Fairies and Humans

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  1. [align=center][​IMG][/align]The day was still fairly young with a couple of hours till nightfall. The forest was quiet except for the animals and the wind that blew by. Not many wander these woods that were by the waterfall for they always feel it is dangerous. It wasn't too bad, but the fairies that lived there were glad to keep the humans out.There was even a law against interaction of any kind with humans for them is one was to wander in. It normally resulted in exile. There hasn't been a need for that though if quite a long time and they had hoped to keep it that way.Like most races, they had a royal family as well but they were rarely ever seen outside of the meadow. Eva however, never did like to remain in the meadow no matter how many times she's been told not to leave. She's wanted to go out for awhile now and as it got close to nightfall, she finally decided to take that chance. While everyone was busy doing their own thing, Eva flew away from them rather quickly. Finally out of the meadow, she wandered into the forest, deciding to get a start on exploring it more without getting caught.
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    Dimitri was wandering through those particular woods. He stopped at the village that was quite a ways away from there and asked about any local folklore. Everyone there laughed and told him about the beings that lived in the forest. Dimitri, though, almost thought they were mad. Fairies? Pah. I've seen everything in this world, and I have never seen a fairy before. So, he was going to show the village a thing or two by hiking through the woods. It was a nice day, not many clouds in the sky, he even probably had time to sit and eat something before continuing on. But, he didn't want to waste the good hours, he would keep trekking until he found a nice campsite to eat.

    I don't hear fairies. Nor do I see them. But I do hear wolves and bears. They are real. And dangerous. Dimitri thought. He knew how to handle most animals, besides the exotic that lived in only certain parts of the world. If he really did see a fairy though, he would have no clue what to do. He laughed loudly, thinking he would probably catch it or something. He was quite lost. "What would I really do if I found a fairy? I would probably run back to the town and apologize then go back to try to find it again. And if I found it a second time?" He wandered even more, pondering how he would react. Or, how he would want to react. "I'll have a pleasant cup of tea with the fairy." He laughed some more.
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    For never being out of the meadow, Eva was very aware of the fact that she was soon to be lost. But she didn't want to return to the meadow anytime soon anyways, so it was kind of what she wanted. The thought of staying out in the forest for more than a day sounded wonderful, and if she could remain out here for the rest of the night without getting caught by any other fairy, then that is what she'll do. Being a fairy princess was fun and all, but only to a certain degree. She didn't have as much freedom as the other fairies did and she always got a lot of unneeded attention. After moments of aimlessly flying around Eva decided to walk. With her bare feet now touching the soft grass where she was, she started to walk around. Her footsteps were quite silent, and it wasn't long until she actually heard footsteps coming from somewhere. Obviously not from a fairy. It had her very curious now for it was a rather new sound to her ears. Quietly she started walking in the direction she heard them coming from, wondering what it was that was creating them. She stayed close to the trees, keeping herself rather hidden in case it was some kind of dangerous creature.
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    Dimitri didn't like to go along trails. He would rather make his own trails, even if most people didn't advise it. There were a few problems, though, when not going along the trails. One, you made lots of noise, two, it was easier to fall and hurt yourself, and three, you were more prone to things like poison ivy. Dimitri wasn't dumb enough not to take certain precautions, but he couldn't help the fact that he made more noise than an elephant on thin ice. "Those villagers really have no clue what they're talking about. And a meadow? Clear fields aren't anywhere near here." He laughed, lost his footing a little and fell forward. "Gnngh... Roots..." He got up and brushed himself off.

    As soon as he was up and trekking again, he started feeling paranoid. Was something watching him? Some kind of predator? Or... a fairy? Dimitry laughed out loud and hurried along with his trek, ignoring the feeling as much as he could. But, just to be safe, he moved a hand to the hilt of his machete. If there was something watching him, and if it was a predator, whatever it was was going to have to put up a fight to get him.
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    Eva continued to listen to the footsteps that were still moving. She stopped for a moment to listen to them more carefully, trying to figure out what it might be. It didn't sound like an animal of any kind that she knew of. So what was it? Even if it was a human, she would be able to tell until she found them. Just the thought of it possibly being a human had her both worried and excited at the same time. It was normal for her to be worried since she doesn't know how they are or whether they were dangerous or not. All she knew was that it was strictly against the rules for a fairy to interact with them. At that thought she glanced behind herself, double checking for any followers. Nothing. With a nod she looked back ahead and continued to walk. Now, the reason as to why she was excited about it possibly being a human, was because she's always wanted to being around one to learn their ways and how they behave. When she's heard the stories she's always found them to be such interesting beings. Moments later she spotted something moving. With all the trees in front of her though, she couldn't quite make out what it was. Eva moved very close to the trees though, as she made her way through them. She wanted to get a closer look but also didn't want to be discovered yet.
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    Dimitri was enjoying the hike, but still having the same feeling of being watched or followed. What was it that was toying with him? Was he being tricked by a fox or something? He thought he heard something and turned in the direction that he heard it. "... Just wind, I guess." He sighed a little and kept moving forward, hand still on his machete. All of a sudden, it got darker around him. Instead of start to speculate, he looked up and saw that there was a cloud passing over head. As he was staring into the sky, he thought he saw movement. He looked right in the direction of where Eva was standing, but couldn't see her. He stared really hard for a brief moment, then let out an exasperated sigh. "All in my head, I guess." But he still had that feeling.
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    Eva was very quick to put herself behind a large tree when she thought she had been seen. Of course she wanted to, but not just yet. First she had to make sure he wasn't all that dangerous, but as she watched the male she noticed the weapon he had on his side. His hand on the hilt of it. Weapons always frightened her. She paid no mind to the passing cloud and went to a tree in front of her that was closer to where the male was walking. He didn't seem like a creature of any kind, so he must have been human. He also didn't have wings like her and so it pretty much gave her the answer as to what he was.

