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  1. Your eyes can deceive you... Don’t trust them

    • The Republic is in a pickle. Somehow, the Empire is winning. How they do it? No one knows! Maybe they find out. Perhaps, they find out too late, because even with bitter taste in one's mind, love can be so endlessly blind. Or maybe it's just the deed of supreme acting.
    • Dominic Tiber as @Jess Incognito
      China Shui as @The Returner
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  2. China Shui, the adviser to the senator from Chandrila. That's how people saw her. A blue skinned with yellow marking along her face. A Pantoran dressed in simple, yet elegant clothes made of the finer fabric available on Coruscant. They'd see her asleep, clearly worn out by the journey. Though, who wouldn't be after returning from Thyferra. With a metallic resonance bouncing of the walls, China jerked back to consciousness. "Welcome to Coruscant Spaceport. Please follow our staff towards the exit." Arriving on a VIP ship that she boarded on one of those space stations, China has already went through the major security checks and what a relief it was when the last guard was far behind her. They told her she needn't worry, but she still remembered the strong thumps of her heart as she waited for the check to come back for her to be cleared and allowed to proceed on board.

    Bringing out a small handheld device from a bag she had on her, China swiftly sent out a message. She had to remember through her still slightly hazed mind what it was that she had to do upon arrival aside from that one message. Dominic Tiber, your husband, will most likely pick you up at the spaceport when you arrive. Be good to him. China recalled, tapping around on the screen as she joined in the short queue that led to the exit. At her petite height of 5'4", she was safely hidden behind a bulk of a man when the picture of her partner came up on screen. Not too bad for a human man working his feet off as a security guard. She could see the attraction but if it was up to her, there would be no second base caution. Security will not clock you. But he might.

    "Thank you for travelling with us. We hope to see you again." A droid at the exit said automatically and China realized it was time for her to enter a life where she'd need to look as natural as if she was in her own skin. Ignoring the piece of electronics that was polite only thanks to programming, she had to prevent herself from staring all around at the iron monster of a city. Coruscant will be your home now. Resonated in her mind as she descended the stairs with grace appropriate for someone who has worked for years in the Senate. Inborn light sway of hips as she took step by step.

    The afternoon sun pressed against her skin and light coloured clothes that hugged her figure comfortably and played nicely with her complexion. China was happy for the trousers as skirts were limiting in her opinion. Her golden eyes started scanning the small crowd off people around just as another droid brought her the necessary luggage she travelled with. So this husband of hers...she just wanted to get it out of the way and get started with the real task. After all, as a man she saw no problems in fooling a man even if he was meant to be someone she was supposed to love.
  3. Dominic stood tall on the terminal, painfully aware of the effort it took to do so in his tired state. The afternoon wore on and he thought maybe it made more sense to find a seat. The ship was already a day late, the least they could do was be punctual for the delayed time. Although the space was well conditioned to combat the heat of the sun pounding on sweeping glass walls, he felt sticky and stifled. Lingering sweat from the armor he had worn all day. It was new issue; that didn't help. He had a serious chafing issue on his - "...but I guess you're used to it by now, eh?" Someone was talking to him.

    Dom hadn't been quite present the majority of the time he'd waited. He guessed by the expectant look on his neighbor's face that he'd been talking for some time. "Sorry, I missed that," he apologized. The other shook his head, he was waiting for someone arriving on the same ship as China. "Forget it," the other decided, "It's here." And indeed it was. The sleek carrier hovered over the landing pad a minute before lowering gently down. A line of greeters had formed outside on the dock. Dom formed up last, slow because of a familiar trepidation.

    The couple had not been faring well the past months...maybe longer. He no longer knew. Still, he was glad she was coming home safe and sound. A good many people stepped off the aircraft and finally he caught sight of China. No matter what feelings transpired between them, he thanked the stars he still thought her beautiful. His friend from the terminal rushed forward to greet his own wife, but Dom waited until she made her way up the walkway. When she had reached him, though, he was quick enough to take her bags for her and embrace her with the free arm. He lingered a moment, barely a noticeable length, debating whether or not to tell her that he had missed her. If he did, he expected her to either pretend she didn't hear or huff, so he didn't say it and instead released her silently.

    It was a complicated emotion. He realized he didn't do right by her when she was around and once she was gone he missed her like no other. She made it so damn hard, though. He missed her how she was before.

