Fade into Darkness

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  1. Allister awoke to the uncomfortable rise of bile in his throat and the rushing chill of water at his feet. Not to mention the intense pain that ransacked every inch of his body. Leaving him to feel stunned for some time. A low growl escaping him as he began to force himself up. The lump in his throat never resided, every move or wince making his feel it might just escape his mouth. Still he went on, hell bent on removing himself from this position. His low, losing position.

    At the rising of the tide, he'd managed to move a few inches. Still struggling to fully rise. His body so weak, it seemed to be swept up each time by the current. Biting his lip, and with a loud howl of a grunt. He pushed up again. Breaking into a short sprint as he finally got to his feet. Trying to keep pace so he wouldn't fall once more. It was at this moment, he got a good look at his surroundings.

    Empty, entirely barren. A wasteland of what could be lay before him. Gray and empty, even the sun had seemed to be hiding from this place. Heavy clouds in the sky, moving ever so slowly. Seeming to be trying to protect the some how fragile sun from this pathetic sight. The worst part seemed to be that there was no movement andaabsolutely no sign of possible life.

    Ignoring what seemed to be obvious, Allister pressed on. Moving slow, each step causing a shrill rush a pain through every bone. Surpassing the torn and worn flesh that seemed to ache no matter what he did at the current moment.

    His walk seemed to last centuries. Going on till he thought he could take no more. Most of his limbs having gone numb, making him unsure of where the real injuries began and where the pain ended. The little house that seemed to be slowly coming into view encouraged him to push further. Adrenalin keeping him going and creating a never ending image of him destroying the man that sent him to his never ending hell.
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    The sounds of nothingness made his ear ring, he had been outside a while now and the small place was far too empty and grey, like there were no real pigments, his clothes were a little ragged and his skin had several bruises and cuts, he couldn't remember anything and his mind was far stoo fuzzy still for him to even realize where he was.

    After walking for what felt like hours around the few houses and small buildings in an area that was big as one block in a city, any city for all that he knew of, it was far too big, to be so small, so insanely small, he tried going into a house but the entry way was blocked by something heavy and he couldn't think of anything that could be doing it, but furniture or maybe the door had been sealed from the inside.

    He kept walking and saw nothingness, absolute nothingness, he quickly grew nervous, there were trees but they were all grey and dry, like they had burnt, or they simply were petrified, he didn't know, he just wanted to remember why he was there in the first place, he couldn't think of any reason and everytime he felt like he would remember, his head hurt so badly he'd end up struggling agaisn't it on the dirty ground.

    Nightfall was coming and he was exhausted from so much walking, he headed to the placed he had shown up in, a small house that was basically falling apart, but was shocked at the sight he came across with, a man struggling to walk toward the same place.

    "Hey! Are you .. .ugh... okay?" he asked, he couldn't be too loud, something told him so, instinct if you may, he neared the man and helped him support himself agaisn't him "Hold on, you're very wounded..." his voice was soft and gentle, manly enough for him.
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    The sudden body caught him off guard, and if he'd had more energy he'd probably lash out at the person. Though, at this moment he didn't have the strength to even look up at whoever had made an attempt to come to his rescue, and whatever the kid was mumbling wasn't making it through to him. Nothing more than a literal rumble in his ears, and it wasn't until that moment that he realized his ears were possibly water-logged. The thought wasn't improbable, how long had he been out at sea exactly?

    Ignoring the passing idea, he let out a small grunt to the boy, glad to release some of the pressure that seemed to be crushing his legs. The sky hadn't gotten any darker, but the world around him had, and he had no idea how long it'd been like that. Again, looking around, he noticed the emptyness around them, dark skies, and even darker landscapes that spread in every direction, depressing.

    Mentally, he shook the thoughts from his mind, pushing on reluctantly once more. It was becoming uncomfortable being outside, so the idea of a safe house, or whatever it was they were heading for, and a chance to rest was relieving.
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    "Excuse me... can you walk anymore? There's a house right there we can go inside..." he suggested, trying to find where the blood ended and the wounds started in the man's body, in a worried manner, but before the man could anwer he decided to keep moving toward the house, something was beggining to creep him out harshly, his instintcs told him 'RUN' but he had to ignore it, now basically dragging the man to the small house with all his might.
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    There wasn't much talking on his part, seeing as he lacked the energy to even really move, and was too busy concentrating on getting somewhere he could relax. With another grunt, he pushed forward, with the help of the boy, to the only house that seemed to exist in the endless gray of this place.

