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  1. The two Fae Courts have been at peace now for centuries but things are starting to fall apart. Perhaps its because since the marriage of Therindell and Rhiannon neither court has had a couple conceive a child. The last child that was born to either court has exhibited no Hand of Power and has been in majority for half a century now. Political alliances, betrayal, love, lust, power in a Fae based Games of Thrones Forum.

    *~*Hello All!!! Almalthia here wanted to give some of you a reference for those of you who don't know anything about The Fae, also referred to as the Sidhe (Shee). Wikipedia does a great job at giving you a fair description of what we are going for on just search Tuatha De Dananna.

    The Courts have four Houses within them one for each element. Twenty-four guards to protect the Royals. Twelve of each gender; typically the males guard the King and/or Prince. The females will guard the Queen and/or Princess. Occasionally a ruler will flip the roles.

    A Guard will usually be someone who is martially adept and have an offensive Hand of Power but that isn't always the case. Sometimes, like in Alamlthia's case, you become part of the Guard to stay alive; Royals get pretty peeved if you kill those that protect them. In most cases the Guard are neutral within house squabbling but a Guard that comes from one house may favor that house over another and decide to lean that way. This isn't taboo just generally bad form and if bad enough form to piss off a Royal...well you maybe looking for a new job or it can mean character death.

    So the more useful you are to the Ruling Body the better off you are. And sometimes you may find that a well placed word is of better use than a sword or magic.

    *~* Also a good reference is the Merry Gentry Series by Laurel K. Hamilton which will also come up in Wiki. Enjoy!!!

    Don't play someone else's character.

    Basic Character Sheet:

    Affiliations: (Light Court/Seelie or Dark Court/Unseelie; House; Guard)
    Title: (Head of House; Captain of; Lord/Lady of)
    History: *See below for description*
    Young Adult:
    Hand of Power:
    Bloodline Abilities:

    *History on your character should be fairly well rounded. Remember people will read this and use this against you or to your advantage. Secret History will be reveled in plotline and must be approved through an admin. Foundling years are what we would consider birth to teenage years. For Fae teenage years are around a century. Young adult is considered around the third century of life. Adulthood is celebrated around five centuries. Elder is quite a jump to a millennia. If playing and Elder character this will need an extensive history that has to be approved by an admin.

    Please post Bios with FaeLorn Character Bio in subject line or attatch to this thread:
    BIO AND JUMPIN - FaeLorn Character Bio: Almalthia NicTherindell | IwakuRoleplay.com

    Once approved just jump in and post here:
    FaeLorn | IwakuRoleplay.com
    Dark Court/Unseeliee
    Fealin Queen of Air and Darkness Ruler of the Dark Court/Unseelie - @MotherOfCthulhu
    Fealin Queen of Air and Darkness (open)
    Name: Fealin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 4012 human years.
    Affiliations: Unseelie
    Title: Queen of Air and Darkness, Ruler of the Dark Court
    Neirin – Prince of the Dark Court
    Emoer – Consort to the queen.
    Dorin - Dead. King of the Slaugh.

    Proclivities/Attitude: As powerful and dark as the moon and as lovely. The court would kneel to her both out of fear and love and more than one person would dance on razors edge to see her rare and beautiful smile again. Fealin is a deeply troubled soul, she hides it well behind regal elegance and charm but a chaotic storm of insanity bubbles behind. She is known to have a penchant for torturing her enemies and has a perverse pleasure in other people's pain, only worsening since the loss of her husband.

    In public she is the very epitome of elegance and class, so much so the light Queen would shiver in her boots if she ever caught sight of it. Though she is rare to lose her temper in public it has been known and those that have incurred her wrath are rarely heard from again. There is a sickness in her eyes that will only be sated by the pain of others, though through it all she is a ship tethered on stormy shores, the one who holds her together for the court and for her son, Emoer. Who thus far has been the only one to survive her rage and her affection without too much, obvious, damage.

