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  1. Everyone's got them; things they were born with that could be described as "faulty". Maybe bad eyesight? Perhaps something more serious like diabetes? What do you have going wrong with your cogs and gears, and how do you deal with it? Is it easy to live with?
  2. Hm, I have bad eyesight that requires corrective lenses. I have flat feet. Uh, and I have a third nipple.
  3. I have myopia (short-sightedness) which basically means I can't see very far without glasses. It sucks because it is extremely bad... I am literally so blind without my glasses. I dislike wearing them due to confidence reasons, but I have to. I'll take them off in pictures and wear contact lenses when I go out.

    I'm also flat-footed which doesn't affect me too much. For some others, it's a real pain in the backside.
  4. I wear glasses because I'm unable to see at a great distance plus I have diabetes, type 2. With the latter my carb intake should be zero zilch nada however most foods, not all, have them. I watch what I eat, attempt to, exercise all that stuff.
  5. I'm Myiopic, though it's hardly a factory fault and more of a case of mis-use in my case... Too many nights behind a computer screen in the dark :P

    For the stuff I was born with and people would generally consider faulty? I consider them blessings, as much as people have given me shit for it in the past it has allowed me to become who I am today, not quite perfect (yet), but getting there.
  6. Bad eyesight, but I wasn't born with it. Umm... Yeah. I was born a healthy, normal baby. I gave myself some problems like anaemia, poor vision, an allergy to pennecillin, et cetera, but none of these happened 'in the factory'
  7. I'm anosmic, which means I don't have a sense of smell—though I do have my trigeminals. It isn't very difficult to live with, and it often helps me deal with things others can't. For example, I was able to work around an immense grease trap leak no problem, while all my coworkers were getting sick, and some literally vomited from the stench. If I do need to know if something is rotten or whatever, I can just ask someone else.

    And my trigeminals should keep me safe from any potential noxious gas leaks. (I hope.)

    People often seem to think it must suck eating, but while I have no sense of flavour, I can still taste the basics—sugar, salt, sour, spicey—and I typically enjoy foods for texture instead. This is because I have always been anosmic; people who get anosmia later in life often acquire eating disorders with it, so I guess I'm lucky.

    Two other "faults" of mine are some weird eczema thing on two of my fingers and acid reflux. The former just makes my fingers swell up every once in a while with weird bumps, but doesn't do any damage, so whatever. The latter on rare occasion makes stomach acid rise up and restrict my airways while eating—it makes it very painful to breathe and swallow, but if I just completely stop moving for a couple minutes, it eventually goes away, so I don't mind it much.

    So overall, I'm pretty healthy, and my minor "faults" don't really bother me much. For that, I am thankful.
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  8. Asthma's one, though really it hasn't been as much of a bother for me as it is for other people who have it. I've never needed an inhaler, for one, nor have I ever had an asthma attack, both of which tends to make people skeptical as to whether I actually have Asthma or that I'm just making it up, which is annoying to say the least. Though when I was little I did have to used this machine that made me inhale some medicine into my lungs, I only vaguely remember it; I think we still have it in the house somewhere, though I don't need it anymore. Nowadays all Asthma means for me is that I have extremely low endurance such that I can barely even run for more than minute, used to be a lot worse than that lemme tell you.

    I also have ADHD, which is a real pain I must say. I was diagnosed in 6th grade when my grades were at a all time low, the doctor prescribed me pills to take and I absolutely hated it. I didn't want to admit that I needed them, that there was something wrong with my brain to the point that I need medication to function properly. For a good while I refused to take them, and that caused problems, so I eventually just sucked up my pride and took those stupid pills, it was straight A's after that. But that glory didn't really last that long, as my body quickly built up an immunity to them after the first year or so, once I realized this I stopped bothering with the meds and now I'm back into the struggle of staying focused. I might have "grown out of it" a little bit, but it's there and still a problem, sometimes I lose focus so badly that I can't even focus my eyes and my vision goes blurry for a few moments without me even realizing, those moments are the worst. Also I make at least 50 fifty mistakes in everything I write because. Brain. Can't. Focus. For. Long. And have to go back and proofread like a billion times, and even then I only ever notice a small amount of my mistakes until much later. So if you see a lot of typos in any of my posts, including this one, that's why.

    There's also defect with my body that I've had since birth, but I was kept in the dark about it up until my teen years when I was old enough to actually understand the implications of said defect. I won't go into too much detail because it's a rather TMI (you can kinda guess what it is anyways), but basically what it means that my body can't enough produce testosterone on it's own to satisfy the need for it. So at some point during high school I had no choice but to start getting monthly shots of testosterone to make up for the lack thereof, without them, I wouldn't even have be able to go through puberty. Even so, it's not a very good substitute and doesn't complete fulfill my body's needs. Also, aside from the inability to produce a key male hormone, this birth defect makes it very likely that I won't ever be able to have kids. Talk about a missed opportunity, before I'm even old enough to make such a decision, I find out that I never had the luxury to choose to begin with... Good thing there's always adoption.

    Oh, yeah, and I have bad eyesight, but like Minibit said I wasn't born with it.
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  9. I've got a mental disorder. When someone was installing the OS they forgot a few things...

  10. are you a witch?
  11. I've always wondered... Does looking at a computer screen a lot cause bad eyesight? Or are some people just born to develop bad eyesight as they grow up? I was born with perfect vision, but started needing glasses when I was around 11 years old. Oh, how I wish to have perfect 20/20 vision again.
  12. Staring a monitor (or any other bright electronic device) in the dark for several hours can slowly cause eye damage, yes. In a well lit setting, a monitor is no more dangerous to your eyes then the sun, and nobody's proposing to block the sun.

    ... At least I really hope not.
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  13. Ah, thanks for answer! I stare a monitor pretty much all day (That's, like, an excess of about 10 hours) in a well-lit environment. I just hope I'm not doing my eyes any further damage.
  14. Well so long as you take regular breaks to stretch and drink water and so on, your eyes should be fine.
  15. I for one have terrible eye vision, I have to wear glasses for the rest of my life if I don't get eye surgery ^ ^ ;

    I have no idea why though, I don't think I was born with it, seeing as it only occurred when I was 5

    also apparently Heart Failure is something that runs in my family! ; A ;
  16. I was born flat footed. My feet get to hurting after I stand for too long. And I'm 19 so I didn't expect that to start until much later. I also have bad eyesight. I am near sighted and one eye is stronger than the other.
  17. I don't have to wear glasses but my left eye is at a risk of getting astigmatism. So... it's in my best interest to wear my glasses for now.
  18. I also forgot to mention that my left eye is misaligned ever so slightly (you can hardly tell in pictures, thank goodness), so I have constant double vision. Yeah, it sucks.
  19. nearsighted

    but that never stopped me from being to kick all sorts of ass without my coke bottle glasses on

    just dont ask me to shoot or drive without them
  20. Conclusion: Everyone is blind.
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