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  1. Erda, the land of the unknown, at least, as the humans know it.
    Erda is ripe with magically embued species, whether it be dragons, ferocious and large, or dainty and strong like a fairy. And these many factions of creatures have been struggling as to how they should rule the land. Some are peaceful, others not. However, the situation of power had shifted once the first human had approached the unknown. Once the first human had touched Erda's lands. Once the first human changed everything.

    1. Not everyone may be a human at first. I apologize, but that's how the story was drafted. Later on, though, there will be an abundance of humans.
    2. NPC kills or deaths are allowed, and OC kills or deaths are allowed if the owner agrees.
    3. For the love of all that is holy, no god modding, Mary Sues/Gary Stus, or mini modding.
    4. A minimum of two posts a week is prefered, but can be waived if you message me in advance.
    5. There is no limit to the amount of characters one user may have. BUT, you need to be able to keep up with each one in a reasonable fashion.
    6. No OOC drama.
    7. Swearing is allowed.
    8. Unnatural colours are of course allowed, but keep humans reasonably realistic.
    9. Playable species are not limited in anyway whatsoever.
    10. Try to post at least a few sentences. No one liners, chat speak, or overwhelming gramatical errors will be allowed. Occassional slips will be waived.
    11. If it can be helped, please only post your own artwork or a larger description. I very much frown upon borrowing or stealing artwork.
    12. Have fun!

    Ithric Thompson - Page 1

    Pandora Tifren - Page 1
    Kinzey Shihelm - Page 1

    Angel Ávila - Page 1
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  2. -Application Form-

    Species: (Can be many, but keep it simple[Preferably down to 5 races])
    Personality: (Optional)
    View on Humans:

    . : | : .

    Name: Ithric Thompson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Primarily human(( Summoner, Shifters, Elves, and Song Mages ))
    Appearance: Refer to Charahub
    Personality: Refer to Charahub
    View on Humans: Doesn't usually consider himself a human, as he has abilities unlike humans. Often considers them greedy.
    Other: Song Mages are a dying, rare breed of immortal witches, given the ability of mesmerizing, and power driven song. There are many different songs, but one Mage is only incredibly skilled at one. Ithric's is Joy.
    Along with being a Song Mage, his shifting allows his body to fully transform. His intimate areas are also affected as well.
    Click here for Charahub!
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  3. This roleplay is still open! c:
  4. Name: Pandora Tifren
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown (She stopped counting/caring)
    Species: Pureblooded Vampire
    Appearance: The only difference from the picture is that her eyes are red instead.
    Personality: Pandora is usually found observing the other races of Erda, taking mental notes on their behaviors and such, as well as, when she gets the chance, the taste of their blood. Some races, like angels, she tries to avoid, because their blood burns. Fae, she claims, taste heavenly, and demons spicy, but she absolutely despises the taste of any beastkin or animal hybrids, only feeding from them if she's absolutely starving to death. Which is almost never, because she gets a lot of assassination jobs, and she feeds from her victim before stabbing her hand through their neck to finish the job. She refuses to go after the pure of heart unless the pay is really good (a.k.a more than anyone can afford) as a rule, because it keeps her out of major trouble. Pandora likes everything to be neat, and huge messes inspire her to clean, but she isn't a neat-freak, not caring if something is a little off point. She talks to people if she feels they're interesting enough, whether it be a unique smell to their blood, a strange aura, or something else; otherwise, she ignores people, unless they have a job for her. She is nearly impossible to anger, but can get annoyed quite easily. Angering her too much, and, well..
    [​IMG] You'll suddenly find yourself dealing with something akin to this, something more than willing to swallow you whole and devour your soul.

    View on Humans: Wondering if they're as edible as Erda's native races.
    Took the job of an assassin-for-hire after her old group was wiped out.
    "Why does the vampire stereotype say to go for the neck? I hate that. It's way too intimate for a predator-prey relationship." -Pandora
    Great with persuading people, and a master of illusion magics.
    Fights with her fists.

    (Okay, to get Kinzey's weapon I had to find a way to draw it because I found nothing that looked like I wanted.. which was a trombone slide turned into a sword. Yay, violent band nerds! Except I couldn't find a way so I'm gonna try and describe it with pictures that aren't swords.
    Let's do this!)
    Name: Kinzey Shihelm
    Gender: Female
    Species: Werecat
    Werecat form:
    View on Humans: "I wonder what it's like, being as helpless as them.." (Said naively, not rudely)
    Anyone else trying to wield Kinzey's sword will find it EXTREMELY difficult.

    Kinzeys Sword:
    Ignore the second slide.. Take this and pretend instead that it is a sword, keeping the first and second braces (the two horizontal metal parts at the top) and the slide lock (the bulky part on the top left side of the slide) and keeping it hollow in the middle.
    Take the slide on the right now. This is the inner slide, which goes inside the outer slide, which is on the left, and you see them combined at the top. The first brace (when combined) is connected to the inner slide, and the second to the outer slide.
    Pretend the inner slide (right) is a sword as well, keeping the brace, the hollow spot in the middle, and how it ends instead of coming together (which would, for the outer sword/slide, create the sword's point). This allows the inner sword/slide to be inserted into the outer to make one sword.
    The inner slide vibrates intensely when simply tapped, and this can create a low ringing effect at the edges of ones hearing. Pretty cool. It can also cause any strikes with the sword to go wildly out of control when they come into contact, and make the wound that much more painful because, well, the sword is vibrating and agitating the wound.
    The inner sword/slide is not going to be as fragile as an actual inner slide. That would be bad.
    If this doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to explain it again in a better way.

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  5. Oh my god, I love her~
    And it's alright that you used the images c:
    I'm not usually as much of a hardass as my rules imply me to be XD
    You're accepted. We'll just wait for maybe two or three other people, hopefully one of them being a human character.
  6. Thanks :D I can't waaaait!
  7. This looks cool, may I join? :3

    Also, just a quick question with a possibly obvious answer but my brain's just like 'meh, I'm too sleepy', have the creatures met humans before? And are we allowed to have two characters?
  8. You may join c: They have not met humans before, and you may have more than one character if you can keep up with multiple.
  9. I look forward to joining! I'm currently working on colouring my character. . . . But when I finish that, I'll try and make a sheet.
  10. Alright! Thank you so much.
  11. I might make another character.. We will see :D
  12. [​IMG]
    Yeah yeah, her eyes are uneven blah blah blah....

    Angel Ávila




    Angel is relentless, risk taking, and shameless. Her voice is misleading, higher pitched, quiet, and honeyed. She is prone to hair twiddling and hates not knowing things.
    (I'm honestly really sorry if this sucks. I'm struggling with writer's block atm.)

    View on Humans:
    Just another animal.

  13. Accepted c:
  14. I put my second character in the post with my original.
  15. Once again, accepted c:
  16. Ey, I think I'm going to go ahead and start the roleplay.
    Whoever wants to start may start.
    I'll go make an IC forum.
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