    "Ready to go home?" he asked, looking for her approval to move on.
  4. She has managed to spot him quite soon. He was...similar in visage to other men she has met before during her training, but perhaps it was the uniform that got her heart jump a few beats. Not out of unreasonable butterflies in stomach, but caution and realization. China immediately recalled he worked for security and her throat tightened. She would have to, somehow, fool this man, day in and day out, until her mission was complete. No wonder they said he would be the only person able to clock her the easiest. Truth be told, she hesitated a moment as she stepped down from the walkway for many reasons. For the first time she doubted the success of her mission, but then she was also surprised that he just stood there, waiting... The few slower steps China took could have been confused for her being extremely tired.

    She was trained to deal with extreme situations and whilst this would not class as such, it was still rather nerve wrecking as he came to embrace her. The woman kept a light smile playing on her lips though a surprise flashed through her hues as she was looking over her shoulder, safely docked in his arms for but a few moments. Was their fighting this bad? No kiss on a cheek? No 'I missed you'? She has been told that Dominic and his wife were way past their honey moon period and this first interaction told her more than any words could. If he turned out to be disinterested in his wife, then maybe there wasn't so much danger involved in this quest after all.

    "Yes. Yes, I am. Can't wait to just lie down on a proper bed for a while." The woman replied, walking next Dominic, contemplating whether to try and take his hand. Would the wife do such thing? So far, he was quite stand offish with her, so China assumed it was a mutual thing, keeping her hands by her sides as she looked around this city that the Empire had yet to defeat. "So, has much happened whilst I was gone?" Considering she even arrived a day late, after having been gone for some three weeks, a lot could have happened on Coruscant. Any information would be taken and put into a file. Anything happening on Coruscant was crucial.
  5. Dom heaved her luggage up with a quick movement and slid his palm further beneath the strap to better his grip. The pair followed the crowd, hurrying to get home after their journey. It soon split off and Dom led her down the hallway to the right. Pointed arches lined the long corridor. One side filled in behind them, but the other stood wide open, save the tall columns supporting the arches. Vehicles docked here, waiting for passengers.

    "Come on," he smiled gaily, hanging his head over one shoulder, "You know everything on Coruscant stops when you're gone." He looked at her, eyes met for the first time. "But no, nothing new really," a real answer in sober tones. The crowd sorted themselves into their waiting vehicles. Those filled floated away slowly and then sped off into the low setting sun. New ones took their place and Dom lifted his head in acknowledgement to one of the drivers. "This is us," he said to China before moving towards the vehicle. He set her bags in the trunk and followed her into the back of the spinner. He gave the driver the address and away they went.

    Alone with themselves, a silence bled between them, the air parchment soaking up a thick ink. "Well, actually, Senator Dargee, from Candovant you remember, had to replace his advisor. Apparently he found her rifling through his quarters and then she tried to play it off by coming on to him." It was just gossip, even if it was true. It wasn't the sort of news he figured China would be looking for, but it trumped silence. "I never figured her for the sort," he trailed on.

    Dom glanced at his wife out of the corner of his eye and changed course, "But how was your trip?"
  6. China looked around but tried to appear as if it was only a lazy interest of a returnee resident. She couldn't appear too curious about mundane things that would quite clearly ruin her disguise. But as Dom spoke, her eyes came to settle on him, with a soft smile playing over her lips. That's what his wife would do, right? Smile...maybe too politely but still warm enough, before she knew that at his first remark, she had to giggle. And so she did. It was a light, ringing sound, amused and even a little appreciative. "Well, I'm happy you haven't changed either." She found herself saying, complimenting his humour indirectly, eyes sparkling with something that looked like genuine truth and felicity.

    China was chosen for this project because she often acted on her gut feeling that rarely was wrong. It gave her actions and reactions that certain of sense of potency. Furthermore, if she were to fool this man on day to day basis, China figured out she might as well try to fix his marriage for him. A man in love was a man easily fooled. Of course, it was a tender matter that she would need to go carefully about. Hence, she'd drop in a hint here and there, that maybe his wife was done with being too career focused and was ready to revisit their old infatuation with one another.

    Sitting down next to Dom at the back of the spinner, she was rather glad to be doing so. Tiredness still hasn't left her entirely and so she relaxed against the backrest and looked around some more. Sure, there was a lot of quietness and China could only assume that it was the way this relationship was maybe meant to be. But just like before, she took up interest in his words and for a very good reason this time. Advisor to Senator Dargee had to be replaced for reasons highly suspicious. Her risen eyebrows in surprise were a quality matter of the best actress. "No way!" She breathed out, looking at Dom incredulously as if it was hard for her to believe whilst in her mind, she tried to remember if there was already a replacement done just like hers with that senator.