    But what was a human doing in these woods? "That's odd..." she said very quietly to herself as her eyes watched him movements, studying them almost.
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    Dimitri could have sworn he heard someone talking in the distance. Barely a whisper, so it could have easily been the wind. All of this was aging him. Well, that's how stressful situations were for him. He was watching the ground, making sure that he didn't miss his footing this time, when his head bashed into a low hanging branch. "Ow! Blasted..." He looked up and saw there were bugs all over the branch. Then... He felt his face. Quite relieved that there weren't any on his face, he kept walking until coming upon a small clearing. Maybe this would be a good place to set up camp? He would have to make sure that his shelter and everything was correct before the night, so he made his decision.

    He set his pack down and went to work on pitching a tent. After that, he would find something healthy for dinner. Busy at work, he didn't notice that there was another beast watching him. One that made more noise than the other thing. "It seems as though a beast is watching..." He turned just in time to see a fox, of all things. "Are you the one tricking me around here? I'm not going to get lost, am I?" The fox just stared for a little while then walked off.
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    Very quietly Eva followed. She noticed he was heading towards the clearing and so had to trail behind a bit more. There weren't many trees near the clearing he was going to. When the human hit his head on a low hanging branch that she noticed was covered with small bugs, she did her best to hold back a small laugh. She honestly found it to be quite funny.

    Reaching the clearing she leaned against a tree. Her eyes becoming quite distracted when she saw the fox. At that she smiled. When it walked off, she went around the clearing, keeping unseen and went to reach the fox when it sat. So far the human was rather interesting to watch. But she knew that being around the clearing she'd be easily spotted soon enough due to the lack of large trees.
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    He had just finished pitching the tent and was taking things out of his pack to help prepare something to eat for later. He had various spices and seasonings and such. He even had a pot to boil water in. Where was the nearest body of water? He stood up and listened for water. He closed his eyes and concentrated, breathing very shallow. Then, he heard the fox walking around again and got the feeling of being watched. He smiled softly to himself and said out loud, "I know you're watching me." He had directed the comment to the fox, mainly to see if the noise would make him stop walking so that he could listen for running water.
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    The only thing that cause the fox to stop walking was when Eva picked it up. Forest animals always were attracted to the forest fairies and so it wasn't a surprise that it had let her hold it so easily. At first the human's words did worry her a little, for she had thought she had been discovered. But after awhile she looked down at the fox in her arms, and figured he was talking to the animal and not her. She let out a small sigh of relief at that.
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    "Hah. It actually worked." He listened more intently. "Can't hear any water nearby..." But forests normally grew around bodies of water. Maybe there was a lake? But lakes are fed by rivers. There had to be an underground reservoir. He crouched down and searched his bag for something. When he pulled them out, they looked like two normal, metal rods that had a 90 degree bend close to the end. He then grabbed up a shovel, his pot, and a canteen. He hung the pot on the side of his pack, placed the shovel sticking up from his outer pocket, and hung the canteen from his belt. Then, he held the rods, one in each hand, by the shorter part and started walking around. "This will help me find that water."
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    Eve turned her attention away from the fox for a moment to look back at the human when she heard him going through something. She saw him pull out two metal rods and wondered what for. Soon her eyes went up to the sky. "It's going to be dark soon." she said to herself. Looking down at the fox she soon bent down a bit to set it back on the ground and let it walk off. She wondered what the human was trying to do with the rods as he started walking around and she made sure not to get in the way at all.
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    He noticed that the darkness was coming, but kept his slow pace as he walked around. He watched the rods carefully as they started moving around, almost on their own accord. Finally, they crossed each other at one spot. Dimitry was clearly excited about this. He stuffed the rods into his pack, grabbed his shovel, and started digging. He kept digging, straight down, until water started welling up in the hole that he had dug. "Perfect." he scooped a bunch up into his pan, some in his canteen as well. He took a small swig from the canteen. "No strange tastes... Good sign." He put the canteen back on his belt and went to find some dried wood and a few plants for some food. He was pretty experienced in the woods, so he knew what he could and couldn't eat. Unless this is an enchanted forest with strange plants. The preposterous thought made him smile.
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    Looking around Eva didn't realize how close she was starting to wander to the human, leaving the safety of the trees. She had seen trees that bore fruits she's never seen before. They held her attention, as well as some colorful berries on several bushes. She wondered why she has never been able to venture out into the forest. It didn't seem all that bad. The place was safe for her people, it was their home. The forest was an enchanted place for one to be in. The villagers don't really notice it at all since they never go this far into the forest. But some of the fruits were proof of it. Their colors were very different than the fruits people see in a normal forest, their shapes were very different as well.
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    After making sure everything was packed and ready to go, Dimitri turned around and was about to head off to find some fruits and plants for his dinner that night. That is, until he saw something. Was it a girl? With wings? Or was that fox tricking him again. He had to stare for a while to try to figure out exactly what he was looking at. But, whatever it was, it moved out of his site quite nonchalantly. As if it wasn't really there. Dimitri shrugged, probably a trick of the light or something. He looked at a few of the trees to see what kind of fruit was hanging down. And, was really confused. He picked one and looked at it. He held it for a while. "Well. This is different."