    She deeply enjoys inflicting pain on people, though while this might be a sign of her tortured soul it is the relief and distraction it brings. Her heart was broken completely at the loss of her husband and father of her child and the pain of his parting only lessens when someone else is screaming out in their own suffering. Deep down she does not approve of the monster she has become but she knows no other choice and seeks no redemption for all she has done.

    - Surviving Several attempts of assassination, unlike the assassins who were strung up for two weeks by their neck in cold iron at the front of her castle home.
    - Virtually single handedly repelling a Seelie war party not long after her husbands death. The court were in mourning and the guards ill prepared, while Emoer sent word to them the Queen went to the site of the battle, the war party were cowed at the sight of the sovereignty but it did not sway their blood lust, or hers, by the time the guards arrived Faelin had obliterated the party, their blood stained her royal gown and face and yet still she sought to use her magic to tear their limp corpses apart. It was Emoer's gentle words that stayed her hand and allowed their corpses to be returned to Seelie borders.
    Besting the Slaugh King in unarmed combat – Surely a rumour most would say. The story goes that while Dorin courted Faelin he made some jibe at her strength. Having none of this Faelin challenged him to a wrestling match, the winner was the one still standing and if he won he could marry her. They say she pulled a 'female' trick on the Slaugh King and bested him but 'decided' they could marry anyway.

    Born of the Unseelie Royal Blood she stood no chance. As soon as she could stand and understand instructions her training began. Her mother taught her how to fuck, how to kill and how to withstand pain and torture. Her father would teach her how to fight and harness her hands of power and the politics behind the throne.

    Rare were the days she was allowed to leave the castle, rarer still when those of her own age were permitted in her presence. When they were they were cruel and they were callous and it taught Faelin how to build walls between herself and those around her, just as her parents had hoped for her.

    One important memory is the day she met Emoer for the first time. A giant of a fae, three times her size and four times her age had been bought to the castle and spent the day violating her body in all the ways a person could imagine. Bloody, bruised and sorer than she knew the meaning of she'd slipped out the window as he and her parents feasted to their latest success, and to the old gnarled tree she often went to to cry. A smaller fae than her found her there, he stared at her for the longest time and she glared back at him. The harshness of her tongue earned a flinch from the boy but he didn't flee, instead he handed her his handkerchief and then ran home. It is this memory that keeps Faelin from falling into utter madness. She still has the handkerchief but categorically denies it when asked.

    Young Adult: Finally she was allowed out into the public as the heir's to her parents, there were coming of age balls and there were dances and so much alcohol and fucking that all the days and nights seamlessly blended together. Her parents insisted they watch when she took someone to bed for the first time on her own and after encouraged her to mutilate the boy while fucking him. If she ever refused she was beaten and forced to fuck the corpse of whatever boy had been foolish enough to follow her.

    Her eyes quickly dried of tears and her mind created a barrier between her senses and her heart, one that only thickened with time. To avoid the harsh physical beatings of her parents she would do as they asked, taking a boy to bed and fucking them and torturing them or just torturing them. She'd long since stopped equating sex to love and had no idea of the sacredness involved.

    At this stage she fell pregnant with an incubus' child. Her parents forced her to use her own blood magic to destroy the foetus within her and kept the remains of it in a jar above her bed to remind her to not be so careless. Needless to say she wasn't. She still has the jar with the foetus in it, rumour has it she could bring it back to life if she wanted to. Other rumour suggests that how the Prince Neirin was truly conceived, people speaking the later often end up very dead.

    Adult: Having lost all attachment to feeling and sentiment she was allowed to accompany her family on 'jaunts' to the human world. Where they would trick and torture foolish mortals and leave a trail of blood behind them. It was one of these outings where she had her parents 'accidentally' killed, she lay a trap within the fairy ring that allowed the humans to move freely and capture and destroy them. All the while Faelin watched from the hollow of a nearby tree and her parents knew their daughter had done this to them. Though their smiles, and the pride in their eyes as they died an agonising death, haunts her to this day.

