Facts on 'love'

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  1. Did you... want to talk about this? It's very interesting. I'm just confused about what you want to discuss here.
  2. I actually wanted to reply to a thread from a while ago, but apparently it was auto pruned (?). So, I'm not exactly sure what discussion I hoped for, just wanted to put out a relevant article.
  3. It's the one where you were asking about love, and the answer I gave was one part of the article linked.
  5. Oh well :(
  6. Well, to discuss, I think that some of the aspects are really interesting, especially how they are playing out in current times.
    It's fairly common to court for short periods of time and then get married very quickly now, often times before the "honeymoon" stage of the hormones is up and, indeed, the "normal" amount of time (about a year) is even too short to account for the whole thing if the marriage closely follows the proposal. This is, in my opinion, a good reason for keeping a level head as best as possible, no matter how head-over-heels you are, in order to allow the chemicals to change and try to see if you're truly compatible with that person in the long run.

    However, I think that this is also a fairly good example of "love isn't just easy, making a relationship last takes work" because I've known plenty of young people who hit the two-year mark and lose that compulsive spark and assume that the relationship taking any effort was a sign that it was failing.

    It also interests me to consider the lust/attachment difference as it applies to myself, and to others, particularly those that spend a lot of the "lust" phase away from their partner and if/how that changes the relationship dynamic for the brain.
  7. It's a bit tricky, because things don't always progress according to that formula. You're right that many (even I?) assume that relationships should come naturally and need work. It's pretty counterintuitive!

    The article does fall in line with my dislike of how romance is done in media, though. Movie always ends after the first kiss. Except the teeth-C-section in twilight. That was awesome.
  8. /pelvic thrusts at everyone to begin Stage 1