    Reaching the door, and eager to get in, he removed himself from the kid and let themselves in. Almost amazed to find the door unlocked, and slightly ajar, but he paid little attention to that last bit as he made himself comfortable in the floor. Collapsing with a soft moan and a loud thud as he hit the ground.
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    The young man gasped and tried to hold him but it was too late, the man had hit the ground with a soft "Thud", he looked around at the small building to re-check that it effectively was empty and closed the door, placing a chair on the knob to lock the door since the knob had no lock of it's own, it was just round, clearly it was used with a key only.

    He took the man by his shoulders and held him up, somehow making him turn around and rest the back of his head on the boy's lap, sitting on the ground with his legs outstretched. "Please don't do that..." he mumbled as he fixed his hair and took off his jacket to cover the stranger with it.
  7. He peeked a few times, looking closely at the floorboards (Seeing as he had no options.) Until, of coarse, the other boy moved him, which he could only assume wasn't easy. Having spent most of his life training for fights, battles, or really whatever could possibly occur, he was mostly muscle. Which meant he was mostly weight, still he was glad to be moved his eyes fluttering open every so often to try and take in what he could.

    The building seemed so empty and blank, it made everything in him uneasy, and knowing he had no real way of protecting himself in his current condition; he'd never get any real rest. "Allister," he forced out, looking up at his new, and sudden companion.
  8. He turned down surprised at the forced out word that came from the stranger's throat "Alli..ster?" he questioned and then his facial expression got more relaxed "It must be your name, my name is Zyten" he then gave a dim smile to the man "You shouldn't speak, try to red for the night." he laid back and maintained a hand on his head, as if he was trying to reassure the man that he wasn't going anywhere.
  9. He didn't bother trying to say it out loud, just let it repeat in his head a few times. Going till he felt he had it memorized and it was being pronounced right. If he got any rest tonight, he'd be sure to get up in the morning. Not liking the fact that he was so helpless. He was a fighter, being wounded was normal, so when it held him back he didn't enjoy it. Finally he closed his eyes, doing everything he could to relax, ignoring the forever coming chills that would suddenly run through him. Besides, a few deep breaths was all it took to calm his body once more, and that seemed to be what he was doing most of the night.
  10. The boy could hardly sleep, outside there was a lot of noise and quite the bundle of ruckus due to the high level of the sea not far from the ghost town. What also kept him up was that the man he was trying to take care of seemed to be in a lot of pain, he wished bandages and needle and thread would magically appear in front of him so he could heal his wounds, but he knew that wasn't happening. He wasn't that innocent.
  11. After spending so much of the night resting in a strangers lap, Allister grew restless. It was the most rest he'd gotten since he washed up on shore, and yet it still managed to end up being to much. The noises outside didn't much help either. He was a fighter, a warrior. What good was he laying around like this? Eventually he let his eyes flutter close, and stay that way. He wasn't asleep, nor was he trying to any longer, he just wanted to relax some, so his body could concentrate on healing. 'Just a little longer.' He thought to himself numerous time's.
  12. The young man remained restless for the rest of the night, he knew that this man was in pain, and he felt himself go desperate after a while, but with sunrise he managed to calm down a bit and try to sleep for at least one hour, still he knew that Allister was awake, so maybe having a conversation would help calming each other's case of nerves.

    "How did you end up ashore like that?" he asked as calm as he could and in a pretty low tone, only for that man to listen.
  13. Inhaling quietly, Alister watched the rise and fall of his chest, keeping with the reminder 'just a little while longer.' Seeing as there was nothing abnormal about his body, just a few open "wounds," bruises, internal bleeding maybe, nothing too wrong. Not to mention the rising sun, though it was barely visible, brought him a bit of hope. He survived the night. Smiling, mentally, to himself he took notice of the boy once more.

    "I'm not sure honestly," he said in the same hushed tone, instinctively falling into the hush of the house. "I remember a fight, then falling, then I was there. Rising up on the banks of a dark shore." If it were possible, he'd shrug, but instead he let his eyes give the clueless look for him. "And you? Where did you come from?"
  14. The young man gave Allister a look and listened quietly, then looked up at the very little light coming through the boarded up window, remaining silent for several minutes, but then he spoke up "I don't know either... To tell you the truth? I was tied up on my wrists and I was inside here.. I could move enough so I had to keep walking around for a while until I found a piece of metal that was broken around these houses and well ... fred myself." he shrugged and looked down, frowning frustrated "I only remember my name, mister..."
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