Fafnir the Dragon

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I have a really good friend named Asta. She's from Iceland, knows like 984754 languages and has amazing art talent. She was my mentor for my graduation project senior year, too. I love her very much and admire all of her work. ^_^

I am here to share some thing with you and ask for a favour.

Firstly, this is the website to her webcomic: www.fafnirthedragon.com
The webcomic is pretty good so far. Fafnir is a guardian of treasures. Anyone who claims some of his treasure has control over him for nine days. It's a pretty fun concept. ;]

Asta also has chibi artwork of Fafnir and needs MANY votes so it can be made into a toy. Which, would be pretty epic. Go here to view it: http://www.patchtogether.com/?Designs_Details&Id=1440
You do have to be a member of the website to vote, but oh well, right? It's got some cool art pieces there too.

I hope you all enjoy Asta's work. <3
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