Facility 13

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  1. "It's not fair! You cant keep me locked up here forever!" Jessie said as she walked back and forth her room in the facility.
    Dr. Brenson sighed, growing impatient with the young 16 year old. "Jessie please, you are special...we need to do some tests on you!"
    Jessie growled and punched the wall leaving a huge dent that was humanly impossible to any average human. She was bio-genetic like everyone else in this facility and had amazing powers of Telekenisis. Able to lift objects with her mind and sense things so far, her powers grew making her unstable because of her hormones as a teenager. The woman had brown straight hair pulled up by a ponytail, blue eyes and tanned skin. She was an average body type thougha completely normal, beautiful looking teenager.
    Dr. Brenson sighed "just go to recess...I will see what I can do..." he left and the doors opened. There was only one hallway that led to the recess center, but beyond those doors were the lunchrooms that always served free meals. Jessie sighed and walked down to Recess which was a huge indoor gym that could hold thousands of people. Jessie decided to sit on the benches. Annoyed and confused she layed down and watched others playing.
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  2. [​IMG]

    nivek was a 17 year old kid who has been in the facillity for his whole life and haas always drempt of getting and always trying to get free his blind actions makes hm reckless and with the power of electric manipulation. witch is bacially amplafying the electric waves in the human body to be shot out like real electicity outside the body.

    nivek was in his room when the doctor left nivek counted to 20. "1....,2....,3......,4.....,5.......,6.......,7....,8...,9.....,10...... ok this is going to work i just know it" he said to hm self as he gets ready to run. "11 12 13 14 15 ok this time i will do it ill get out...16 17 18 19 20" and with that count the doors open for recess nivek ran for it as fast as he could stait to the lunch room with sparks coming off his body rushing nivek had one thought on his mind 'escape'.
  3. Jessie quickly glanced up. It was a guy trying to escape. "Wait!" she called out trying to warn him but it was too late. The unbreakable steel doors closed before him and men with rubber suits came with guns that had tranquilizers in them. They shot him down and took his body back to his cell. Jessie knew that they were going to torture him for escaping. She quickly followed behind the gaurds without being seen. She saw that the men were going to burn him and her eyes glowed blue. With a wave of her hand a gun lifted in the air and shot all of them. They laid unconscious on the floor. She then ran and used their keys to open his cell. Looking down on the ground she took the tranquilizer darts from the guns and used her powers to move the men back into their office as if nothing happened and they were sleeping on the job. "I got your back" she said.
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  4. Nicky was walking home from school one afternoon. It was chilly. Wind whipped his bangs. He pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt. As he was passing by the abandoned warehouse, he heard voices. "Yes." Another voice. "You will find him and send him to Facility 13 if it's the last thing you do. He is the missing puzzle piece. With him, the three will combine their abilities. If you don't bring him to the facility ASAP, you will be fired. understand?" Nicky froze. Facility 13? Powers? And who was the boy they were going to kidnap? He didn't want to stay to find out. His slow pace turned into a brisk walk, and then into a slow jog. 2 minutes in, he was full out spiriting. He opened the door to his apartment. It was him. He was the missing link,
  5. niveked looked at the girl that unlocked his cell in a slight haze still being effected by the tranks he woobably bow "t-th-ananks" he was trying to thank the girl he walked around like a drunk mess barly able to move in a staight line then his electicity shocked him back to what seemed to be normal as he stould strait up and shook his head. "s-so damn close" nivek said quietly to himself then looked up at the girl for a second time. "thanks uh- ma'am?"
  6. "Jessie" she smiled. She was incredibly beautiful. "My names Jessie, and you?"
  7. nivek gulped "im nivek and since jessie is your full first name ill call you jess" he said smiling so uh what happened to the guards??" he ask courious "ussually i get beeten and ripped apart for 'tests' bout now"
  8. "Well...maybe I didnt want them hurting you" she said "let's go, before we get in trouble" she then walked to the court where experiments like them go to play.
  9. before he could think he instictivly fallowed without question only to see what would happen "so uh how long have you been here?" nivek asked trying to get to know a friend.
  10. "hmm" he woundered why they have never met before since the were both captives there whoile lives but then nivek ignored the fack cause do to his escapive beahavior kept it so he didnt know many people. "so have you ever thought of escaping this place?"
  11. "Of course, I've been trying to plan an escape for many months now" she began
  12. "really what have you tried so far?" nivek questioned highly.
  13. [​IMG]

    He was here again....in this damned room...

    Vince could feel the thin liquid all around him, every now and again a bubble or two would roll up his skin, making his fingers twitch. The mask over his face was heavy and forcing breath into him, and he could feel the needles sitting deep within his muscles, each attached to a tube that went outside the tank he was floating inside of. He spent more time here than he thought possible, surely these people would have found out what they wanted from him by now.

    What do they want?...

    He continued to ask himself as he waited hours upon hours, sitting awake but unable to move, unable to speak or give any sign of sentient thought or life.

    Finally the time had once again come for him to eat, it happened only once a day, and he was given about an hour to sit outside the tank, it felt like the only time he was allowed to be alive, otherwise he was just some body, floating lifelessly, it didn't seem fair...

    As the liquid drained and he felt his feet touch the bottom of the tank, his eyes slowly slid open, only slightly at first, adjusting to the light as the tank opened and he felt the needles being tugged from his skin , and bandages placed over the holes in his arms and legs and torso. Once his bleeding had stopped, they gave Vince a set of clothing, and as he dressed, they led him out the door and he found himself in the only hallway he had ever known, it led to the cafeteria.

    As he rounded the corner to the Cafeteria, none of the other ones here bothered to look his way, and this wasn't abnormal, most were too weak to carry themselves through the halls to begin with.

    I wonder....why we..are all here...

    He thought to himself as he walked slowly over to an empty table and sat down, putting his head down in his arms. He just wanted to lay like this, feeling his skin, he wanted to feel warmth, but it seemed like cold was the only reality. Surely there was more, maybe they would let them out one day....maybe they would let us go. maybe...
  14. nivek was walking with jess then looked at another new face he didnt know "hey come on over here" he said rying to see why there was some one sitting alone so nivek couriously walked up "hello sir im nivek" he said with a hopeful smile and held out his hand.