    She returned to her home and ruled in their stead, courted by many for the longest of ages she ruled as a lone Queen until Dorin, swayed the Queen enough to consent to their marriage. They loved each other deeply, each holding depravity equal to the other, Dorin was the other half of her soul and for a while, things were good.

    It was around this time that Emoer became her court advisor as 'consolation' for failing to woo her. He accepted and did his job admirably. Though rumour has it the Queen truly hated Emoer and so appointed him as her advisor as punishment for his feelings towards her. To see her, be close to her, to touch her but to never ever have her in the way Dorin would. Faelin gives this rumour little of her time.

    Elder: After the death of her husband Faelin's inner madness started to leak out, the pain of her loss was so great that she could not contain the darkness and evil in her soul. She would be found fucking the help as she boiled the blood in their veins, or found walking the borders of their realm and the Seelie with little regard to her own safety. It was Emoer that saved her and the castle from her madness, he silenced the help with his own forgotten skills and approached the Queen offering his body for her use. He hoped that by doing so the Queen would return to her self, the strong and dark beauty that he had fallen in love with so long ago.

    It was with his help and the torture his body withstood that Faelin 'recovered' from her flight of madness. He lost his position as advisor, some thing that Faelin often forgets the name of to take his place and Emoer became her official consort.

    It is rumoured that a succubus was hired by the Seelie court to seduce and kill Emoer to remove him from the Queen's life and shatter her thread of sanity. The Succubus managed to half undress Emoer before her head exploded and her blood rained down on Emoer. They say his screams reached all the way to the Seelie realm that night as she took her pound of flesh but by the next day Emoer looked no worse for wear.

    Hand of Power:
    Left hand: “Hand of Blood” she can channel the blood in a person's body, bringing it to boiling point, condensing it into one area, exploding limbs if she so wishes. The power comes from her ability to harness blood like nereids would harness water, while the control of it is often much more fickle in moments of great anger it takes her little time at all to cause significant and lasting damage to her victims.
    Little known fact she can also control it to 'heal' to an extent, though this is very taxing on her body and her mind as it is the opposite of what her power was designed for.
    Right hand: “Hand of Shadow” Using shadows as a cloak she can hide herself in darkness, or shape it to her whim, this can include creating tentacles of solid darkness that can pierce flesh and bone, creating shadowy illusions (usually in the mortal realm) of monsters and nightmares, or changing her own appearance to an extent.
    Bloodline Abilities: Madness Mirror; Due to her parents heritage and their unique training methods she is indomitable, this is to say that most feats of mental manipulation instantly fail when used against her and for those that are not gifted in their art, will often cause a leak of her insanity into their minds which they may never shake off.

    That which is in italics is a well known rumor with the Unseelie and a known rumor among the Seelie

