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  1. This is a fairy tale themed reality TV show roleplay that takes place in a little world that I created. :3

    Some background information;

    There are two main worlds;
    The Grimm Kingdom and The Fair.
    The Grimm Kingdom is a large continent that houses all of the fairy tale kingdoms and various fairy tale territories. It is completely medieval and no modern technology or components can be brought into it.


    • Corona – Ruled and occupied by Queen Rapunzel and King Flynn and their daughters, Sky and Ella.
    • Amphara – Ruled and occupied by Queen Grimhilde and her son, Edmond the Naïve.
    • Ledona - Ruled and occupied by King Stephan and Queen Leah.
    • Chrysos - Ruled and occupied by King Matthäus and Queen Cassie and their son, Aurel Matthäus Leon "Miller" von Morgenstern.
    More Coming Soon.


    • The Magical Forest - Origin of all talking animals.
    • Goblin Town – The home of all goblins.
    • The Swamps of Ledona - Home of Maleficent and her daughter, Margareth.

    More Coming Soon.

    Human – I shouldn’t really have to tell you what this looks like.

    Goblin – A goblin can take on two forms, their own or a human form. When in goblin form, with the exception of Jacob and Wilhelm, goblins are usually short (4’9 and below), they have gray or green skin, they have long elf like ears but they look a bit more ragged, and they have sharp teeth. Goblins have magical abilities, but usually use them to curse humans or trick them.

    Jacob and Wilhelm are very tall, and muscular. They don’t talk very much and when they do, their voices are very deep and somewhat ominous. Unlike most goblins they don’t trick or curse people, but instead use their powers to guard The Fair.

    Fairies – They look like sparkly humans with wings, and they can be human sized or bug sized. There aren’t very many of these, and people don’t really know where they came from. Most of them are good and reside in a kingdoms’ court as advisors to the king or caretakers of royal children.

    Witches – These are usually bad, and scary looking or just ugly. They typically have pale gray skin, and demonic traits like horns, or tails or claws. They can take on human form.

    Royals – Any being that is related to or adopted by a royal person.

    Villains – Any being that commits evil acts or deeds.

    Pirates – These beings can be neutral, good or evil but they are usually evil.

    Citizen – Any being that doesn’t directly ally themselves with anything or anybody. Usually these are non-royals who live in a kingdom.

    The Fair is a dock lined with various portals to other realms. The first goblins to ever be created; Jacob and Wilhelm, guard them. At the moment, only one portal is unguarded and that is the portal that leads to Tildy Stiltskins’ reality TV show realm. Because of her powers, Tildy can transform the realm however she pleases, she just can’t move the location of the portal or close it.

    At the moment, if you step into Tildy’s portal you will find yourself in any empty warehouse, with only two spotlights shining, a small camera crew and Tildy herself, and of course a few crates filled with questionable items. After all of the contestants enter the warehouse and Tildy interviews them, she will then change the setting to that of an obstacle course located in a Coliseum, and that is where the first challenge will take place.

    Now then, let's get to the juicier bits!


    The Fair Crown; A priceless artifact buried deep underneath the Grimm Kingdom. Legend tells that whoever has the Fair Crown, will be the supreme ruler of the Grimm Kingdom. It’s sought after by every Grimm royal, citizen and villain who has half a brain. But despite all of this, the crown was found by non-other than Tildy Stiltskin, the only daughter of Rumpelstiltskin and famous reality tv show host.

    Tildy Stiltskin knows that everyone in Grimm wants the Fair Crown, and she’s totally fine with giving it to anyone, royal, villain or regular citizen, after all she’s a goblin with the copious amounts of magical ability, she’ll be fine even if some villain gets their grubby hands on it. But she’ll only give up the crown…If the children of the royals and villains and citizens compete for it.

    Because she’s a little shit. Just like her father.

    In this fairy tale universe, all contestants are descendants of fairy tale characters. (A lot of the characters can be based off of their Disney counterparts if you want.)

    The concept of Tildy’s reality show is simple. The contestants will all come to The Fair and enter the portal where Tildy will be waiting to interview them. From there, Tildy will create teams, then she will transform the world into the location of the first challenge; A Coliseum that holds an obstacle course that may or may not be life threatening. [The details for this first challenge will be disclosed in the IC thread.]

