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  1. This is my first role-playing on Iwaku, in case things get messed up. This is a fairy tail anime role-play; made up characters and characters in the show are allowed. It would make it better if there were the main people in fairy tail as well as made up ones. I want you to be creative with characters. They don't necessarily have to fit the world exactly (mine will not). You can also play as many characters as you want. Don't worry about being exactly like a specific character either, I don't want that steering people away from being Natsu, Lucy, etc.

    Follow my skeleton (please):
    Name: Alice Nightwish
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Rank: S-class
    Crush: Natsu
    Magic: light and dark magic, god magic
    personality: Usually Alice is very sweet and nice, but she can get very serious easily. Due to the darkness magic she also has a dark side to her which can be slightly scary and insane.
    Past: Alice is actually the god of light and dark but refuses to accept it and tries to hide it from most. (Don't worry she won't be invincible.)
    Weakness: Doesn't like to fight much, Natsu
    Looks (picture or description): She has very long purple hair in two ponytails that goes down to her butt. On her head is a pair of goggles. She wears a red v-neck shirt with dark jean shorts. She has black stocking that go up to almost mostly her thigh. Lastly she has black boots that have buckles on them. Her fairy tail symbol is on her stomach on the left side.

    Come and join!
  2. I haven't watched the whole series, but this roleplay is interesting and I think I can at least hold my ground in it.

    Name: Fae Willow
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Rank: Mage
    Crush: N/A... yet
    Magic: Gemstone
    Personality: Fae is normally quite, shy, and reserved, as well as easily embarrassed, but she can be less so around friends or within privacy. She is a very selfless girl, often healing even a stranger's wounds first even if she herself is hurt in any way. She stays out of the way of people as much as she can and often only takes on the smaller missions, such as retrieving lost objects within town. One of the only known times she gets angry is when she is called a child, since she looks like one even though she's 19. She can be very clumsy at times, and when she ends up messing something up she'll tear up before bursting out into tears until such a time as she is calmed.
    Past: Fae doesn't have much of a past that she tells anyone of, mostly keeping it at that she came from the nearby forest to join the guild.
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  3. Thanks for joining. I am just letting you know that I am waiting for more people. I just made a banner and all. I hope others join; it would be very weird to have a fairy tail guild with only two people. I have also decided that I am going to play Lucy as well as my made up character.
  4. Im joining just when i get my laptop :P
  5. Great! Can't wait. Thanks for joining then.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Makuro " Psi " Hasashi ​
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Rank: Mage
    Crush: N/A Yet ( ;) )
    Magic: Psionic
    personality: Funny, calm, can get very angry, out of the box thinker
    Past: Makuro or Psi as some like to call him was a very bad kid when he was younger, using his abilities to trick people into giving him what he wanted. But it was only food and friends...he manipulated people into being his friend and even his family. He lost his mother and father when he was young, both of them were magicians and they never came back from a mission. He grew up with his dog lucky a small German Shepard who grew with him, and travels with him under his psionic protection. He found the guild and joined just because of how friendly and nice people were there and also the drinks, he made friends and a little enemies here and there but after all its life.
    Weakness: Magical fields (ex. magical shields, blocks ) , Any mental blocking magic
  7. Great! I'm going to get us started now. Anyone who wants to join still can though. It's open to anyone.
  8. I really want to join but I got no inspiration for a character right now D: I'll try to get a character for this one soon though.
  9. Alright cool. I would like to ask if maybe any of you could play another character as well; I feel like we need some of the real main characters. I will be Lucy but it wouldn't really be fairy tail without the strongest main team after all. (At least maybe temporarily.)
  10. Name: Saki Masukita

    Guild: Fairy Tail

    Rank: S-class

    Crush: Grey

    Magic: Shadow magic

    personality: Shy, outgoing, kind, has a darker side that can be quite dangerous.

    Past: Saki grew up never knowing her parents. She just wandered from town to town begging. One day she met Grey on the streets while he was still in training. He gave her all the food he had. She decided to learn magic and join Fairy Tale to
    ebe by his side.

    Weakness: Grey, kitties

    Looks: Saki has shoulder length purple hair, dark blue eyes, usually wears a white dress shirt and knee length red skirt. She's 5' 3"

    I can play Natsu and/or Grey if need be.
  11. Yeah. It might be better if you do Natsu. Unless you really want to do your characters own crush? :) It's up to you!
  12. Okay. Natsu it is. I just used Grey as a way to have Saki show up. I'm thinking Saki will look up to Alice and Lucy.
  13. Okay that's fine. If you want I can play gray at times. I'm probably going to do others in the guild anyway it make it more like the anime. Or at least until maybe others would want to do them.
  14. Sounds good! If you want help just let me know.
  15. Great! okay.
  16. I suddenly got an idea xD I wasn't sure about where in the timeline we were starting, so I'm assuming waaay before the 7 year skip thing.

    Name: Tera

    Guild: Fairy Tail

    Rank: Mage

    Crush: N/A

    Magic: Enchantments

    Personality: Strong-willed but not stubborn, she plays things through to the end. She doesn't like to leave anything undone when it comes to missions or in life. Despite this, Tera is not strict or controlling- she welcomes feedback from others. A lot of times she ends up asking half the guild for advice before coming to a solid conclusion.

    Past: Tera grew up with her mother and father always encouraging her to do great things. They did their best to support her in anything she did but did not let her go running into anything blindly; they did a little bit of research for her, whatever she decided. One day, a young Tera happened upon the Phantom Lord guild. She usually stayed far away from the guilds in town, knowing how dangerous it could be, but that time she decided to go look. She peered through a window and witnessed a large man- in both build and stature- take on a group of people and win! He was so strong and he looked very cool. She saw such amazing things that day and so then vowed to become a mage herself and join that very guild.

    The years passed and she, with her mother and father's help, learned magic. It was nothing as impressive as what she had seen at the Phantom Lord guild that day, but it was magic and she was good. Tera set out to go join Phantom Lord but found that a massive devastation had occurred and the guild was no more. She was infuriated. She had gathered enough information to know that another guild, Fairy Tail, was the cause of her dream being denied her. Needles to say, he was determined to make them pay; however, when she got there he saw members of Phantom Lord sitting among the fairies. They looked...happy.
    After a week of coping and some personal struggle, Tera decided to join Fairy Tail. They quickly became her home away from home.

    Weakness: spicy foods, handsome men, scary things, stage fright, deflecting/binding magic

    Looks (picture or description):
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  17. Cool, just jump in when you want. Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier I didn't realize you posted anything.
  18. Okay! It's okay, it happens to me too.
  19. It is before the 7 year gap because I didn't know if everyone would know that. (If they watch the English I don't think their there yet). So your fine with the timeline.
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