    Emoer Consort of the Dark Queen - Open Role *Application to Almalthia*
    Neirin Prince of the Dark Court/Unseelie - @Silverdawn
    Neirin (open)
    Name: Neirin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 610
    Complexion: Pale as the frost covered window.
    Hair: Knee length, straight, jet black
    Eyes: Dark gray as a brooding storm.
    Height: 6 foot 4 inches
    Weight: 184 lbs.
    Paternally: Dark Court/Unseelie; Noble; Head of House
    Maternally: Dark Court/Unseelie; Royal; Queen
    Unseelie: Prince Neirin Wielder of the Hands of Storms
    Father: Dorin King of Flesh Ruler of the Sluagh
    Step Father: Emoer Consort of the Dark Queen
    Mother: Fealin Queen of Air and Darkness Ruler of the Unseelie
    Uncle: Deceased Therindell Prince of Frost and Blood Former Prince of the Unseelie
    Cousin: Princess Almalthia NicTherindell
    Proclivities/Attitude: Neirin is a clever yet brash individual, he treats others as mere stools or animals who help him rise in power and he slowly awaits the day he becomes king.
    Weakness: Neirin tents to be quite impatient when it comes to most things he always hated waiting for things. He can also be quite rude with everyone including his parents which has gotten him into trouble more than once.
    Nierin was quite young when he began to use his power, though most weren't surprised as he was of royal blood with didn't have anything to do with it.
    Foundling: From the moment Nierin could speak he was given lessons day and night to train him to be the son his Parents always wanted. He excelled in only his power and cunning. He didn't do very well in terms of his other academic skills though he could have a servant do it for him anyway. He quickly became more powerful with his hands of power each a symbol of storms.
    Young Adult: As he got into the end of his studies he was able to learn more weapons and power training allowing him to use the two at the same time allowing him to make his mark on the battle field. It was a this point he began to plot against his father awaiting the day he grows weak and he will be able to take his throne.
    Adult: He had been waiting many centuries at this point for his father to finally be killed off but it seems it had been left to him to strike the killing blow. He had attempted making it look like an accident but unfortunately they have failed so far and Nierier has grown more and more impatient.
    Hand of Power:
    Left hand: "Hand of Thunder," Neirin has the power to create large sonic booms, that can knock his foes to the ground, leaving them helpless as they try to cover their ears from the loud sound.
    Right hand: "Hand of Lightning," Neirin can control the power of Lightning shocking his opponents, he is able to use it through metal so if he happened to use a sword he could send some through it though it would be harder to control.
    Bloodline Abilities: Neirin has a longer life span than a human, he has somewhat increased powers and is able to be quite charismatic if the needs be.

    Leon Corvinus Captain of the Ravens who guard the Queen - @Victor Markov
    Ravens who guard the Queen - at least 11 Open Roles Males only
    Oleana Captain of the Cranes who guard the Prince - @Cybermoon
    Oleana (open)
    Name: Oleana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 514
    Complexion: Pale as freshly fallen snow
    Hair: shoulder length a-bob with a slight wave, black
    Eyes: the darkest red anyone has ever seen, her eyes are almond shaped, having dark lashes that almost scream a "come hither" whenever she looks at someone.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 134 lbs
    Paternally: Dark Court/Unseelie; Captain of the Cranes
    Maternally: Dark Court/Unseelie; Unknown
    Title: Captain of the Cranes
    Proclivities/Attitude: Inquisitive, somewhat silent, loyal, shows a soft side for small things when alone, ruthless when ordered
    Accomplishments: Youngest Captain of the Cranes, following in her father's footsteps
    History: *See below for description*
    Foundling: Oleana was born to the last Captain of the Cranes and an unknown Unseelie. Since she was little, she had always been rather quiet and kept to herself, the only time she did speak was when she spoke of becoming apart of the Cranes like her father. She idolized her father and sought hard to become a apart of the royal guards.
    Young Adult: By the time she became a young adult, Oleana felt the pressure of being her father's only child and being stuck in his shadow. She had tried everything to gain recognition as her own being and even was forced into fights with other Cranes to put them in their place and show them she is not someone to take lightly. It was at this stage when she was taught magic and she had found her affinity towards fire and wind. With these and her training in the art of the sword, Oleana rose through the ranks of her peers and made a name for herself.
    Adult: Since her Coming of Age celebration, Oleana was raised to the rank of Captain when her father retired. She holds this title with pride and refuses to let anyone slander it or her family, willing to silence them temporarily or permanently. She awaits to see if the young princess holds the key to the fertility of the Unseelie's just as the Queen does.
    Hand of Power:
    Left Hand: The Hand of Fire - This hand allows her to control the power over flames, burning everything in her path. This is symbolic to her hidden wild and passionate nature that is as fierce as it is beautiful.
    Right Hand: The Hand of Wind - This hand gives her the ability to create gusts of wind from her hand that can either be a gentle sailing breeze or allow her to conjure up a tornado. This power usually takes a lot out of her cause it requires more concentration than her fire magic.

