Fairies and Witches and Warriors Oh My!

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  1. Welcome to the beautiful Feaa Island, An island for the magical kids of earth. On the Island there are 3 schools...

    1. Atetinns, It is an all boys school, These boys are trained to fight and boy do they ever. There magical ablitles range from super powers to weapons skill. They are often grouped with the fairies on special assignments
    2. Clauxine, This is an all girls school, These girls are fairies. They have wings and are trained in flight and all have one "element" They rule over.
    3. Flupore, Institute Of Magics, This is a school for both boys and girls. Here they study magic by spells and learn the fundamentals of witchcraft.
    Go Ahead and Pick One! We can't wait to see you.

    {Optional CS Form}
    Optional short backstory::
  2. Name:: Cassie Delfiea
    Age:: 17
    School:: Clauxine
    Fairy of the Sun
    Personality:: Hot headed, Firece, Lovable, Loyal, Loving, Energetic
    Fairy Appearance::[​IMG]
    Optional short backstory:: Cassie was a normal earthing girl, which normal parents and a normal house in a normal town. That was until her 16th birthday when she learned of her shining fairy powers. This is her second year at Clauxine school for fairies.

    Cassie finished her signature with her signature heart at the end of her name. "Ok Ms. Delifea you are all ready for this next year here at Clauxine. I hope you have a good year." The lady behind the desk said as she straightened up the paperwork and shouted "NEXT" Cassie smiled as she walked away from the table, luggage in hand as she looked around her beautiful school. Excited for what lay ahead.
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  3. Name: logan ryder
    Age 18
    School atetinns
    Power: logan is a great fighter. He is skilled in the way of the sword but keeps a pistol with him
    Appearance logan stands at 6'2" with short black hair. He has sapphire blue eyes.

    Logan was reporting to the office he was being sent on a mission. Logan was scared it was his first mission with a partner in years. The last time he had a partner she died. He entered the office.
  4. [​IMG] Name: Devin
    Age: 16
    School: Atetinns
    Power: Claw arts. Can use, enhance, summon, create, bend, summon things with claws, and extend claws effectively.
    Personality: Random, and Insane.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Cassie was making her way to the court yard after she had settled into her dorm room, She hadn't seen very many people and was worried people had dropped out after last year. Maybe she'd go see the boys at Atetinnis. They must be doing something cool, like usual. Looking around for someone to talk to her mind wandered off to the witches at Flupore.. She hoped they weren't up to something to horrible..
  6. Name: Aria Valex
    Age: 17
    School: Clauxine
    Power: Animal Element
    Personality: Usually not very social but always tries to be nice, mainly an intellectual but will not shy away from a fight, loyal, nervous around new people and at times can be random
    Appearance: images.jpeg

    Aria swung her legs back and forth from the tree branch she sat on. She stretched her arms out and her wings tried to followed suit From under her jackey. It was uncomfortable. She hoped that at least here she would not be made fun of for her confused wings. One remained white as snow and the other black as night It was unusual. Her parents had sent her here with the thought that she would fare better, fit in. Aria didnt know how she felt.

    She watched students walk back and forth doing who knows what. She had already visited the office but decided that since she had time to spare she would just relax. She stood up on the branch and checked to see if any one was watching before she took off her jacket and floated down to the ground. She quickly covered her wings and started to walk towards the school.
  7. Cassie watched a new girl apporach the school wearing a jacket. It was pretty warm Cassie thought and she looked new. Cassie wandered up to the girl and smiled. "Hi ya are you new? I'm Cassie, Fairy of the shining sun!" She said as she introduced herself with a bright smile.
  8. Aria looked behind her but found no one else. Someone was actually talking to her maybe her parents were right... but then again she did have her jacket on so her wings could not be seen. The girl introduced herself as Casey of the shining sun. She seemed nice and she was way pretty. Aria smiled so hard her cheeks hurt and stuck out her hand to shake.

