run. She had a few questions about the place, and Eve seemed to be the best person to ask. She could hear the tapping of the glass hitting the counter as well as the smell of beer from her side of the bar. This would be the best time to ask it seemed.​
    "Hey Eve, I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about the dorms, mainly how far they are from the guild and the general layout. Also, would I have access to a kitchen, or would I have to get a majority of my meals here at the guild? Also, how far away is the market from here, I was thinking of maybe picking up a few things before going on our job."
    She heard Grumpy address their teammates and mentioned meeting up in 4 days before they journeyed outwards. Seeing as how she had time to prepare, Viera couldn't help but relax as she waited for Eve's reply. Since she had the time, maybe she could make some food to take along the journey with them. She would have to ask the others about possible allergies and their dislikes, but it would save money.​
    Grumpy's footsteps seemed to be coming closer towards her, so Viera made sure to turn slightly towards him. Although his response was to the point and almost curt, Viera couldn't hold back her grin at his acceptance of her invitation. "Well, I just need some information about the dorms, then we can head out. Thanks for joining me, I have a feeling this will be kind of fun. I haven't had the chance to really explore in a while, so I'm just going to warn you now, I may get sidetracked; and if I do, just call my name." Viera shrugged slightly. "But if I do annoy you, I promise to make it up to you, probably with food, and before you refuse, I won't take no for an answer. I may not be as good a cook as Eve here, but the men at my old guild would literally fight over any of the deserts I would make."
    Knowing she was getting off track, Viera gave him a sheepish smile before remembering the whole point of this excursion. "So, where do you want to start. The market, train station, exploring, or looking at our housing options? We should also make a list of the things we need to have for the job, it may be cheaper to purchase them here than on the road or last minute."

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    Pompey Glashion
    Fairy Tail - Guild Hall

    Pompey happily watches Eve poor her a glass of liquor. She had said free drinks for anyone who wanted one, and if the others were going to be drinking, she'll take theirs. And If that wasn't the case, DJ would most definitely buy her a drink or two. Pompey saw the communication Lacrima under her arm and assumed she was confirming the guild transfers. When she finally served them their drinks, she happily told them they were officially C and B rank members of Fairy Tail respectively. "Splendid." She then grabbed her glass. "Now come on Dj, let's throw these back and get working on the second round." Without waiting for a reply she already started chugging her liquor, a pleasant smile on her face. The cool liquor burned her through on the way down, but the more intense the burn, the more effective the liquor.

    Pompey slammed her glass on the bar counter, the look in her eyes said it all If she was going to get 'buzzed', she was going to need more than just one glass. "I'm going to need another bartender." She said leaning over the counter while still in her chair to get closer to Eve. "How about you join us for a drink with us, we're all guildmates after all." She wasn't sure if Eve was old enough to drink, and wasn't too concerned if she was. In Glacier, you were drinking by your 13th birthday, it helped you grow up strong and kept you warm.

    She then heard footsteps behind her and turned her he slightly towards them. I was the grumpy boy again, who came over to tell them the game plan for there assignment. They had 4 days to get ready, 4 days to prepare. Before Pompey had a chance to responded, Grumpy was walking away. She signed and looked towards Dj. "Don't worry DJ, if you aren't on time we'll wait for you. Same goes for Viera too. I suggest we get there early and avoid any hassles."

  4. Eve Galeheart
    Watching Pompei and DJ drink up, and Pompey ordering up another round for them all, Eve gave her a blink "Coming right up!" She said, and grabbed both glasses to refill them "Unfortunately Pompey, it isn't allowed for people to drink here until they are 15 years old. But, I'm going to pass that threshold in the near year, so you can look forward to a lot of drinking time with me!" She said, offering a big smile to Pompey as she gave the glasses back to Pompey and DJ.

    Both Viera and Ken approached them once more. Ken came to let the others know how long they had before they will depart on the chosen mission, while Viera came to ask her a question. Or three. Smiling as she listened, Eve understood Viera's worries "Well, to answer all questions quickly so you could depart with Ken, the Dorms are on the Guild grounds, if you leave the hall and immediately take a right, there is a pathway that takes you there. Its a two minute walk, pretty straight forward and it is a proper path, nothing to make you accidently trip or such. The dorms themselves have a kitchen, so you can cook there, and you are able to use the Guild Hall's kitchen as well, though if there is a crowd in the kitchen, I will get grumpy." She told Viera, the tease being very clear in her voice.