    About the challenges;

    After each challenge is completed the losing team (the team that completes the task last or doesn’t at all) will have to vote off a team member. The way this works, is that you guys will pm me with who you want to vote off.

    The character withe the most votes against them will then have to leave, and never come back. Ever. (TDI reference anyone?)

    Here are the rules;

    - To make it fair to everyone. No character has magic except for Tildy

    - No one can be a descendant of Jacob or Wilhelm. Also please tell me you understood their reference. :3

    - Three characters to a person.

    - No godmodding. Powerplaying/Metagaming or whatever.

    - All site rules apply.

    - If you’re gonna have an animal companion, you can only have one. And they must be non-mythical. They can talk though.

    - If you get voted off, please don’t get upset. That’s the way reality tv shows work. And you will have a chance to compete again when this rp is over.

    - Please don’t use Once Upon a Time references.

    - Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz are not fairy tales. Do not use them.

    - I thought this would be a given, but don't mix stories.

    Character Sheet



    Genealogy: (Parents only)


    Affiliation: (Royal, Villain or citizen)

    Appearance: (picture or description)



    Why are you competing?

    Bio: (At least one paragraph)


    Tildy Stiltskin daughter of Rumpelstiltskin

    Margereth of the Swamps of Ledona
    Prince Aurel of Chrysos
    Prince Edmond of Amphara
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  2. My kingdom isn't included? :(
  3. do I place in my chara in again? :P
  4. Oh sorry! What's your kingdom called again?

    Yes please, and if you would add the new part that I added to the character sheet too. :D
  5. Yay, it's not dead!
    Mar (Margereth)

    Genealogy: (Parents only)
    Maleficent (mother)
    Some poor unsuspecting guy (father)


    Kingdom: Ledona where King Stephan and Queen Leah (from Sleeping Beauty) reign (more accurately, the swampy part of Ledona where only Margereth and her mother live).

    Affiliation: (Royal, Villain or citizen)

    Unenthusiastic Villain

    Appearance: (picture or description)
    Show Spoiler



    Stealth (from years of practice hiding from her mother)
    Running (from years of practice running to avoid being cursed by her mother)
    Setting up traps (from years of practice pranking her mother)

    Mar cultivated an overly cheerful, beam-of-sunshine-that-hits-you-in-the-eyes-right-after-you-leave-a-dark-room personality to annoy her mother. She tones it down to beam-of-sunshine-that-hits-you-slightly-below-the-eyes-right-after-you-leave-a-dark-room around other people.

    Why are you competing?
    Because I pranked my mother again, and didn’t run fast enough, and didn’t hide well enough, so now I’m cursed to die if I don’t win the crown and give it to her.

    Bio: (At least one paragraph)
    Margereth didn’t like her mother. For some strange incomprehensible reason, her mother didn’t like her either. It might have something to do with Margereth shortening her name to Mar to annoy her mother. Or the stink bombs that Mar leaves in her mother’s closet. Or the lovely blinding ray of sunshine Mar is around her mother. Or that Mar didn’t inherit her mother’s magic (which Mar likes to point out probably wouldn’t have happened if her mother had higher standards for people she slept with).

    What ever the cause of animosity between the two women, Mar spent most of her childhood and teenage years, getting on her mother’s nerves, and in turn, her mother spent most of Mar’s childhood and teenage years trying to curse the insolent girl. The times her mother manages to actually curse her, Mar usually ends up going on some nefariously evil errand to avoid the unpleasant fate dictated by the curse, which, coincidentally, is why she's heading to this reality show.
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  6. Never mind I found it! I'm going to need the names of the king and queen though. ^^
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  7. Oh the irony: Rumpelstiltskin's kid asking about the names of the king and queen... XD
    By the way, the kingdom's name is Chrysos.

    Queen Cassielle Tanja duMontice van Morgenstern or Queen Cassie

    King Matthäus Adalbert Wladimir von Morgenstern or King Matthäus
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  8. Oh, should I repost my CS too?
  9. Yes please! ^^
  10. Whoops, sorry. Here.

