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  1. This roleplay has been revamped and placed here!

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  2. Character Sheet:

    Show Spoiler

    (The picture above is her human form. She only dons her goblin persona when she's upset or with other goblins.)

    Name/Title: Tildy Stiltskin
    Genealogy: Rumpelstiltskin and an unnamed Goblin
    Age: 379
    Affiliation: Neutral during the Show but she's usually associated with anything villainous.
    Skills: She's a great actress and she has the magical ability to transport people to different realms. She can also curse people but she doesn't do that to the contestants.

    Tildy is manipulative, resourceful, cunning and incredibly intelligent with a side of slightly sadistic. She enjoys watching other people's misfortune, which is the main reason why she became a Reality tv show host and why she's such a good one.
    Why are you competing? N/A Host

    Tildy was raised by multiple goblins, because when she was first born her mother recuperated immediately and went off to wreak havoc because she couldnt for six months (yes this universes goblins stay in the womb for six months!). Tildy's father, Rumpelstiltskin aka the most Heinous Creature in the world, wasn't even present for her birth and only showed up on her 30th birthday. And even then he was only hiding from some dumpy princess and her husband who discovered his true name. And after the air cleared so to speak, Rumpel took off again.

    So Tildy never really knew her father or her mother. And being raised by a whole slew of radically different goblins played a big part on how she grew up. So when she reached the age of goblin maturity (103 to be exact), no one was surprised when she went on to become an actress instead of cursing people or stealing first born children. And after having a good run on somepopular tv shows, she quit her acting job and became a host for; Is that meal alive or just under cooked? Babies with Rabies and most famously or infamously, Fair or Fame.
    How she got her hands on the Fair Crown will forever be a mystery. Just kidding she stole it from her dad, as revenge for never being a part of her life.
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  3. Name/Title: Ella Rider

    Genealogy: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

    Age: 16

    Affiliation: Royal


    Skills: Sneakiness from her father, and she's really good at track.

    Really sarcastic, dark sense of humor, and really stubborn though fairly friendly most of the time. Lexi hates arrogant people and makes sure they know it, and even though she looks confident most of the time when it comes down to it she really is a mess of insecurities on the inside. Not that her fellow competitors will be able to realize this, of course.

    Why are you competing?

    Because I'm tired of people comparing me to my bubbly and beautiful mother and her older daughter, my sister Sky. If I get the crown everyone will start to see me for what I am and not what I lack, and will give me the respect I deserve. Besides, anything will be better than the arranged marriage my parents are trying to get me into. They fell in love on their own, why should I have to fall in love in benefit of the kingdom? That's just bull.


    Coming from a family of perfectly feminine and composed women, Ella hates everything royalty-related with an angry passion. However, the kingdom her family owns is one of the things she loves most in the entire world because of the people that live in it, and she would love to rule it and make it even better than it already is.

    Her parents, even though they love her, are hung up on her older sister Sky whose marriage with a prince from a nearby kingdom could mean the expansion of their region. Also, they want her to marry the prince's brother to form even a stronger alliance between the two countries. If there's one thing Ella hates more than royalty stuff it is arranged marriages with a guy she doesn't even know. So when she heard about the crown she thought that finally she'd be able to show who she really is and what she's worth bringing the crown home to her parents and sister.

    She knows it won't be easy, but then most things worthy aren't, right?
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  4. Is the green knight considered a proper fairytale? As in sir Gawain and the Green Knight? Or do you want more mainstream well known grims-brothers stuff?
  5. Sure, but who's child would your character be?
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  6. This looks great. I'll submit a CS as soon as I figure out some details, probably tomorrow.
  7. Awesome! I look forward to it. :3
  8. The child of the Green Knight. That's what he's called, he's some sort of magic or fey knight who's all green and shows up with an impossible riddle/quest.

    Its just an idea. If it's not okay I'm sure I can cook up something else ^_^
  9. It's totally fine! Although I feel bad about him having to be green. xD
  10. Haha! It's not easy being green... :3
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  11. Name/Title: Susannah de Rais
    Genealogy: Father - Bluebeard

    Age: 20

    Affiliation: Villain

    ~ 5'7"
    ~ Brown eyes
    ~ Black hair
    Show Spoiler

    Skills: Brawling, sword fighting and running a ship.