    "As for the market, that's a ten minute walk from the hall, though not on a direct path. You need to first walk to the Town's shining monument, Kardia Cathedral, which is about half way to the market, and take a left on the main path once there. Its walking right besides the river from Kardia Cathedral, so the sound of the water could help get there." She finished explaining, and looked towards Ken "Maybe you and Ken could go there as part of looking around." She quickly added before turning back to Pompey and DJ.

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  5. [​IMG]

    Daniel James "DJ" Greenwood
    Currently in the Fairytail bar
    interacting@PurpleSnowDrop @Cush Almighty@SolemnOath @Nim

    "Excellent news!" DJ said once Eve told him his rank had been acknowledged. "It was a rough journey to get here. I remember this one time my old guild mates.." DJ's face froze for a second, but only for a second as he remembered his fallen friends. He lifted his glass and muttered under his breath, "for lost guildmates." He took a drink and went back to his cheery self. He heared the guild master and Eve explain about door life and the discount and it seemed pretty tempting. "I might take you up on that generous offer Master."

    He looked over at Pompei and he raised his glass. "Here's to raising our Ranks Pompei, may we both reach S class." DJ looked over at Ken who looked like he was ready to go but for some reason was waiting for Vierra. He simply smiled and raised his glass to the grumpy wizard signifying that he sees good in him. His attention was drawn back to the bar when Pompei asked Eve to join them. "Yes, Eve, Master, Vierra, Ken, everyone should join in. This is the beginning of a new chapter in Fairy tail history."

    DJ took another drink and focused back on the mission. "Sounds fine in 4 days time we shall depart on our first quest."
  6. Ken Tanaka
    Celestial & Sandstorm mage
    Fairy Tail Mage
    Location: Guild Hall & outside of the guildhall

    Ken remained in his spot as he silently waited for Eve to give the information that was requested. While he was facing the door, his head was slightly turned to Eve as he listened to the girl give directions about not just the dorms but the market as well. Rather than say anything he just nodded, showing he heard. His attention was then taken when he felt eyes on him, turning his attention to DJ who seemed to raise a glass to him, he raised a brow in confusion at first, not fully getting the reason. However, seeing the man's smile, he figured it was connected with a scoff and a roll of his eyes he looked back at Viera. "I'll wait outside." He stated softly before walking off.

    Even when DJ called out for him to join, Ken utterly ignored the man and headed right outside of the guildhall. "What a pain." He grumbled under his breathe as he rubbed the back of his head his eyes closed as he gave himself a moment to think. Letting the fresh air rush through his sense he merely tilted his head side to side as he massaged his neck. "Probably too many people for this... But I'll make due. To think..... I'd have to work from the ground up to get S class again...…"
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    Viera Delmonte
    Fairy Tail Guild Hall/ Wandering through Magnolia

    Viera heard DJ invite them for a drink, and when grumpy refused and just walked outside, she knew she didn't exactly have much time. "Maybe in a little bit, I don't think our friend is very patient. I'll make sure to get some things planned. Hopefully, the train isn't too expensive and we can take that, otherwise, we will have to cut costs somewhere. Anyways, I'll be heading into the market and if you want I can make us some food for the road." Smiling Viera waved goodbye and headed outside. She managed to over hear Grumpy mention something about getting back to 'S' Class.

    Viera was cocked her head to the side and kept quiet. His statement made little to no sense, if he had already been apart of a guild, then why didn't he admit his ranking. Why keep quiet about something like that? She knew he wasn't exactly pleased with going with a group, and if he was an S class wizard she could understand that. It just made no sense.

    Thinking about it was making her head hurt, so she put it aside and walked up to him. While she could have asked, it was obvious that he was keeping his reasons to himself, and she should respect that. Afterall she hadn't told anyone about her healing magic yet, and kept a few other things to herself, he should be able to do the same.

    "I'm ready to go when you are. Maybe we can swing by the apartments first, just so I can get an idea of where they are, and then head down to the station. Afterwards, we can check out the market and explore." While it made the most sense to her, she didn't want to inconvenience him if he had other ideas. "I'm open to other suggestions if you want." She gave him a smile and tried to put his mutterings to himself behind her.

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  8. Fairy Tail Guild Hall- Four Days later
    The next few days would pass by rather quietly in the City of Magnolia. Everything remained quiet, and nothing big seemed to happen. Some small talk have begun, regarding beginning preparations for an upcoming event to celebrate the City's 151st birthday, which was certainly something to celebrate. The talk was about holding the event in a week's time, and to invite people from all across the country, including members of the council.