    Cranes who guard the Prince - at least 10 Open Roles Females only
    Almalthia NicTherindell- @Almalthia
    Almalthia (open)
    Name: Almalthia NicTherindell
    Gender: Female
    Age: 510
    Complexion: Pale as the Moon
    Hair: Waist length, wavy, light auburn (the color of copper wire)
    Eyes: Changes depending on her mood; Amber - bored, indifferent, Gray - sad, Green - happy, Purple - excited, Blue - upset; usually the lighter the color the more of the emotion she feels. They are large and luminous and the outside corners are tilted up like cat eyes with long thick black lashes.
    Height: 5 foot 10 inches
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Paternally: Dark Court/Unseelie; Royal; Crane
    Maternally: Light Court/Seelie; Lady NicTherindell
    Unseelie: Princess Almalthia NicTherindell; Princess Almalthia; Crane Almalthia or Crane NicTherindell
    Seelie: Lady NicTherindell; Rhiannon's Ruin; De'Dannon's Despair
    Father: Deceased Therindell Prince of Frost and Blood Former Prince of the Unseelie
    Mother: Rhiannon De'Dannon Head of House De'Dannon
    Aunt: Fealin Queen of Air and Darkness Ruler of the Unseelie
    Uncle: Emoer Consort of the Dark Queen
    Cousin: Neirin Prince of the Unseelie
    Proclivities/Attitude: Assertive, selfless, intelligent, loyal, loving, very heart on her sleeve, insecure, temperamental, slow to trust, forgiving.
    Weakness: The need to be loved. Can be used against her by tricking her into a one sided relationship and she is easily taken advantage of this way. She wants to be loved.
    Accomplishments: Garnered a position as a Crane so that she was safer in court.
    Foundling: Prior to her father's death nothing of note. At her father's death things for Almalthia changed drastically. Her mother, who never really cared for her left the Unseelie to go back to the Seelie. She was left abandoned at a Samhain in the company of the Raven's Captain, Unseelie Royal Guards. She was taken in by several houses and mostly used as a bargaining chip to the Queen, Consort or Prince since they were her only family.
    Young Adult: Amazingly this allowed her to grow up fairly well balanced for the environment she was in. She unfortunately has not learned how to control the light powers within her and doesn't even know to what extent she has these powers. Emoer took pity on her and had her train with Leon the Raven's Captain so that she was more than a bargaining chip and could take care of herself. She capitalized on the training and was a quick study picking up swordsmanship very easily. She also grew to have a great admiration for Leon which turned into a secret love. Almalthia would never tell Leon this since it was not something she thought he would ever return. Under his guidance she became on of the best swordsmen in the court with only a handful that were better.
    Adult: As part of her Coming of Age ceremony she officially appealed to her Aunt to allow her to join the ranks of the female guards known as Cranes. Her Aunt accepted reluctantly since she set a geas of celibacy on the Guards as a whole to curtail mixed blood, not to mention if she could not enjoy the Ravens since she was bound then neither could they enjoy any other female. Her Aunt had hoped that Almalthia would be the key to unlocking the fertility of the Unseelie.
    Hand of Power:
    Left hand: "The Hand of Winter" not only can she call out the element of ice but this can also take away the passion from a fae and leave them barren. Doomed to fade slowly from this world.
    Right hand: "The Hand of Danu" with this had she can heal and reverse the damage done by "The Hand of Winter".
    Both are very rare and stem from both her blood lines. Typically the Fae only get one hand of power but she acquired two due to her mixed blood.
    Bloodline Abilities: "Blood Draw" or a power of persuasion enhanced by her lineage on her father's side; it has less effect on the light fae. Her hands of power have not come into effect yet for she hasn't had a traumatic enough experience that would trigger them. She like all fae have the gift of immortality. This does not mean that they cannot be killed its just a damned sight harder to. Taking out someone's heart you might find that they can put it back in their chest and keep going. Depending on who you're dealing with they all have weakness.