    Name/Title: [Prince] Aurel Matthäus Leon "Miller" von Morgenstern

    Kingdom: Chrysos

    • Queen Cassielle Tanja duMontice van Morgenstern [whom Rumpelstiltskin helped]
    • King Matthaus Adalbert Wladimir von Morgenstern
    a.k.a. "some dumpy princess and her husband who discovered [Rumpelstiltskin's] name"

    Age: 20

    Affiliation: Royal


    Skills: Chess, Horse Riding, Hunting, Swordsmanship

    Personality: Arrogant, selfish, defensive and a little bit tactless, he's actually pretty sensitive deep down. He can get devious and pushy when he wants something, like the Crown for instance. Despite the somewhat cynical things he says, he's an optimist with a strong and kind heart. He is inseparable from his horse, Albrecht. Too much in fact, that it isn't healthy sometimes.

    Why are you competing? "Because I want to be THE KING."

    Bio: He has always hated how his mother is treated by the men and women of the court of Morgenstern. While the people of the kingdom love her because of her very benevolent and humble nature, the courtiers look down on her for her lowly beginnings. The king is quite defensive of this, but sees her as a trophy wife-an addition to his collection of riches.

    He vowed to his mother that he will raise her status by winning the Crown and ruling over all kingdoms in Grimm and that no one shall ever look down on her again. Despite her wishes, he set off to join the contest in all confidence.

    p.s. He's gonna love being mean to Tildy because of her father and to Edmon because. Just cause he can, you know? although he's fond of him

    And he's terrible at remembering names. It's almost likea curse of some kind.
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  11. Thaanks but please add the Kingdom part. :3
  12. Okay, I revamped it! Hope that works this time. OTL
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  13. @PotatoChipGolem

    Okay so that was extremely confusing. Can you just stick to the character sheet that I put up there? I know you wanna be creative but all you did was confuse me.

    And sorry but I cannot accept that character, he's 'magical' and a overpowered.
    Plus I need the stories to stick to their origins. In other words please don't mix them.
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  14. Hmm, err yeah. I did not realize that this roleplay was based on an actual T.V series. Didn't know about the non-canon part.

    I was editing when you read it and before I could PM you about the whole "goblins can be magical but there is no magic" thing ...well you read it and pretty much replied the way I did not want you to. :/
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  15. sorry for being so totally late, Red. :O
    Character Sheet:

    Prince Edmon Grimhildeson the Naive
    Queen Grimhilde




    Skilled Liar
    Skilled Thief
    Brilliant cleaning skills (he picked that up from Snow White)
    Good with animals (he picked that up from Snow White)
    Good at Gardening (
    he picked that up from Snow White)
    Very good at archery
    Mediocre swords skill

    Edmon is warmhearted and earnest, and sometimes kind but he's a compulsive liar. He likes to help people that he likes. And most of the time he's silent, preferring to watch and listen and relay any information to his mama. He's really naive. He'll believe anything you tell him, unless he already knows. And is always fascinated with shiny things.

    Why are you competing?
    Because Mom says so. She wants that crown. What Mama wants, Mama gets.


    Edmon is a complete mama's boy.

    He grew up with hateful words about his half-sister, Snow White. But having raised by her, he can't help but wonder why Mama hates her so much. He doesn't question her though. Because Mama says so.

    When Snow White woke up from Mom's curse and married the Prince of the next kingdom, Mama threw a fit and with no one else to get angry at she lashed out on him. She threw him out in the streets in rage, he was 10 years old then. It was meant to be a one day thing, but he was good at being invisible that he wasn't found until he was 15.

    In the streets, Edmon was culture shocked. He was used to the easy life in the castle behind his Mama's skirts. But he learned quickly. He learned how to lie efficiently first, then how to steal quickly and silently second. He was good at picking locks and stealing your gold without you even realizing they were missing. He was that good.

    When his Mama finally found to him, he was an efficient street urchin who grew self-reliant. But old habits died hard (even when it was habits from 5 years ago). He had to reacquaint himself with living as a royal again, which was hard. And he really, really hates having to relearn his sword skills.

    When his mama heard that the bastard Rumpelstiltskin's daughter had the crown, she ordered him to get it from her. In anyway possible.

    So here he is, because Mama said so.

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  16. Thaanks but please add the kingdom part. :3
  17. oops. Edited. haha. :P
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  18. We did the exact same thing. XD
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