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  1. So you flunked your sanity quiz that's okay welcome to the maze! Well more of an arena where the crazies go because the government is not paying for psych wards and opened a gladiator themed theme park and the kills are real! What happens if you really flunk your quiz? Well you become a special A class where the really tormented souls go and guess what you are one of them. Congratulations! What does that mean? Means you get more money, more alone time, and better food and what do you have to do to get all this? Survive! Survive what you ask? Well you survive the maze, the maze is a huge place where you have one week with a two man team to make it to the end and actually find your way out because if you don’t well the maze goes a blaze and oh yeah you have to survive the maniacs inside! Welcome to the maze we hope you survive long enough and remember put on a great show!
    The sanity test is done on your 18th birthday if you fail you are automatically sent to The Maze
    0-300 Normal
    301-450 Slightly crazy but can be turned normal
    451-600 Very base class of Maze (class D)
    601-700 Little cracked up mostly people who hear voice’s or see things (Class C)
    701-800 Cracked! Example: A girl was tortured every time she wasn’t acting like a lady by her mom so now she tortures women mostly for the same thing but also because she really enjoys a good scream. (B class)
    801-1000 Welcome to A class these tormented souls no longer truly live in our world they actually love the maze because they enjoy the slaughter. This is the group where one man ripped out a guy’s eye because he wanted to “blow his load” if you get what I mean. This are truly the most sadistic fucks alive most are not even there anymore but they respect other A class members. We even have a couple called the nightmare clan. Those two are romantically evolve and they like “Play mates” and let’s just say you don’t want to know what they do to them.
    Appearance (open)
    But with blond hair.

    Name: Jack Kane
    AKA: The Prankster
    Age: 19
    Sanity test: 973
    What makes you insane?
    Sociopath- Knows right from wrong but doesn’t care, supposed to be antisocial.
    History: Jack takes his pranks a little too far, he is well known for “playing a prank” on his teacher by putting a small bomb in her food which made her explode. The authorities found him in the class with him sing and dancing in her blood while the rest of the class where hiding behind a desk wall. He was the first one to get his sanity test before the age of 18 and received one after the incident at age 17 only to see how crazy he was. Jack was raised by a single mother who was never home when he was after school because she was a stripper. He was teased because of this fact and played horrid pranks on all who made fun of him but no one ever knew who it was until he confessed after he blew up his teacher. None of the kids died but most are crippled or missing a limb, Jack does not prank class A but does pull pranks of class D and C.

    You can be male or female I don't really care I do MxM and MxF all the time, 4x weekly minimal, 3 sentence minimal. As long as I can read it I don't care about punctuation but try to spell correctly please, I try! There will be sex, I will not rape anyone but it will be in the rp because well we are dealing with serious nut case's.
  2. I'm interested
  4. Can we discuss this over pm and I prefer MxF