    In the Guild, a couple of members came back from jobs. One of them, called Redmond, arrived back for not more than a day of rest before teaming up with Alberto and then quickly went out on another job, taking the only new job that was posted on the same day, a job to escort some diplomats as security who were moving between countries, before heading out quickly.

    The second member, who went by Ji, stayed in the guild to help out a bit. It would become evident that Ji was a friendly person, who had a talent for farming and taking care of plants. His magic, Green Magic, was certainly something that showed much of his talent, although he kept noting that he is rather weak when compared to most Guild members.

    One of the other two men, who were given more time to think about joining, had come back to the guild Hall during the third day, having decided to join, making Quill Neviris another new member who joined.

    On this particular day, April 13th X785, which was a Tuesday, it was partially cloudy, and winds blew quite strong. People scattered all around to find shelter whenever a strong wind blew, and the grey shades of the clouds did not really encourage anyone to stay outdoors more than they needed.

    And yet, outside of the Guild Hall doors, Ivo, Eve and Ji and a woman all stood, overlooking what appeared to be a small, red and white flower. It seemed Eve was enchanted by its look, kneeling down to get a closer look at it, while Ivo and Ji both just stared at it from above.

    "Truly a wonder of nature. To think a delicate flower like this would show up in such a suburban area like Magnolia. Maybe it was my magic that caused it to bloom here by accident?" Ji pondered, and Ivo just kept on looking at the flower. Magic acted in mysterious ways sometimes, so anything was truly possible. He turned to look at the woman, who was kneeling as well, but looking at Eve.

    "Eve, we should really get inside. You can get a cold, and then I'll be sorry." Aries told her gently, and Eve turned to look up at her "But its as pretty as you are Aries" The young girl said before turning back to look at the flower. Sighing, Aries turned to look at Ivo and shook her head lightly.

    Returning a shrug of his shoulders as a response, Ivo understood that sometimes it was possible to become very enchanted by the look of something, although he was quite worried for Eve. Someone as young as her could indeed get more easily cold, and then he would need to look after the guild hall on his own until she got better, while also making sure she actually rests instead of trying to help out. Remembering the last time Eve got sick, Ivo decided to let the young girl have another moment to look at the flower before he will push her back inside.

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  9. Ken Tanaka
    Celestial & Sandstorm mage
    Fairy Tail Mage
    Location: Guild hall, about to head out

    He had to admit, for the most part the past four days had been rather pleasant. Starting with the first day, if he ignored his original annoyance with the group that had formed despite his initial intentions, it wasn't too bad. For the most part he didn't talk to any of the other members, except for Viera, who he spent a good portion of the first day with. Merely looking at the Fairy Tail apartments, market and finally the train station. All in all, the exploration proved useful, and he learned that her presence wasn't the worst thing in the world, far from it honestly. While he didn't mind the entire thing, he made no moves to do it again, and while he spoke a bit to her, he didn't inform her more about himself. He didn't shy away from lit chatter, but if it seemed to get even close to personal, he immediately changed the subject.

    Now, Ken was triple checking his bag as he stood in the Fairy Tail guild hall. 'Money, keys, tickets other things...' He mentally noted before throwing the over the shoulder back on and closing everything up. "I'm heading to the train station now." He called out in no one in particular for he didn't bother to check to see if his group was even with him. "It's leaving in about thirty minutes. If you dont make it I wont wait for you." He stated ever so bluntly. With everything he needed now on him. He stuffed his hands in his coat pocket, and with that made his way to the door. Intending to head to the train station, unless someone prevented him from doing so.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Pompey Glashion
    Fairy Tail - Outside Guild

    The 4 days passed like a blur for Pompey, each day started in the afternoon and ended an hour before sunrise. Her time was spent at the watering taps across Magnolia. She was making friends bumming drinks off her new friends. She did more than just getting drunk and living the nightlife. With Tuesday finally arriving, Pompey woke up an hour before they were to depart for She had a slight headache, but a shot of whiskey from Eve should numb the pain. She hopped out of bed and walked over to the bathroom.

