Fairies and Hourglasses

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  1. Main Idea
    Before the Earth became terribly polluted, fairies and humans co-existed peacefully. The Guardians- ten of the most powerful ethereal beings in the universe had been in a deep slumber since the fairies had put them that way so many centuries ago. The fairies were keepers of the hourglasses, these hourglasses held sands of not just time, but elements too. It would control many of the things that the universe came to know and even more. Selected humans were able to dabble in controlling the hourglasses. But the fairies grew angry as they were forced to retreat into the underworld because of the severe pollution the humans had brought to the earth. They awoke the Guardians and held them in position to the entrance to the underworld, in a maze of sorts. Keeping the hourglasses and their power protected. It is up to you and a small band of humans to get passed the trials and hardships of the maze and find the grand hourglass that controls the power to grant a wish to the chosen. Will you save the earth?
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