    Heads of Houses - Need 4 people that can create own structure and ask for applicants or flesh out with NPCs *Application to Almalthia*

    Light Court/Seelie
    Duncan King of Light and Illusion Ruler of the Light Court/Seelie - Open Role *Application to Almalthia*
    Consort to King of the Light Court/Seelie - Open Role you create *Application to Almalthia*
    Captain of the Harts guards the King - Open Role you create *Application to Almalthia*
    Harts - at least 11 Open Roles Males only
    Captain of the Does guards the Consort of the Light Court/Seelie - Open Role you create *Application to Almalthia*
    Does - 10 Open Roles Females only
    Rosalia Carme - @Energetic Alice
    Rosalia (open)
    Name: Rosalia Carme
    Gender: Female
    Age: 509
    Hair: Waist-length, wavy, and a deep golden-blonde.
    Eyes: A light bluish-green.
    Height: 5'5 inches
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Light Court/ Seelie; Captain of the Harts
    Maternally: unknown
    Lady of Guidance and Illusion; Dancer
    Sweet, cheerful, seemingly forgetful, trusts easily, betrays trust easily, accepts betrayal of trust easily, emotions can be seen unless she is hiding them.

    Became a Doe to be closer to her father and to keep an eye on the Seelie Court in case of something wrong.

    Was born and raised in a middle-class-seeming family, with only her father. She was considered a bastard child at first because of her missing mother, but that soon became forgotten as her father's status rose.
    Young Adult:
    She became interested in her father's job and began to train to become a Doe and join him in protecting the nobles. Rosalie became skilled with dual-wielding swords and began to keep a pair with her at all times.
    At her coming-of-age ceremony, she officially appealed to join the Does and managed to at the age of 506. She has been living a relatively normal life since then.
    Hand of Power: Right hand: Explosion of Illusion. Controls the person it is used on for ten minutes and makes them see anything, then ends with them seeing an explosion before their vision corrects itself. However, only works on a maximum of 10 people.
    Left Hand: Guiding Hand. Creates a large, painfully heated pillar of light for thirty seconds. Can be controlled for twenty-five of those seconds before it goes rogue.

    Rhiannon Almalthia's mother Head of House De'Dannon - NPC Closed Role (Almalthia)
    Heads of Houses - Need 3 people that can create own structure and ask for applicants or flesh out with NPCs *Application to Almalthia*
    Shion aos Cuileann - @Dnanyu
    Shion aos Cuileann (open)
    Name: Shion aos Cuileann

    Gender: Male

    Age: 263

    Face (open)
    Full body concept sketch (open)

    Complexion: Caramel
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 86 lbs

    Affiliations: Seelie Court

    Titles (Seelie): Lord of the house of Cuileann, Emissary of Pixies


    Father: Rian aos Cuileann
    Mother: Nuala de Fianna (maiden name)
    Mentor: Aifric Darach

    Proclivities/Attitude: Friendly and laid-back, speaks openly. Kind and compassionate. Likes to lend an ear to people's woes partly out of genuine care and partly due to his burning curiosity. Quite passive and does not anger easily. Avoids violence and finds aggressive people distasteful. Smart, with high emotional intelligence.

    Weakness: Fears death and would do almost anything to avoid being killed. Tends to speak as an equal to everyone even when inappropriate, which may offend some people.

    Accomplishments: Became the head of his house at a young age. Shion's noble house is the only prominent pixie family in the Seelie court and so he is considered to be their representative in government as well.


    Foundling: Both parents largely ignored him growing up, leaving him in the care of his mentor who looked after him as well as providing his education. Always a caring woman, she inevitably grew to be far more of a mother to him than his own mother ever was. Despite his unloving parents he had a quiet, happy and sheltered childhood with [mentor] and a few close friends, and spent a lot of time reading.

    Young Adult: Several years ago, both of Shion's parents were killed in a raid on the family estate by a group of Unseelie rebels attempting to rekindle the war between the two courts. Whilst the truce still remains for now, the power shift forced him into the position of head of his house a lot earlier than usual. His mentor took on the position of his advisor in order to ease him into the position. He now seeks to repair his house's reputation and hold on to his power now that he is in a vulnerable position. He fears the same thing happening to him as happened to his parents.

