Facebook Roundup

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  1. For those you of that use the annoying evil called Farcebook and want to link up with each other post your profile here if you so dare.

    Here's mine: http://www.facebook.com/rory.silverstein?ref=profile

    I'm sure I have half of you already, if not just send me a message as to who you are because I don't normally add people I don't know.
  2. I'm Diana Calloway and I'm using my cat as my avatar. c_c ....I would suggest blocking apps if you don't want to see my current obsession.
  3. I'm Paul Glaser on Facebook. My picture features a rather handsome Wartortle and a black background!
  4. Look for Jesse George Jauregar and the guy in tactical gear with a shotty.

    That's me.

    On that note I haven't looked at my facebook in months.
  5. Nice portrait you got there, Rorror
  6. Heather Gillchrest? What are you, a fanfiction character?
  7. Bite me darkness. My name is perfectly fine damnit.
  8. I have a fanfiction.net account under the name of Hunter Blackraven myself, don't worry, it's okay.

    (Add me!)
  9. But I am open to some students above. But I realy want most of the group to be below your second character (if you make one) can be in an older year

    *raids Diana's farm*
  11. A couple of rules have been added! Please, re-read them all to avoid getting into trouble.