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  1. Alice was sitting on a chair next to Lucy. "Where is everyone?" Alice asked her. "I'm so bored." She pouted for a moment. She could hear others talking in groups throughout the guild. Cana was busy drinking with Master Makarov while Mirajane smiled in the background.
    "I know. I think they went on a job or something." Lucy replied.
    "Without us! Awww!" Alice cried, she shook her body with her arms tight near her chest.
    Lucy smiled, "Don't worry! It's Fairy tail. Something crazy will happen. It always does."
  2. The doors flew open " Guess whos back! " Psi said walking through the other members who some shook his hand and others patted his back. He walked over to a seat and took q breather leaning back in the chair and letting a drawn out sigh go. But then he caught eye of alice and lucy. He slowly looked away from them before he shut his eyes.
  3. Alice noticed Psi walk in; and his look. "Check it out. Psi is back." She whispered to Lucy.
    "Yeah. I noticed." Lucy answered. Alice began to lighten up, an idea popping into her head.
    "Maybe he would like to try some of my cooking." Alice loved to cook; it was a hobby of hers. She enjoyed making food for everyone in the guild. She always had a blast when Mira helped too. She raised her body up quickly running over to him. Lucy watched with a smile.
    "Hey! Psi, you want something to eat?" Alice questioned him as she reached his side.
  4. His eyes shot open looking at alice and saying " of course alice im always hungry " he rubbed his stomach smiling at her. " what food do you have " he said looking her over for food in hand or something like that
  5. "I'm going to make something for you. Anything you want." She said with a sweet smile. "Maybe your favorite food or something. I always want everyone to love what their eating." She poked him gently on his chest pointing to his heart. She jumped back a little after that, making her long hair shake around behind her.
  6. " Uhm.....spaghetti sounds nice " he said rubbing his chin and inspecting the room again, trying to depict anyone who had gone missing recently.
  7. "Alright then." Alice said walking over to the nearest bar where Mira was. First a quick hi; then Alice began to make the spaghetti. She hummed as she was cooking, having a large smile on her face. When she finished she walked it over to Psi, setting the plate on the table in front of him. "I hope you like it?"

    Lucy walked over to the two of them. "how do you know how to cook so well?" She asked

    "Well I grew up on my own a lot. I had to find some way of providing food for myself." Alice answered continuing to smile.
  8. He began to dig in while they were conversant and looked up with a grin on his face and sauce riddled his cheeks " You can cook for me whenever you want! " He said eating the spaghetti as if he was a savage that hadn't eaten in a long ass time.

    A grin on his face
  9. Alice smiled. "Great." She made a giggle.

    Lucy began to laugh. "You should eat nicer, Psi."

    "So what...That doesn't matter. As long as he likes it. I'm happy." Alice replied.

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  10. ( thats alright )

    He finishes the rest and places the plate down " i would eat nice if i wasnt always starving " He rubbed the back of his head picking up a napkin and whipping his face down
  11. "Well whenever you're hungry, let me know and I'll make something for you." Alice said. "You could even stop by my house if you need any food. I can cook you more spaghetti any time you'd like."

    "Isn't Natsu always at your place trying to get food." Lucy commented.

    "Yeah but Psi can come too!" Alice continued to smile throughout the whole conversation. The more people to cook for the better; she actually enjoyed it so much that she'd prefer more.
  12. Natsu and Grey burst in, in the middle of a fight. Saki was following close behind, smiling. "Kick his butt Grey!"
  13. Alice heard a noise; turning she saw Natsu and Gray fighting. "Huh!" She was surprised for a second but suddenly began to run to them. "Hey guys don't fight!" She said, getting into their way; and not realizing it like she always did.
  14. Saki laughs. "Let them have their fun. Besides..." She blushes and mumbles, "...It gets their shirts off, so we both get a good show..."
  15. Alice began to blush. She tried to hide her crush on Natsu; even though most probably knew except for Natsu. At least that's how Alice felt. "But..." She felt torn she didn't like her friends fighting but Saki was right.

    Lucy watched still by Psi. "Those two just never stop."
  16. Saki smiles. "Gray will win anyway." She shrugs. Natsu elbows Gray in the jaw. "Freaking pervert! Bring it!"
  17. "I don't know. They always seem to tie to me." Alice replied. She may favor Natsu but she thought as both her friends and both strong mages. "But we don't want them hurting themselves. Do you?" "I don't want to see them hurt."

    Gray attacked back, "What! I'm not a pervert, pointy eyes." He said whiling stripping off his shirt and throwing it. Alice decided to catch it. He had already lost enough shirts. He'd have none left if he kept losing them; although Saki probably wouldn't mind that.
  18. Saki stands next to Alice. "Can I get that?" She nods at the shirt. "I think they'll be fine." Erza storms in and knocks them out. "Knock it off you two."

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    "Sure." Alice said with a smile; handing the shirt to Saki. Suddenly she saw Erza come in. "Well now their going to stop."

    Gray quickly stopped in place about to hit Natsu. "Er...Erza." He said.
  20. Saki hugs the shirt tight. "Hey, Alice? Wanna team up for a job?" She smiles sweetly.Natsu stops mid swing. "Just when it was getting good." He looks at Alice. "Hey, mind cooking me up some food? Doesn't matter what, anything you make is delicious."
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