Fahkin' Klingons!

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  1. For all previous members of Seasonal Island Kingdoms, I apologize, but recently life has made it very difficult to work on roleplays for this past month. Unfortunately, I have let Seasonal Island Kingdoms get archived. However, I want to step into the new year with renewed spirits and a goal to reconstruct SIK and it's plot for a much better OOC in the coming months. Fear not, any of you who enjoyed your characters in the previous Seasonal Island Kingdoms will be easily able to rejoin and most likely will not have to make a character sheet if you feel you like your character concept from the previous version. Thank you all for your interest and I hope to see your faces when the new version of S.I.K. is published. ^.^
  2. I'll post later gonna go eat
    But quick question. Is Yuri gonna be played by me, you, or a combination?
  4. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. I hope that at best, it grazes him, because a crossbow bolt to the leg would HURT.
  5. "I know."