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    What facts do you know? Have you heard these before? I have. Well, only the one about insects.
    Do any of these facts gross you out? Make you think twice before touching something?
    Give me your useless facts!

  2. I've done worst with my mouth.

    But I ended up reading this thing about cellphones that made me feel icky for about ten minutes.
  3. Well now, these are some interesting facts.

    1: That is really crazy, seeing as the water is always so blue looking. Then again, people really do urinate in the public pool.

    2: Wow, well this is quite shocking.

    3: This makes me question eating fast food now. There are some cases where people would even spit in your food.
    I've heard a few people who worked at a fast-food restaurant, say that they've done it to people who were jerks to them on the job.
    This was when I was in high school.

    4: Then, I guess I just had bugs for breakfast.

    5: This is the truest of the true. I've actually been in a public restroom where guys go into stalls and do there business.
    Afterwards, they leave without washing their hands. I'm always like: What the hell? Did he really not just wash his hands.
    Its even worse when you see the same guy eating inside the fastfood restaurant. (Mainly inside Walmart.)
  4. ... I never want to shake a man's hand again. EVER.
  5. I want to see the documentation of these statistics, because you know, statistic and the internet!
  6. I must admit, those are some disturbing facts, but if I managed to live my life until know without knowing them, I think I will continue my life without any drastic alterations. After all, these have been happening even when I did not know about them, and I am not any sicker or different from it, so why change now? Yes, ignorance is bliss, but what you do not know of can still hurt you very, very much.
  7. 3. Tis not true for me curz I'm purty sure that I haven't eaten in mcDs, bk or that in over 12 months. Sorta don't eat much FTW
    4. Lolol so that's why sometimes I wake up not being that hungry :D