    Personality: "Cheerfully insane" is how she'd like to describe herself, but since she's a rebel who's very fond of her edgy, unique image, she doesn't do it because these days every Tom, Dick and Harry does it. For Suzie it's lost its appeal. So she continues acting like a lunatic and settles for thinking of herself as "quirky". Her life is spent on the edge. She has a dangerous disregard for her own safety or well-being and enjoys a frequent drink to spice up her already exciting life. There's no way she plans to grow old, so the philosophy she lives by is; “Enjoy life to the fullest and screw everyone else.” That makes her volatile and often violent, but also a lot of fun if she's in the right mood.

    Why are you competing?: She wants the fame and the money and the power.

    Bio: Luckily for her, Suzie never knew her father. If he did play a part in her childhood she'd either have made him proud with her rough, violent behaviour or he'd have murdered her as soon as possible, just like he did his many wives. Either outcome wouldn't have turned out well. Instead, she grew up as an orphan - her mother having died by her father's hand shortly after her birth - with the harsh truth of her family hanging over her head, and a heavy stigma. She was shunned, told she was the daughter of pure evil and never really made to feel like a normal child.
    Instead of breaking her in those early years, Suzie's strong nature showed itself and she broke free of her unhappy, poor life at the age of fourteen and she hasn't looked back since. She travelled a large part of the world by stowing away on ships or getting legitimate jobs as a deckhand or cabin boy, sometimes posing as a male. As she grew older and her feminine build became hard to hide, she had to abandon that course of action. Luckily by then she was an accomplished, strong fighter and woman capable or protecting herself and even besting her male peers.

    It was an unstable way to live and full of sticky situations where often she had to defend herself. Luckily for her she'd always been a lover of conflict. The dangerous circles she ran in only served to toughen her up. She enjoyed using her fists to prove a point and was charming and pretty enough to fool people into thinking she wasn't much of a threat. That is, up until the moment she broke their nose, kicked them in the nads and made off with their money purse.
  12. Awesome, thanks. Really can't wait to start. Haven't joined a new RP in ages and I finally get to play a bitch, ha.
  13. Looks like this is gonna be another failed rp...I need at least four people to start it. T.T
  14. Don't kill it just yet! I'm interested, and will work on a CS that will be up eventually (later today).
  15. Oh snap.

    I am so in this as well! It's an extremel unique concept and those are kinda rare. Haha. My c.sheet is in the making~

    Also I call Ariel I guess. :3
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  16. Name/Title:
    Mar (Margereth)

    Genealogy: (Parents only)
    Maleficent (mother)
    Some poor unsuspecting guy (father)


    Affiliation: (Royal, Villain or citizen)

    Unenthusiastic Villain

    Appearance: (picture or description)

    Stealth (from years of practice hiding from her mother)
    Running (from years of practice running to avoid being cursed by her mother)
    Setting up traps (from years of practice pranking her mother)

    Mar cultivated an overly cheerful, beam-of-sunshine-that-hits-you-in-the-eyes-right-after-you-leave-a-dark-room personality to annoy her mother. She tones it down to beam-of-sunshine-that-hits-you-slightly-below-the-eyes-right-after-you-leave-a-dark-room around other people.

    Why are you competing?
    Because I pranked my mother again, and didn’t run fast enough, and didn’t hide well enough, so now I’m cursed to die if I don’t win the crown and give it to her.

    Bio: (At least one paragraph)
    Margereth didn’t like her mother. For some strange incomprehensible reason, her mother didn’t like her either. It might have something to do with Margereth shortening her name to Mar to annoy her mother. Or the stink bombs that Mar leaves in her mother’s closet. Or the lovely blinding ray of sunshine Mar is around her mother. Or that Mar didn’t inherit her mother’s magic (which Mar likes to point out probably wouldn’t have happened if her mother had higher standards for people she slept with).

    What ever the cause of animosity between the two women, Mar spent most of her childhood and teenage years, getting on her mother’s nerves, and in turn, her mother spent most of Mar’s childhood and teenage years trying to curse the insolent girl. The times her mother manages to actually curse her, Mar usually ends up going on some nefariously evil errand to avoid the unpleasant fate dictated by the curse, which, coincidentally, is why she's heading to this reality show.
  17. @EraSonata

    I absolutely love your character! :D Love the picture too!


    And I look forward to seeing yours! And I'll reserve Ariels' child for you. ^^

    And thanks for joining guys! :D
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