Fair or Fame: A Fairy Tale Based Reality TV Show

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    It had taken a great deal of brainstorming with the producers to find the right location for the show. Tildy had original wanted to do it a maze and just wait it out until the contestants either forfeited, got lost forever or went insane. But apparently reality tv game shows aren't supposed to run for that long, so she had had to nix it.

    After weeks upon weeks of arguing and debating, they had finally decided on a warehouse, and for Tildy to just transport the contestants to another realm. A realm she liked to call 'The Gaming Grounds'. It was a vast area with nearly all types of terrain, land forms, and creatures, if she wanted it to. And some times it could just be an expanse of white space. At the moment however, it was just a Colosseum, surrounded by the audience.

    So now she was waiting for the contestants to enter the warehouse, so she could introduce them to the world. Speaking of introducing--Aw crap, I was supposed to introduce the show! She thought to herself, before turning to the cameraman and giving the okay for him to switch it to live.

    "Hey there, citizens of Grimm Kingdom! This is Tildy Stiltskin, and you're tuning in live to Fair or Fame! The game that will determine who will obtain the Fair Crown and become your ruler! Right now we are waiting for the contestants to arrive, and when they do, I'll ask them to tell us who they are and why they are competing, so you can get a feel of who your next ruler could be!"
  2. Mar, or Margereth as her mother insisted on calling her, skipped into the warehouse, wearing a grin that made her look just a tad insane. Just a tad. Yep a tad. Well, the strange glint in her eyes and the black horns growing out of the side of her head really didn't help matters. Anyways, moving on. She looked around the warehouse and didn't really see anything interesting, by her definition at least. She was sure there were plenty of people out there, who found Tildy Stiltskin and a filming crew interesting, but she did live with Maleficent. Other than Tildy and the camera crew, there were crates, or maybe those were called boxes, no, no, she was pretty sure they were crates, they had the whole wooden plank look. Anyways, there were crate-box things sitting around, covered in dust. There also weren't many lights, but after having lived with Maleficent, who pretty much detested proper lighting, Mar wasn't really bothered by the dimness of the warehouse. Thinking about the lighting got Mar thinking about the warehouse in general, and she realized that it was actually kinda creepy, a seemingly abandoned, dimly lit warehouse in the middle of no where, but then again, after having lived with Maleficent, who was pretty much the queen of creepiness, Mar wasn't really bothered by that either. With not much else to do, Mar awkwardly stood there, waiting to be addressed by the hostess of the game show.
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    At the arrival of the first contestant, Tildy whirled around, put on her 'interviewer' face. An expression of friendliness and curiosity, and strode over to the girl. She beckoned her camera crew to follow her, and when she reached the girl she stuck out her hand for a shake.

    "Hello there, contestant! Tildy Stiltskin here, I'm going to be your host but I'm sure you already know this. Now then! I know who you are, but our viewers," She paused then and gestured at the camera, "do not! So tell us who you are, why you want the crown and what you plan to do with your power if you win." And with that she held the microphone up to the girls face. At a snap of her fingers, the cameramen and crew shuffled forward slowly, so they could get her from all angles.
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  4. Mar turned her really-just-a-tad-insane grin to the camera, probably scaring any kids who happened to be watching. "Hello everybody!" she said in an all to cheerful voice. "The name's Mar, or as Margereth, as my mother, the beloved, wonderful, and not at all ugly Maleficent insists on calling me. I want the crown because my dear, beloved, and not at all abusive mother has cursed me to die if I don't get it, and if I win, I intent to give that crown to my dear, beloved mother who will obviously make a wonderful ruler of the Grimm kingdoms because if I don't the curse set upon me by my dear, beloved mother will kill me. Any other questions?" Mar asked. Some time during her monologue, her grin had turned from really-just-a-tad-insane to full blown, could-be-mistaken-for-Maleficent.
  5. Prince Edmon The Naive walked towards the nth warehouse for that day. He looked down on the mouse in his hand and frowned. "And are you certain that this is the correct one, this time?" he asked it. His red eyes boring into the creature. It squeaked it's affirmative. He looked down at the trail of mice scattered around him. "Are you all sure?" he asked again, "Because that's what you said with the last one."

    They all squeaked in affirmative, though one mice seemed to give a squeaking giggle instead (which another mice hit him to stop). Edmon frowned and had an inclining that they were trying to get him lost, but he broke out of that train of thought. The mice would do that to him, they were probably were just as confused as he was. This was a large place with many warehouses. They probably couldn't tell which is which.

    Edmon placed the mouse down on the floor and walked forward and stopped. "If this isn't the right one-" he said as looked back at them (the mice all held their breath in fear), "--you'll need to help me look for the next one." They all released their breath. He looked at them confused. "Did I say something wrong?" The squeaked no and told him to hurry up. Prince Edmon rolled his red eyes and walked in and muttered, "Mice."

    He calmly surveyed the area and saw someone already there. Make that two someones and a whole bunch of boxes and camera crew. He glared at the one who had the gall to approach him and walked faster. Wasn't this an interesting set. Mom told him that he was going to be on a tv show.

    Prince Edmon the Naive surveyed the area with an air of indifference. Was this show supposed to be out of budget? Because he was pretty certain that tiara was worth more but really, that wasn't his problem. He turned his eyes back to the host and shrugged. Oh well, Mama wanted that crown and he was so going to get it.
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