Faerie world in trouble?



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<CENTER>"Come into our world...Come. You must help us. We're dieing. Something is wrong, we're slowly becoming nonexistent," a smooth, whispery voice echoed, in her ear as she walked slowly.

"Please, come help us...You're the only one that can now..." the voice continued, sounding almost childlike, but yet so mature. It was a soft female voice, so like the wind that she wasn't sure she had even heard anything.

Her feet were walking gently against the earth, the wet earth. Rain pattered from above, landing among the trees with soft splats before pittering down to the ground. Her porcelain feet were bare.

As if in a trance, her large almond shaped eyes were shifting around, as if she had never seen the path before. This worn path scattered with leaves, dirt, and had trees off to the side. Large trees. Large oak trees that had begun to shed their leaves in turn for winter. Also off to the side, was brush.

"Please, you must help us...We have no other means of staying alive..." The voice came again, whispering in her ear though no one was there.

A short black dress with layers lay upon her body, strapless and only half thigh. It hugged her form, accenting the sweet curves mother nature had given her.

All around her, mist shifted closer. Heat had risen from the ground after a light shower, and now fog arose. It only made the path seem that much more mysterious, what with the voice and everything. Sunlight flittered down from the sky, filtered by the leaves. It left a soft yellow glow to cover everything.

"Listen to me...You must, must, come. You're our last chance..." the voice was growing softer now. "Please, you must come...If you choose to, I will be here...Just, say the word. Just say...Kelio." The voice disappeared, echoing until it was no longer there. Just a whisper in the wind.

Over the next day, she began to grow obsessed with the other world, with the voice. On a split decision, after much time thought about it, she disappeared onto the old path.

"Kelio," slid from her shapely lips on a medium pitched voice. Not a highpitched, nor a low pitched. A medium pitched. It was a soft voice. One that radiated assurance.

The world began to spin, going from yellow to a mixed orange and to a black, then grey. The world was lit again, and this time she was in a totally different world...

* * *

All around, faeries flew. Fluttered to one place, then another. The place was tiny, built in a mossy area. Under leaves, tree roots, and others were homes. Tiny homes built out of cards and other small objects. Homes that had no front wall, allowing anyone to enter.

The food area was simply a basket the size of a human palm tipped over; overflowing with berries. A small creek ran parrallel, and had a tiny toothpick made bridge. On the other side were small bushes, covered with berries of all sorts.

For tables there were little mushrooms.

Off towards one side there seemed to be...A library? Yup, a library. It was stocked full of books, which seemed huge compared to everything else. The library was built into a very large tree trunk, near the bottom. It had stairs going up to it.

At the bottom of the tree there were roots that stood up and left blackness under. Roots which were used to leave and enter the small village. Where explorers left, and returned.

Reaching up unconsciously to smooth ehr hair away from her face, she didn't yet realize that the hair she had was not hers. Or that she was wearing different clothing.

She stood there, looking around the faerie world, with wide purple eyes. Dogs and cats of all sizes and looks came by and went, yet no one and nothing approached her.

She did, however, receive some weird looks from faeries flying past. Faeries of all sorts. Ones who had invisible wings, bright wings, wings of different styles, and wings of different colors.

Each faerie wore something different. Girl faeries, teen faeries, women faeries, boy faeries, male faeries, and men faeries. Each one wore something of different style, look, color, and many others. Some wore shoes; some didn't.

What was this world she was in?</CENTER>
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[size=-2]Baine peered down at the newly arrived woman, his eyes narrowed to slits when he saw her. He knew what she was, immediately. Kelio had done nothing but speak of the miracle she'd found, some way to save them all involving a human girl. It goes to figure, he thought, that they would turn to the humans for help. As though no one had pride anymore in what it meant to be a faerie, that they could save themselves.

Secretly, Baine knew he was envious of the girl's birth. How he wished that he had been born a human, with all the privileges and the power of being one of them, yet he was born instead to a race of people that cried to humans for help when they thought that they could not solve their own problems. Baine flicked his delicate, spindly wings for a moment, pondering whether or not to descend to the girl or alert Kelio.

In the end, Baine simply settled down on a root of the tree and eyed her with an expression combining envy, contempt, and curiosity. Baine bit into a lobe of a raspberry while he watched the girl, chewing it contemplatively to sort his thoughts on the matter. Kelio, for all he disagreed with her, trusted him. Sighing heavily, the final thought driving him to guilt, he dove down and landed gently in front of the confused looking damsel.

"You're new."​


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The grass here was... almost dead. Something the newcomer noticed at soon as she had landed. Why? Though there were flowers of all sorts, many she could not name without a plant dictionary.

With a slightly trembling hand, she reached out to a flower. It blossomed back to life; color in a darkened world. Yes, definitely strange indeed. A startled gasp slid from her pink lips, as she jerked her hand back.

Her wings had begun to flutter, lifting her from the darkened ground below, after the incident with the flower had happened. Surprised, the newcomer had flailed her legs for a moment before giving up. Several feet off the ground by then, she wished for the feel of grass beneath her feet. Within seconds, she landed hard on the ground.

It was then she noticed the... creature in front of her.

Violet eyes surveyed the person, before labeling him as a guy. Who was he? Wait.. what did he say? Oh. It took a few seconds before hse realied her voice. When she did, it came as a soft melody. "Yeah.. You could say that. Where am I, exactly?"

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