    Hand of Power - Light Manipulation: With this power, he can bend and warp the trajectory of light around him, allowing him to cause objects to appear to be in different places than they actually are. He can also bend light completely around an object, rendering it invisible. This is very difficult to do with a fast-moving object, however, and it may be possible for the observant to tell something is odd by the way the image is warped slightly. If there is sufficient light, he can also use this power offensively by focusing the light around him into a concentrated beam.

    Bloodline Abilities: His large feathered antennae resemble those of a moth, and provide the same benefits, granting him a drastically improved ability to hear and smell that rivals that of a bat and bloodhound. The fairy wings also facilitate flight. Both are very fragile but will regenerate if damaged. His body is also lightweight for flight - he has low muscle mass and hollow bones like a bird's which makes them more fragile than a human's, and is quite short. Like all fey, he is immortal, and heals much faster than a human - cuts heal in hours, broken bones heal in a matter of days.
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  2. Seems interesting, but you might want to flesh out the background a bit more but I see your new to the site so WELCOME. Also you might want to add a character sheet, unless the way your doing it is with premade character, you could give a bit more info about them just to let us understand who we are roleplaying as.
  3. Will do. I'll add a Character Sheet and a bit more background. Had anyone in mind to play?
  4. I'll have a look over them again
  5. Neirin Prince of the Dark Court/Unseelie Seems interesting either that or a guard
  6. Just noticed that this is based off Irish/ Scottish mythology where I'm from.
  7. I'm trying to do my character but I'm finding it a bit confusing.
  8. Yes its a favorite mythos of mine. Fourth generation from the old country on Mom's side and second generation from my Dad's. Most people don't get it so I'm happy that someone actually gets it. What you need help with?
  9. A decent bit of it, I'm not super sure of the titles I put down the Unseelie because I picked the unseelie prince so I'm not sure what to do with the other.

    What should I do for family, I can make up stuff to a point because my character is the prince so would that make the emperor and queen his parents or what?

    Not sure what to do with history, since I don't know much about the mythos.

    And I don't know what to do with hand of power and bloodline abilities.
  10. Titles for Neirin would be similar to Therindell's titles. Therindell's title Prince of the Hand of Frost and Blood is his full title the titles are separated by semi-colon for Alma since she has quite a few. At times if someone doesn't use the full title it could be taken as an offence.

    Family would be the same as Alma's. There aren't anymore large families particularly when it comes to Royals. It was unusual for Fealin and Therindell's parents to have more than one child.

    History is just the history of the character. I put years in there to give everyone a general out line. What you want in the History section is things like: Did he train with the Ravens? Was he studying with a mage when he was younger? Did he go through a traumatic experience? Does he have lovers? Is he secretly in love with anyone? Is he power mad and why? Does he despise his cousin because he thinks her weak and why? Does he feel something he shouldn't for someone?

    Hand of Power...this one is fun. You can make it up. Just describe it in the section and have at. Like fire? Go with it! Prefer water? Want to be able to control plants and make them entangle someone? All up to you.
  11. Okay I'll edit the history and everything I missed just didn't want to lose my work and I'll be busy for a bit
  12. Kinda want someone to pull a Four-Elementals with me for the Seelie faction.

    Maybe I could go with a Dullahan riding on a Puca.

    Maybe even a Radandar.
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  14. There are a lot of different types of faeries in folklore, but it seems like all of the current characters in this RP are tall and elf-like. Is that intentional and is that the only kind of fae in your world or are there other slightly more exotic kinds of fae allowed?
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  15. Great question!!!!! The characters that we currently have are a subrace called the Tuatha De Dannan or the Sidhe which are almost identical to humans. You can create your own character and I encourage it!!!!!!! I would love more variety.
  16. ...where is everyone?
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