    "I'll have to tolerate this before I hit the bar. I can't go to the station smelling icky, pretty girls shouldn't stink." She entered the bathroom and towards the tub. She sat on the side of the tub and turns the shower handle to the left and watched the warm water flows from the faucet. After waiting for the tub to fill, Pompey gentle eased herself into the tub of warm water and began cleaning herself. "Great way to start my morning, headache or not, a bath is a must when I wake up." With a smile on her face, Pompey decided to shut her eyes and relax, she had plenty of time to meet up with the others.

    After finishing cleaning up, Pompey dried off and grabbed her Kimono that she left on a chair in her room. She quickly got dressed and left her room, first stop the bar. She walked down the hallway towards the guild hall and sat down at the bar. "Eve! Can I get a shot of whiskey?!" She yelled to get the young girl's attention. "I have an itty bitty hangover and a drink would help me out a lot." Pompey waited for a response and received none. "Oh, so my little friend isn't around." A small mischievous grin appeared on her face. Pompey got out of her seat and jumped over the counter.

    "Since Eve is away, I'll serve myself." She grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the shelf below and pulled off the cap. Instead of pouring a shot, Pompey poor the whiskey into her mouth until it was filled. With a loud gulp, she swallowed it and let out an unladylike belch. She felt the burn of the liquor going down her throat. "Damn that burns. At least I know it strong."

    Pompey leaps back over the bar and hid straight for the exit of the guild. Her head was feeling better, that 'shot' of whiskey was what she needed. Upon exiting the building, she saw Eve, Ivo, Ji and some other woman outside. "Evening Y'all? Hope today' is going well for you 4." Walked into the group and notice Eve was kneeling down and looking at a red and white flower. She seemed rather focused on it. "Eve, I'll be leaving soon. I just wanted to say goodbye for the time being, especially to you." Eve has been rather hospitable towards Pompey in her short time with the guild. She had put up with her constant drinking at the bar and serving her a free meal when she was able. She looked towards the flower and stepped closer to Eve. "That's a pretty flower. I don't remember seeing it yesterday."

  11. [​IMG]

    Daniel James "DJ" Greenwood
    Currently in the Fairytail bar
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    The moon was still high in the sky as DJ was going through all of his preperations a pile of strengthened weapons laid in the center of the room. "Strengthening magic...steel" he said as he held up a wooden pole. "No, I should make them stronger." He said as beads of sweat dripped from his nose. He tried to catch his breath but it was clear he was reaching his limit. He walked over to the pile and pulled out a long sword. "Strengthening magic...Diamond." the sword started glowing then sparkled like a jewel.

    DJ dropped the sword all of a sudden, His hand shaking. He used his other hand to calm it as he took in deep breaths. "It's fine. It's fine." He wiped the sweat from his brow. "I won't be caught unprepared again. I won't lose anymore comrades." DJ stood up determination in his eye he picked up some more weapons, "Strengthening magic...Diamond."

    DJ woke up to his alarm clock. He had passed out on the pile of whiney weapons. He sat up grabbing his head, "That was a rough night." He sucked up all the weapons into his Ring and stood in the middle of the room. "Attributes magic vitality up." DJ started glowing green as his magic helped him recover from his rough night. He left the dorms and headed straight to the local bakery to pick up something before his mission. He arrived, purchased a fresh crosant and continued to walk to the station.
  12. [​IMG]
    Viera Delmonte
    Fairy Tail Dorms/ Guildhall

    Placing the blueberry muffins into the oven and setting the alarm on her lacrima, Viera couldn't help but feel idle now that everything was done. She'd packed everything the night before, the plans were made, and all she had left was to bring everyone some breakfast before they set out. There wasn't much she could do to prepare for the job other than practicing her magic, which she had been doing non-stop for the past three days.

    There was one thing she could do, something she had been procrastinating on. She had delayed her call home to let Marco know she was alive and well. Viera had been dreading this lacrima call since she had left home over two weeks ago. She knew that Marco would be worried sick by now, and the longer she put it off, the worse it was going to get. While she had been in contact with Remmy on an everyday basis, she had been avoiding her brother at all costs.

    Picking up the lacrima nearby Viera waited patiently while it connected with her brother. "What do you-" Her brother's annoyed voice echoed around the room. She must have caught him at a bad time, which would make this call much worse than she'd have hoped. "Viera? Bean, is that you?" His voice took on a shocked quality as he noticed who was on the other end.

    "Hi, Marco."

    "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH THESE PAST TWO WEEKS?" There was the Marco she knew and loved. "Are you hurt? Dear god, have you been kidnapped, where have you been?" Viera swallowed before she spoke.

