Fade Away

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  1. It's not as if things were asked to swing in this direction, it just happened. Some people liked the change, some people didn't. Yet, regardless, families were torn apart and lives were changed phenomenally.​

    People were dissapearing. Even though this has happened in the past, it was never on this scale, nor was it at this fast-paced. Several people just dropped off the planet a day, each being swirled to another place, Whether it be another dimension, time, or place. Some people fell asleep at home and woke up in a new, mystical world that didn't follow what humans call physics. Some, went to bed in America and woke up in Russia. And some, fell asleep in 2015 and woke up in 1983, or even 3190.

    There was no pattern to it. There was no reason for it.

    It just happened, and nobody could stop it.

    This is their story.
    The story of those who left and dissapeared.

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    Jake couldn't see a thing. It was purely black. He could hear wind rustling through a tree or two and he could hear the grass sway. It brushed against his arms and tickled the bare skin, leaving behind an itching sensation that grass always did. The breeze felt wonderful against his skin and sent little shivers down his spine...

    Wait... Didn't he fall asleep at home; in his bed?

    The teen's eyes snapped open as he bolted up right. Taking a quick scan of his surroundings. He drew in a breath and held it at the landscape before him. It was so... Ethereal, strange...

    Large ruins dotted the landscape, it the shape of large circles, some crumbling, some still completely whole. Yet, with a closer look, Jake realized that the structures seemed to be made of rough, natural rock. Almost as if the large ellipses had formed due to nature's will. Along with the natural-seeming ruins, large, round, blue boulders stood in the grass here and there, seeming to glow it an unnatural light with a blue-ish hue. Flocks of strange colored birds filled the sky and the occasional twisting tree could be seen from time to time. Floating islands could be seen a distance away, avoiding logic and physics as they stood atop nothing, some with waterfalls that never seemed to end. Everything was...

    Oddly beautiful...

    The younger teen stood gawking at the landscape for a bit before snapping back to reality and looking around for any sign of real civilization.

  3. When Quinn awoke in a field, he couldn't have been more happy. This was like something right out of a book, and, even though he had personally known people who had disappeared, he had always secretly envied them. They got to go have adventures and see new places, while he was stuck in boring old Oregon. Each night, he would pray to any god that was listening that he would wake up in some other place, that he could have adventures in some other time or place.

    And finally, finally, his prayers had been answered.

    He stood, a bright smile immediately crossing his lips as he gazed around. It was wonderful, the grass pure and verdant and the air clean and free from impurities. It was so beautiful...Quinn never wanted to leave.

    Seeing the strange circles sticking out from the ground, he immediately decided to head to those and look at them closer. As he began walking, a breeze blew across his legs, and he shivered, looking down at himself. He was only wearing boxers and a t-shirt. Letting out a curse, he wished that he still slept in sweat pants before he continued walking. At least, he supposed, he hadn't had any wet dreams overnight, and he was relatively clean, besides from a couple strands of grass in his hair.


    Rhain wasn't one of the travelers. He had been born in this verdant world, and had lived there all his life. He was an elf, a member of the El'set tribe, and on that morning, he hadn't been expecting to find humans in the tribe's land. He was dressed in a loose cloak and trousers, perfect clothes for the early spring, where the air still had a bite to it and the animals of the forests and plains were beginning to wake up from their winter slumbers.

    He had been sent out hunting that morning, and was walking to another spot to hunt when he saw a boy with brown hair looking around the ruins from atop a slight hill. Rhain frowned and crouched down in the tall grasses, narrowing his eyes at the boy. He was too tall to be an elf, so why was he here? And why was he dressed so strangely? Normally, the humans of this land knew better than to trespass on elven territory, and the only times that any humans did, it was only to discuss trade or borders with the El'set.

    Creeping forward a bit, Rhain took his bow off of his shoulder and grabbed an arrow, wondering if he should shoot at the human or not. Notching it, he got close enough to know that he wouldn't miss before he rose from the bushes. "Human," he called, a slight accent coloring his voice as he spoke in the Common tongue and not his native elven. "You are trespassing on El'set land. Why are you here...?"
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    Just as he was about to set on his adventure, a sharp voice sounded from behind. The teen jumped and whirled around. At first, he was relieved that there was another human here, but a second glance brought into focus the bow that was held in the man's hands. The man was slightly short, which Jake saw as slightly odd, but stood with his knees bent, looking ready to pounce despite the bow in his hand.
    Jake quickly raised his hands in surrender. "I-I don't know!" he replied to the man's question, "I just woke up here... I don't know where I am." The teen's breathing had quickened slightly in panic, he revised the names of the lands in his head. El'set... I've never heard of it... Sounds awfully foreign.
  5. Rhain narrowed his eyes as the human said something about just waking up here and not knowing where he was. Frowning a bit, he strided forwards, not taking his gaze off of the human. "Tell me why I should believe you," he growled, glancing the human up and down. He was taller than him by several inches, even though Rhain was doing his best to square his shoulders and appear taller and stronger.


