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    I've been gone for awhile, however, have come back looking to get into a simplistic yet interesting roleplay with a few good peeps'.
    If this sounds like an apt' description of yourself, then you've stumbled across the correct interest check.

    Here's the idea....

    No, not the a-typical "fairies" you're used to reading about in fantasy tales and children's storybooks; faeries unlike those you've heard of before.


    The premise would be as follows:
    Humans and Faeries exist in the same world, and on the same plane of existence, however, only certain "Sighted" humans would be able to see these faeries underneath what they call "glamours".
    The Faerie world is run by different courts - the ones I'd like to start with being "The Summer Court", "Winter Court", "Dark Court" and "High Court" - each with a solitary regent, or two (A.K.A - King/Queen)

    Within these kingdoms, there is a hierarchy of sorts...
    Court Faeries (ex. Summer Girls, Winter Girls, ect..)
    It is also a strong possibility that someone wishing to play a 'sighted' human may be pursued by faeries of a certain court....

    Outside of these court rulings, there are also strong solitary faeries, and sighted humans.
    Faeries beyond logic and reasoning, and those strictly bound by such laws.
    There would be faeries that embodied different aspects of life, such as "War" and "Change"...
    strong powerful faeries that roam the earth.

    As with all interest checks, this is just to see if people would be interested - if so, I'll open up more development, positions, ect..
    So comment below if this is something you could see yourself getting into :)
    Cheers ♥​
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  2. I'd definitely be interested in this RP! :D Count me in Liddell
  3. Oh yay :D
    Glad to have you CC.
    Now get some sleep haha.
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  4. I slept at 9pm and woke up at 12am. Sleep is for the weaaaak.
  5. I wouldn't mind perhaps doing this one. Is there a character list yet?
  6. Not officially, however, this would be it:


    Summer Girl(s)

    Winter Girl(s)




    (Strong faeries that do not belong to a court)

    (War, Change, Truth, ect..)


    Also, each court doesn't need both monarchs. A solitary ruler would do.
  7. Queen of Dark Court please/ If you need help let me know I am very knowledgeable in this subject tried to get something like this running once
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  8. Once you get the official list up please let me know. This one doesn't look like it's finished yet, but I am interested :)
  9. Sure thing, it's yours :)
    Thanks for the interest ♥ Hopefully your decision will be liable and possible haha (I just need a bit more interest).

    Sounds good :) I'll take a moment to write up the official list and then give you a @ when it's done :)
    Thanks for the interest ♥
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  10. For me as well , I would most certainly love to be a part of this one.^^
  11. Fantastic haha :D


    I'm glad this is getting some attention because I feel like it would be a lot of fun ^^
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  12. Shayla is the one that pointed it in my direction. I wasn't going to take on anymore, but figured I would do one more. Now that I have gotten the hang of it, it's a bit easier.@Shayla has introduced me to the group she role plays with so it's made it more enjoyable, and here I don't have to deal with drama like I do other places.
  13. Well , I was beyond happy to introduce you and the girls to some of my wonderful friends here on Iwaku and some pretty brilliant writers as well. Trust me , once you get a hang of how it works about here and what you can balance it can become a breeze. Everyone here is a peach in my book and I love to be able to show my great love for all to you. Like I say keep the Drama IC over OOC lol , from my learning.^^

    Besides @Ali & I did a RP once upon time a go in a great Dark Wonderland RP. Soo... She is pretty great at fun ideas.
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  14. holy bright text
  15. I'll keep an eye on this, not sure if I should take anymore RPs right now, but I'm definitely interested.
  16. Oh my god, that was you :D! Hi! Haha. I had to look at your name for a solid minute, but the whole time I was like "I swear to god I know you..."
    Nice to see you again, Shayla ^^
  17. I'll tag you when it gets started, and if you're interested then, I'd love to have you :)
  18. Do you know if it's going to Anime, fantasy or rl pictures @Ali
  19. Most likely real ^^
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  20. Great to now be writing again with you in now two RP's lol :D Reunited again in writing lol.
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