    "I'm fine, you don't need to worry-"

    "The hell I don't. Where are you, I'll be on the first train and then we can go home." Viera couldn't help but feel dread in her stomach the longer he spoke. She had stopped listening to him after he mentioned home. She couldn't go home, she had an obligation to her guildmates, and to herself. While she would always love Slyph Labyrinth, Fairy Tail was her home now and she couldn't just leave.

    "Enough Marco. I'm not going back to Slyph Labyrinth."

    "You don't ha-"

    "I'm not going back because I joined a new guild, and I'm going on a mission today, and I just thought that you deserved to know what was going on." When her confession was met with silence, Viera started to panic. "I'm not going alone, I have three other guildmates with me, and I have my own apartment, they all know I'm blind and still wanted to go on this job with me, and the money is good- and- and" Viera was blinking back tears the longer Marco didn't talk. She could feel her breathing getting shorter the longer she spoke. "Please say something."

    "I don't know what to say." He finally spoke at last. Although his words were calm, she knew that he was truly angry with her. "Do you want me to lie and say I'm happy for you? Cause I'm not. Do you have any idea what kind of danger you're putting yourself in and your guildmates? DO YOU VIERA? You are blind. Plain and simple. You won't be able to see if someone is trying to kill you, or if something is coming towards you. You are a liability out in the field, not only are you a risk to yourself, but you could get the others around you hurt? I'm not saying this to hurt you, but you have to think."

    Viera was crying while he spoke, and while she wanted to fight him and tell him that he was wrong, she couldn't help but see the truth in his words. She was a liability, and a burden, and a danger to both herself and others. She would never forgive herself if one of her guildmates got hurt because of her.

    But then she thought of how happy she'd been when the Master welcomed her to Fairy Tail with open arms and a smile. How confident she had been, and how proud Remmy was when she had told him. How the others asked for her to join them on a quest even though they all hardly knew one another. How Ken differed to her judgement and trusted her slightly while they wandered through town preparing for their job. These people trusted her magic to help them in the upcoming job, and she couldn't let the fears and insecurities hold her back.

    "I have. I know you don't like it, but I have my magic, and I'm not useless, these people trust me and I am not going to let them down. I love you, Marco, I do, but I can't keep living in fear, suppressing myself, using my disability as an excuse to never live. I'm a water mage, I can't keep pretending that it's something I'm not. I need to know this other side of me, I can never be truly happy until I try, and I'm not asking you to be happy for me, I'm just asking that you respect my decision."

    "I'm not sure if I can do that."

    "I know. Which is why I'm calling you before my mission, to give you time. I don't want to cut you out of my life, your my brother and I love, but you need to realize that I'm not helpless, I have food, money and shelter. I don't need you to protect me from everything anymore. I need my big brother back. I want a place that I can call home when I'm away, I just- I want to be normal. Me moving away is the first step for both of us to move on with our lives. I love you, and I always will, but this is my life and I'm gonna live it. So goodbye for now." Viera ended the call before tossing her lacrima across the room.

    It was done now, and there would be no going back. She knew that the relationship between Marco and her would never be the same again, and maybe that was a good thing, but only time would tell. Giving in to her emotions Viera just let her tears fall. The pain would lessen, she knew that, but it just hurt too much at the moment.

    A loud bell sound echoed in the room and drew her attention to the lacrima she had just thrown. It was an alarm she had set, to let her know that she needed to finish cooking the food before going to the guild hall. Deciding to bake her pain away, Viera got off the floor and walked towards the sink. Taking a few minutes to wash her face, she hoped nobody would notice that she had been crying. She quickly walked towards her backpack thankful that she had packed it all the night before.

    Walking towards the stove, Viera removed the muffins and noted that they smelled delicious, like always. She waited a few minutes before she picked one up and ate it, making sure it met her high standard before she would serve it to anyone else. The pastry almost seemed to melt in her mouth and Viera found herself reaching for another before she could stop herself. Knowing that she had to save some for the others, she packed the remaining ten into a container and started walking towards the guild.

    While she wanted nothing more than to sit in her room and cry, she was going on a job today and she couldn't afford to be distracted by her emotions. Everything would work itself out, she knew this for a fact, she just had to believe that and get through this day. She had reached the guild hall and heard the group of people before she came within the viewing range of them. It seemed like they were crowded around a flower, Viera considered it odd, but let it go.

    "Hello" She greeted the others before speaking again. "Why is everyone crowded around a flower?"

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