    "Nice to meet you Casey im Aria, Aria of the... Animals... Wildlife? Yeah this is my first year here my parents felt I needed a change of... scenery. I hope you dont mind me saying but you have really beautiful wings. Is this your first year as well?"
  9. Cassie blushed slightly at the compliment of her wings. "Oh Thank you!" She said as she fluttered them a bit, they let off a golden glitter and they were shining like pure gold. The sun shining on her felt great, she felt powerful in the sun. But she returned her attention to the fairy of animals. "Hello Aria an welcome to Clauxine. You really don't have to wear your jacket, The school is full of fairies just like you and me." She said with a smile. "Me? No this is my second year here!" She said, maybe this girl could be her friend...
  10. She saw little sparkles float down from Casey's wings and her own twitched to be free. She couldnt take off her jacket. Remembering what all the others back home said she flinched. They went as far as calling her demonic, her wings were an abomination. she could understand why. Her black wing seemed to trail shadows and black sparks whenever it moved yet the other left a trail of white light and bright orbs. It was unnatural.

    "Oh yeah" she laughed nervously "I wear my jacket all the time it's kind of a habit now." She didnt want to lose an oppurtunity to make a friend all because of her stupid wings. Maybe they could become friends and then after they really got to know eachother Casey would like her enough to not run away at the sight of her wings. She would see them eventually it was inevitable.

    "How is um... school life here like dorm wise and classes?" If she knew she could figure out a way to keep them hidden, plus she wanted to get more aquainted with Casey. She seemed like she could be a good friend.
  11. "Yeah? That's kinda sucky. When it gets all hot and stuff.. Don't you get like sweaty?" The sunny girl questioned her new friend before shrugging it off. "To each their own!" She said before moving on in the conversation. "Anyway, dorms here are cozy enough. Everybody gets a dorm mate of course and classes? Well they are decent. Easy if you reall practice." She said smiling "plus if you're really good you can go on special missions with the boys over at Atentive" she said with a giggle
  12. Devin walked down the school hallway dormitories of Atetinns. His large paws rested against the back of his head, his eyes were resting as the 5'1" kid walked down the hallway.
  13. Name:: People usually just call her Corpsie due to her Necromagic. No one other than the teachers really know her name, simply from no one asking her.
    Age:: 18
    School:: Flupore
    Power:: Exceptional Healer/Necromancer from her own studies, but this is her third year studying Combat Arcane Magics aside from the standard Potion and technique type class all witches were required to take
    Personality:: Hard to tell, she's mostly an introvert. She doesn't normally socialize if she doesn't need to. Seeming of which not many try to talk to her, her socialization history is practically clear.

    Corpsie, as the students called her, walked through the main hall, roughly pulling up the strap to her old messenger bag. A few girls looked her up and down, whispering and giving to each other as the girl passed them to enter the office. A tall woman dressed in normal business woman esque clothes with glasses and atight bun barely looked up and sighed before giving her usual beginning of the year speech as she continued to type. "Welcome to Flupore, or welcome back. After you finish the id process and receive your slip, please relocate to the auditorium for the year beginning welcome and announcements." She lazily gestured a hand behind her who was conducting the identification process. This woman seemed much nicer and laid back than the first, her cheerful voice chiming in as the student approached. "Welcome back, dear! It's good to see you again!" A large grin took over her face as she waved the girl over. "I wasn't sure whether or not to expect you back this year, Miss Winter" She said with a wink as she grabbed the girls hand and placed it into a hole in a reader machine sat beside the two. "You know the deal by now, I'm certain" "Of course" the girl replied as she placed her hand into the machine and released her magic aura from her hand.Every magic users magic source or aura in them was different from the others, it was like fingerprints but for mages. The reader was used to create an id for each student for dorm room keys, attendance in classes and lunch, pretty much anything you could think of that a human student might use a laminated id and a barcode for. After the process was finished, the woman handed her a slip and wished her luck with another wink. Corpsie bowed jokingly and rushed off to the auditorium with another yank of her book bag. An irritated growl came from inside it as a small cat, or rather, what once was a cat, peeked out from the main pouch, glaring at the girl "Sorry" She said regretfully as she lightly scratched behind it's ear, continuing to her destination.
  14. Aria rubbed her arm and looked at the ground." I can kinda cool my uh body temperature, you know like a reptile it comes with the whole animal element thing I guess." She wondered if there were classes for each individual fairy element, then there would be like a million seperate classes.