    Shaking her head, she was planning on quickly dismissing any details about her trip. "My trip was nothing special. Just official stuff and bad news for the senator. But that adviser! Do they take her for a spy?" She steered the topic back where she wanted it to be in order to figure out a little more. If that individual was an imperial spy, the Empire probably already knew about the mission going pear shaped, but at least it would provide China with some information about what she needed to look out for if she didn't want the same happening to her.
  7. Dom settled into the soft seat, pushing his feet as far as they would go under the driver's seat. He supposed there were tighter fitting spinners out there to crunch his long legs into spasms of discomfort. He nodded dutifully at her short retelling of the past few weeks. He supposed he wouldn't really know much about the details of her work and if she said there wasn't anything to tell, well, he simply had to take her word for it.

    He shook his head in a sort of sighing disbelief when she responded to his story. It had been quite a scandal, but Candovant did its very best to close the case up tight as soon as possible. "A spy?" that was an interesting idea, "I don't see how; she's been his advisor for years and she was always so..." he stopped to weigh his words, somewhat exaggeratedly with a bobbing hand and scrunched eyes, "Well you know her better, but I didn't take her for the sort."

    "How many mysteries have you been reading?" he teased. The ease he felt now was misplaced for their recent temperaments towards one another, but because of that same ease, Dom noticed nothing. "Spies and scandal! I might have to read it, too." If anything, China lately headed for a perfectly normal way of thinking. Why should anything be up and off? Everything is as it should be. They used to let their heads roam far above the satellites together. Ridiculous stories make for a more interesting world.

    Dom thought of their waiting flat, wondering if he'd placed everything as it should be. It seemed he could never keep the place right. Especially during these long absences, when he was more likely to forget how things were before she left. He was tired and rather wanted to have a nice evening with his wife while he still missed her.

    He rubbed his bearded chin with the side of his index finger, looking at China again, "If you're hungry when we get home, there's something made up that just needs to be heated up." Dom wasn't a chef and this dinner wasn't really a full meal, but he'd made at least an attempt at an entrée that would be quick and ready for her. "But I understand if you just want to sleep."
  8. Too fast. Too soon. She realized a first tiny misstep when she so quickly assumed that the adviser might have been a spy. They would have told her! Damn, the tiredness and the soreness of her body. It still put her mind in disarray. By Dom's reaction, however, it seemed he was not on her trail. In fact, he turned it into a joke that China felt compelled to join into, but held herself to fully enjoy it. Remember, they were not so friendly. Fights and coldness. She reminded herself as she shook her head and turned her head to look at the scenery passing by, replying in a slightly amused yet more exhausted voice. "Blame Thyferra. That place is as exhausting as the journey there." Yet, she still felt that entertained tickle in the bottom of her stomach.

    Soon, however, a soft smile curved her lips. She found that endearing from Dom. Even if as a couple they were way past their honeymoon period, he still seemed to be trying to please his wife, the woman who was the cause of so much grieve to him. Turning her yellow eyes to his, the frazzled light in them momentarily disappeared and was replaced with a rather genuine appreciation. "I'll see how I feel when we arrive. For all I know, by the way I'm feeling, I might pass out any minute again." And indeed the idea of her nodding off, even if it was meant to be staged, would give her another valuable insight into the life of her stolen identity and her husband.
  9. Dom resolved to shut up. She was tired and he didn't want to push her, but he was still dumbfounded by this renewed ease and held a small smile on his lips for that feeling. Normally by the time they reached home after an absence, they would already be angry with one another, but he was determined not to say anything he might regret this time. The couple slipped into the quiet hum of the spinner's function. He watched the buildings pass by, their neverending forms stretching both far above and below them.

    They weren't too far from home, maybe twenty minutes if traffic was friendly, but not long into their silence and he caught China sleeping, miraculously board straight against the seat. Not a minute later and he felt the weight of her head on his shoulder. She must have been truly exhausted to allow that. He wanted to pull his arm out and find a place around her shoulders, but didn't want to risk waking her, so he left it the way it was and was happy for it.

    She needed no waking, as the stop of forward motion was enough to make her body wonder what was going on. He stepped out of the vehicle and took her luggage from the trunk. Up they went and it seemed all of a sudden to be through their door.

    "Well," he started, stopping a moment as if something needed saying. He settled for, "Welcome home." Dom took the luggage straight to the bedroom, leaving China in the alcove of the doorway.
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