    Quinn had begun to walk towards the circular ruins when he saw two figures not too far away. Deciding that he would see who they were and if they could tell him a little bit about this strange place he had awoken in. However, by the time he was not ten feet from him, the shorter of the two noticed him and aimed at him, a dark light in his eyes.

    "You, get over here!" he growled at him, gesturing at the human. He had a slightly funny accent, unlike any that he had heard before. Still, Quinn wasn't about to argue, not with an arrow aimed at his chest. He stepped forwards, his eyebrows pressed together nervously.

    Then, when he was close enough, he was able to see the pointed tips of the male's ears, and let out a gasp. "You're an elf!" he shouted, his eyebrows rising.

    "Yes," the elf answered, his gaze unwavering. "Of the El'set tribe. You are on our land, and until you tell me why, I will not move."
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    Jake shook his head slightly at the man and pointed at the arrow. "Do I have a reason to lie to you? I don't know how I got here, also note the fact that I have an arrow to my head." he plopped on the ground, crossing his legs as he did so. "I really-" Jake's voice cut off when he noticed another male coming. He turned his head and got a closer look at the long hair and sharp features. Within seconds, the smaller male had the arrow turned towards the new man.

    The young teen watched the scene unfold before him as the newer male commented on the fact that the dangerous man was an elf. The elf agreed and said something about that foreign word. "I've never heard of the El'set tribe..." Jake murmured more to himself that anyone else. He pointed at the new human. "You. You're from Earth aren't you?" Jake's shoulders slumped, "Where do you think we are? I'd heard on the news about people dissapearing on a massive scale... even theories on how they poofed to a new dimension... but this; this is insane." he asked the taller male, ignoring the elf for a moment.​
  7. Quinn nodded when the other human asked if he was from earth. "Yeah...I'm from Oregon. I've...I don't know where we are...But the news said that no one's come back after they disappear...maybe we're stuck here..." He looked down at his feet, wishing he had more clothes on than a t-shirt and boxers.

    "Stop talking, both of you," the elf said, narrowing his eyes at them. "I am going to take you to my tribe, and the Cah'bav will decide what to do with you. Come." He gestured with his bow, finally letting himself relax. Still, he refused to put the bow or arrow away, ready to shoot the humans if they ran. "We are leaving," he said firmly.
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    The teen stared at the other male as he spoke and let out a small chuckle at the ridiculous situation that the man had found himself in. Pantless in a odd new dimension. The man must be embarrassed to all hell.

    Their other company spoke. Jakob looked from the other human to the elf with a smile still on his lips and nodded, "Which direction?" he asked as he glanced around, taking a last glance at the beautiful landscape. His eyes fell back on the elf and he sized up the slightly shorter character. Despite his size, he was most definitely a threat, but at the same time, the elf seemed... protective. The elf was probably just trying to protect his lands, maybe that's why he seemed so cold? Jake shrugged, guess he would find out eventually.
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    Faerneth ran across the Plains, dagger sheathed and bow slung across her back. She sprinted lightly, leaving no footmarks behind in the grass, but going at least a steady 8 mph. Faerneth was chasing a big prey animal, resembling a Jackalope, and it was showing signs of slowing. Faerneth then retrieved her dagger from its case, and threw it expertly at the Jackalope-like prey, and it immediately fell and scuffled in the dirt. Faerneth caught up with it, pulling the dagger from the Jackalope's midriff and slicing it across its' throat savagely. The animal stopped struggling. Faerneth stood and caught her breath, sweeping loose hair from her eyes and looking at her surroundings.

    This was when she caught sight of Rhain and his two captives, about a half-mile away near the Ancient Rings, as she called them. Leisurely, she threw the Jackalope over her shoulder and jogged to them. She curiously appraised the two humans before looking at Rhain with a grim smile. She silently followed behind the group, watching the two new beings with interest. They don't look like humans from Ura'het, she thought, their clothing is... primeval.
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    Lisa fell asleep on a hot summer day in Pittsburgh in 2000, ready to spend the next day traveling several hours with her parents and twin brother to her grandparents house near Emporium. She couldn't wait for the fresh air and the woods. The chill of upstate Pennsylvania was better than the killer humidity. She imagined she had fallen asleep in a tree, a breeze wafting right past her...
    The dream felt so real. It WAS so real! Lisa opened her eyes and looked down. She panicked and almost lost her balance. She clung to the branch she was on like a stuck kitten.
    "Help." She sobbed. She adored heights when she felt in control, but right now, she felt like she was going to slip. "Toby!" She called for her brother. Lisa was scared, but questions weren't important that moment to her. Holding on mattered the most. She let out a terrified squeal and saw a person in an odd costume below her, then attempted to grab her attention.