CHARACTERS Faceclaim/picture resources?

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  1. Okay, I had asked this question somewhere else on this site and I only got one reply, maybe because it was in the wrong thread. So I'm just wondering, where do you go when you want to put a picture for your characters? Particularly real faces, I already have a bunch of sources if I want to use an anime picture.
  2. You can try or Tumblr or just a Google search for some general traits of, say, young brunette or girl with brown hair. Sometimes you can find some really good not-too-out-there portraits on Another good one is It's a big database of models and celebrities.
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  3. We're currently working on a Character Vault that you can store your character's pictures and more in! For the time being, you can put it in your blog, signup post, character sheet, or if the image is small, some people like to copy them into each post that uses that charVter.
  4. that's not what i meant, i meant more like resources if I want a picture to give my character a face. But I am excited for this character vault too!
  5. Oh! Koori has some in the Roleplaying Institute, but I think most folks are using Google or deviantart.

    Remember to note where/who you got the image from, so you can credit them!