    She took out her registration papers and and schedule and passed it to Casey. " I think my dorm is on the second floor Not quite sure I just really glanced at it." Attetinns hmm. Aria had no experience what-so-ever with boys. As for partnering she figured she could handle it, she had a wide variety of predatory animals in her that she could fight with and if it came to it she had ways of getting out of sticky situations. Basic instincts of fight or flight.
  15. Cassie nodded as she took a look at the girl's packet of information. "Hmm looks like your dorm room is on the second floor, east wing. Hey that's like next to mine!" She said with a smile as she continued to look over the schedule. "Hmm looks like we may have a few classes together." She noted as she handed the schedule back to Aria.
  16. Aria grinned and took the schedule back. " Thats pretty awesome I wonder what classes we have. Did you find out your dorm number yet, we could be like roommates or something. That would be cool I mean we already kind of know each other." She paused and took a breath. " I can get kind of excited sometimes sorry about that. So what should we do next?"
  17. Lucy Thomas (open)

    Name::Lucy Thomas
    Power::Control of ice
    Personality::Bubbly, Lovable, Friendly, Calm, Outgoing, Nerdy.
    Optional short backstory::Lucy had a normal life, until she could make ice out of thin air. She was excited when she got to Flupore and couldn't wait to start learning how to control her power.

    A petite brunette entered the giant school known as Flupore. Her eyes glowed with awe as she surveyed her surroundings. The teen was excited beyond belief. She bounced into the office. You could feel the aura of joy and happiness oozing from her. She heard the instructions and went to go get her ID. Once that was done, she made her way to the auditorium. This was it. Her first year at Flupore!
  18. "So dead over here... Classes start soon I need to find a place to wait it out. .. But, where?" Devin continued to walk around until he found a tree just above his classroom window. The only classes he attended were; Gym, Math, Science, and RL-VR Training. The rest he avoided including; History, Language, and Physics.
  19. Corpsie turned around before entering the auditorium, the feeling of another presence, much uh, brighter, than her own approaching quickly and somehow excitedly behind her. She didn't recognize the girl, this must be her first year here. Regardless, She did what she normally did, took her in as an overly excited freshman who would come to hate her and whisper and laugh about her to whatever friends she made like the girls earlier had. She finally turned back around and opened one of the large, heavy double doors to the auditorium, politely holding it open for the new girl, propping it open for any other students showing up later. She chose a seat towards the back in the middle, lightly placing her pack on the seat adjacent to her. The small, half decayed looking cat peeked its head out once more, looking around before crawling into the girl's lap. For a car that looked like it was dragged out of a zombie flick, it was actually pretty cute, and didn't smell bad at all. The announcements were about to begin, there didn't look to be as many students as you'd think, but a lot usually came in late the first day, especially the freshmen. The principal walked out onto the stage, stopping to address the students, New and returning. It was the usual welcome and welcome back speech you'd expect at a normal school, announcements of new and exiting staff members, so on so forth. The principal returned to center after the last new staff member have their story, a more serious look and tone took over this time. "Students, I'm sure most of you know about the other schools, Atetinns and Clauxine. As you may know, the two schools mentioned often group together for certain studies and tasks, Where our school has remained consolidated. This year, the board has changed some of the assignments, and is thinking of involving some of Flupore's students. Nothing is definite just yet, but the board is trying to make New changes to further our goals and education. So keep this in your minds if any of you might be interested. Until we find out more, thank you for your time. At this time students will exit the auditorium in a calm fashion and make your way to your homeroom classes. And have a wonderful year here at Flupore!"
  20. Lucy saw a girl turn around and face her. She was startled that she had been seen, but couldn't take her eyes off the girl's hair. It was just...so pretty. She immediately snapped out of her daze as she noticed that the girl was holding the door open for her and others. She began walking again, smiling softly when she passed the girl, muttering a soft, light 'thank you.' She had the urge to compliment the girl's hair, but refrained from doing so. Hesitantly, she sat in whatever seat was closest to her. She half paid attention to the speech and all the bios about the staff. Lucy's interest spiked up as the other two schools were mentioned. They were well known. She tried to contain her excitement, but her slight shaking gave her away to anyone watching her closely. She always wanted to meet with the pretty fairies at Clauxine and the, no doubt, cute warriors at Atetinns. This seemed to be the best year to come to Flupore!

    The freshman got up from her seat and blended into the sea of students. She took out her schedule, glancing at it. Biting her lip, she could already feel the dread sinking in. She wasn't really good with directions, getting lost quite often. Lucy's eyes flickered around nervously, looking for someone to help her. Maybe I can find that girl from earlier to help me! She seemed nice enough, she thought, scanning the area for the familiar blue hair.
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