    Survival instincts kicking in, Dimitri picked his pocket knife from his pocket and cut a piece of the skin off of the fruit. The inside was purple. Purple? Not a good sign at first. But Dimitri would test it anyways. It smelled ripe, but not too ripe. He touched the inside and waited for a reaction. Nothing. He cut a small piece of the meat off with the skin and held it in between his lips for a while. No stinging, no itching, nothing. He then put the piece in his mouth. It tasted wonderful! But he wasn't going to let that get to him. He held the piece on his tongue for a while, expecting a reaction at this point. But, still nothing. He swallowed the piece. "Hopefully that doesn't hurt me." He picked a few more fruits and headed back to his camping site.
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    At this point Eva decided to look at the fruit that the forest had. She noticed the human pick one that she already knew about and then her eyes went to some she didn't. She liked living around the forest for there were so many interesting things in it. She didn't plan on eating any of the fruits she looked at and mostly started to keep an eye on the human. He was behind her now, since she had gone past him. It wouldn't be a surprise either if he had seen her even if it was only for a brief moment. While she waited for him to move or do something, she made the flowers on a tree beside her blossom, making the tree look a lot prettier. She smiled at that, and soon her attention was moved when she heard the humans footsteps once more on the move. This time though, to prevent making any kind of noise and avoid stepping on something she got her feet off the ground and decided to follow him by flying. She needed to wait for a perfect time to let herself be seen, hopefully without spooking him too much.
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    As soon as Dimitri got back to his campsite, he unloaded his cargo of fruits and water. He started a fire, with some help from a fire-starter kit that he had bought a long time ago, and built it up so that he could boil the water in his pot. To make sure that he didn't hurt his pot, Dimitry put a flat stone on top of the fire then put his pot on top of that. He picked through his bag, grabbed a few herbs and threw them in to make a nice herbal tea. "This will do fine with the fruit." But Dimitri didn't know how to best prepare the fruit that he had gotten. First, he checked to see how the seeds were laid out. No seeds? No pit? This was quite an odd one. So, he peeled one and threw the skins in with the water, to make it sweeter. That turned the tea into a purple color. "Well... I guess it won't hurt." He decided that he would roast one to see if it tasted any better than just eating them raw.
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    Eva looked to the fruits he had picked. All of them were fine for him to eat, but she spotted one that was very familiar to her. It was purple like most were that he had. But that one started having small orange strips appear. It was going slow of course, and they always came once picked so no one would know about it. Lowering herself down she watched him. Her eyes went from the fruit to him. Anything that had the orange strips appearing were something one shouldn't eat.

    She wasn't going to just go out and take it though. She was going to wait. If he picked that one up to eat or cook, then she'll go and make sure that he didn't.
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    Dimitri looked through the fruit that he had with him, wondering which one he should try cooking. The one that stood out to him was one with orange stripes. "Is this one riper than the rest?" He picked it up and looked it over. Over-rippened fruits were best cooked. So, he grabbed a thicker metal rod from his bag and stuck it through, then set up a little stand so that the fruit would be suspended over the fire. "Probably gets sweeter after roasting." He would make sure that none of it would burn, turning it so that each part would roast evenly. But he still couldn't tell what parts were cooked and what parts were still raw. It didn't seem to react much to the heat.